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               "Shoot the damn zombie already!" Phil yelled at me as he strangled his control.

               "I'm shooting it! Not my fault that it won't die again!" I yelled back.

               Seriously though, how can you re-kill something that was already dead? No gun or flame thrower could kill a zombie. It might just keep dragging itself even if it's in pieces.

              "Shoot it harder!"

               "How can I shoot it harder? I'm just pressing a damn button! It's not like pressing it harder would do anything!"

               "It's behind you! It's behind you!" He shouted.

               I smacked him with my control. "I know, stupid! We're staring at the same screen!"

               I pressed the buttons on my control and guided my character through the scary mansion. I kept shooting at the stupid zombies that wouldn't die. Seriously though, I'm gonna need an exorcist to kill them.

                Phil wasn't even doing anything in the game, he just kept shooting at the books in front of him. 

               That annoyed me, so I turned my character around and shot Phil.

               He freaked out. "What the heck?! How did you kill me? We're on the same team!"

               I grinned. "Secret."


               My jaw dropped. He did not just call me that.

               I launched myself at him and pushed him off the chair. He tried to kick me but missed. I punched his chest, his stomach and his private part.

               "You do not call me that! Ever! If I ever hear you using that word again, I swear to the red dude bellow that I will kill you!" I growled menacingly.

                "That's if I don't kill you first!" He hissed and tackled me to the ground.

               Phil was stronger, especially compared to me, but I could still throw good punches when I needed to.

               "You know what I'm gonna do to your mouth?" I growled at him, "I'm gonna shove my big di—"

               "Um, guys?" We both stopped throwing punches to look at the door. Priscella.

               "Can't you see we're kind of busy?" I said, one hand holding Phil and the other ready to punch him.

               "Phil, come," She ordered.

               "Come where?"

               She stomped her foot. "I said come, don't make me repeat myself." She hissed.

               Phil scattered back to his feet and ran out the door. Priscella then turned to someone who was outside the door and whispered something.

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