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              Thursday was a very terrible day, well it became terrible once Rayne was taken away from me by his friends. After I came back from the jewelry store I hid in my room and played xbox with Phil and a few of our friends because we had nothing better to do.

               I couldn't get a hold of him that night, I wanted to talk to him on the phone or at least text message but he never answered. I thought he left me for good! Like what if he found a better guy than me? One that isn't confused but a real homo?

              I hope to God that he didn't. I'd be devastated. He wouldn't even answer my calls this morning, and I'm too chicken to go to his room. I'm too chicken to let him in my room. But he needs to answer because it's now Friday and we're all going to the beach.

              Not just us two but the rest of the crew; Priscella, her friends, Phil and our friends and Rayne. We're all gonna go to the beach and have a good ass time.

               Specially because it's Friday and the sun is out, and it's not stormy! So we have to go now before someone jinxes it.

               I sneaked behind Phil as he looked down on his computer. "Phil!" I screamed at him, he jumped up.

               "What?! Dude, you scared the hell out of me," He held his chest.

               I laughed. "I have to tell you something..."

               "What? Is it Zoey again? Cause I didn't tell her anything!" He recoiled with force of habit.

               "No, it's about Rayne."

              "Oh, what's wrong? Are you being mean to him again? Do I need to go and tell him good things about you again?"

               "Aw, you told him good things about me?"

               He eyed me. "Maybe...what's going on?"

               "I asked him out."

               His jaw dropped. "You asked him out?!" 

               "Yes, I'm just letting you know just in case you see us getting ... touchy ..."

               "What the fuck dude, are you okay? I thought you didn't like gays in the first place!"

               "You know well that it was an act. You know why I hated them. But Rayne is different and I really like him."

               "So you're gay? Since when? I am so confused."

               "I'm not gay, I only like Rayne, every other guy is gross to me."

                "Ah, well that sure seems fun. Must be one heck of a guy to make you like him that way. Are you sure though? Maybe you don't like him that way."

               I shrugged. "I don't know, but I like him a lot. More than girls."

               "Hm, well alright man, what ever makes you happy."

               "Thank you," Supporter number one. Now I have to go one by one. My mom will be the last.

               "Is he coming with us? Rayne."

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