[Vote; The little girl called out to the puppet, but he never appeared. Until she turned around and there he was, standing straight with a glare on his face. She smiled at the puppet and slowly approached the wooden creature. As her small hands delicately passed over the surface of his red cheeks, the puppet looked up at her and smiled. "Hello puppet, what's your name?" She asks. He didn't respond, instead, he stared at her fragile little hands and quickly bit her. - Vote if you want me to continue!]

               "Oops?" I repeated sharply. "What do you mean oops? You just violated me!"

               "Oh, calm your panties. I did nothing wrong."               

               I frowned at him. "Why did you do it?"

               He gave me a hand gesture to shut up while he wrote on his paper. I crossed my arms and stared at the teacher. I'm sorry teacher, I did not mean to mentally murder you in my head.

               He pretty much asked me if I was gay and available. What a creative way to ask someone. Is this how everyone does it in America? I should probably stop judging America so much, It's not like Irish people are saints.

               "Okay, you can ask me the questions now," He said after he finished writing.

               "Why did you do it?" I repeated, glaring at him.

               He gave me a sly smirk as he pushed his paper in a binder.

               "I was curious and wanted to make sure," He responded, turning to me again.

               "Make sure what?"

               "Make sure you were gay before I asked you out."

               If I had a drink, I would have sputtered it all over his face. Are you telling me that I haveanother guy wanting me? How many more are secretly wanting me? If I knew I'd get guys easier here then I would have moved out a long time ago. Am I that good looking?

               So he's gay? He doesn't look like it. Well now that I examine at him, he has that look to his face. He looks like a football player, and I don't usually go for that. But he would make a great exception. He's cute.

               He has the best smile I've ever seen. I liked the way the skin around his eyes wrinkled when he did.

               But I have Jesse, so I can't accept his date when I already accepted Jesse's.

               I was about to tell him I was sorry that I couldn't date him when the teacher called out to him.

               "Dave, your counselor just called. She needs you in her office."

               He nodded at her then brought his eyes to me. "Hey, I'll talk to you soon okay? We have most classes together so I'll see you later."

               I was going to tell him again so he wouldn't get any assumptions and get hurt but he got off his seat really fast and was out the door before I could open my mouth.

               Should I feel weird that he actually noticed we have classes together? I don't really take part in any social activities. As in, I'm a loner. So I don't really acknowledge anyone in my classes except Jesse cause he's Jesse.

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