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               I quirked an eyebrow. "Are you saying that you're going to beat him up if he tries to mess with us?"

               He smiled broadly. "Yes, yes I am."

               The thought of Rayne beating up Christian made me smile. But it also made me a little afraid. Rayne is a really quiet person, he's more of a thinker. I totally think he could take on Christian any time and day. I would pay to see it.

               "I should probably close the door," I said, eyeing the stairs which were visible from where we laid.

               "Can't I meet him?" He asked.

               I scoffed. "Meet him? Why would you want to do that?"

               He shrugged, pouting his bottom lip in a cute way. "Maybe I want to see what's so bad about him."

               I chuckled.

               He had no idea what he was saying. Christian is a very religious guy, thus being very persistent. He never gives up a verbal fight but steps back immediately when the fists come out. I wouldn't mind hurting him again if he dares to hurt Rayne. So this could actually be a positive thing for me.

               "Sure, why not?" I talked myself into it.

               I rolled out of bed, taking Rayne's hand and pulling him out of it. He straightened himself up and fixed his shirt.

               I stared at him sheepishly. "You don't need to do that. Nothing will impress him. Especially after I tell him you're my boyfriend."

               He stared back with a blank expression. "I'm not doing it for him, I'm doing it for you."

               I pointed at myself. "Me? Why?"

               "Why does everything have to be questioned?" He grumbled, walking out the door.

               I rolled my eyes and followed him down the stairs.

               My mom most likely doesn't know he's here. And she was the reason I had sent him to the hospital. He called my mom the N word. That was unacceptable and utterly rude. His dad didn't talk to him for a whole month after that. Mostly because he had spent it in the hospital after the damage I did.

               Maybe I'll get lucky and do it again. I'm not actually wishing that he insults Rayne but if he does ... then his precious God better help him. Because that's where he crosses the line.

               We climbed off the last steps and I quickly made my way around Rayne and headed towards the living room. As expected, he was sitting there in front of the T.V. with an ice cream cone on his hand.

               He looked up as I walked in and didn't hesitate to express any emotions. I could read his dark eyes, I could see the confusion in them as Rayne shyly stepped in the room. I wasn't shy at all. I just threw myself on the couch in front of Christian and glared at him.

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