[Vote; Coca Cola and Pepsi arrived at the land of sexy unicorn and it was the most magical place they've ever seen since the creation of the universe. The sexy unicorn army roams the lands freely without judgement, and this they liked. They soon met their new friend "Nutella" and they all became best friends forever until Grape Soda attacked the kingdom of the sexy unicorn leader. QUICK! DRAW OUT YOUR VOTES AS MAGIC POWERS TO ATTACK THE GRAPE SODA QUEEN!]

               Rayne buried his face into my neck when Phil headed towards us and splashed our faces. I shot him a look so he would go away and he rolled his eyes. He splashed my face one more time before dunking underwater.

               The waves kind of pulled us deeper into the ocean, and the deeper we went, the colder it became. I swear there was nothing more scary than suddenly feeling everything underneath you become freezing cold. It's not even the same temperature as the shore. It's worse! And it's just emptiness. I feel like sharks are going to come and eat my sexy body.

               But those girls were still far ahead of us so I'd know if they get eaten first. I'll see breast implants floating on the water. Then I'd know to save Rayne and swim away!

               I should probably make Rayne lay next to Priscella on her huge towel so he can get a decent tan. Not a lot though, I don't want his skin to burn. Just for a couple of minutes and then I'd have to take him into the shade. He is not going to get cancer because of his weak white skin.

               "Why are you being so quiet all of the sudden?" I asked him.

               He shrugged. "Just thinking a lot."

               "What are you thinking about?"


                "Is that good or bad?"


               He's thinking of bad things about me? That's never good. Well obviously.

               "What's the bad part?" I'm not one hundred percent sure that I want to know but I'm curious.

               "You already know."

               "I'm not going to leave you, Rayne. I'm also not disgusted with this. At all."

               "That's because you're only kissing me. I know a lot of straight guys who are willing to kiss another guy but they wouldn't take it farther than that. What if you realize you don't like it when we get farther?"

              I laughed. "I like how you're so sure about us getting freaky."

               He looked serious. "You poisoned my thoughts with dirty things."

                "Oh come on Rayne, I know it's confusing and it makes you doubt things but trust me. I don't think I'll be leaving you. And think about it, what straight guy would honestly go through all of this trouble? I guess I'm not straight after all and I needed someone like you to wake me up."

               He sighed. "I know, but I don't want to fall for you to then get my heart ripped in half."

               "I'd never do that. If I knew that I wouldn't like it then I wouldn't have asked you out in the first place."

               He pressed his forehead against mine, his eyes staring down at my lips. "Promise?"

               "I promise."

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