[Jesse's Point Of View...]

               Rayne leaving made everyone suddenly turn into vicious monsters, they all tried to kick my private area. Apparently they believe I said something insulting to him for being gay. I said nothing. I would've said something insulting if he didn't tell me about his parents.

                I kind of related in a way so it made me feel ... sad ... for him ...

                I've never been disowned but in a way I have. My ... Sigh. Let's just say I can relate to Rayneand I feel his pain. Now I'm having mix signals about everything, about him being gay. Maybe he is a good person after all?

               But he's still gay and that to me is not okay in my book. Not after ... Sigh.

               "Jesse," Priscella snapped, "Truth or dare?"

               I blinked, looking down on the floor—the bottle was pointing at me.

               "Um, dare." I shrugged.

               A wide grin etched her face. Why was she looking at me like that? There are no guys here to shove me in the closet with.

               "Go kiss Britney." She pointed.

               Britney squealed. I already knew that Brit wanted to kiss me, she probably asked Priscella to dare me to do it. They probably even pointed the bottle themselves while I was in my deep thoughts—obviously distracted.

               I sighed again, brushing my hand through my hair. I got up and walked over to the giggling Brit and pulled her up. She wants it then I'll give it to her. That's what everyone wants right? They don't care about how it would make me feel, sure, go ahead and use me.

               I cupped her face between my hands and pressed my lips against hers, she felt cold and lifeless to me, an empty corpse. I pulled away a few seconds later, her lips pouted at me when I did. 

               Now it was my turn to walk away, so I did, and no one stopped me. I guess they got what they wanted. Just a kiss...

               I feel wrongfully used. Does anyone even care what Jesse feels? I wonder what people think of me. Do they think I'm the stupid guy who just wants to get laid with everyone? That's half true ... I am very stupid.

               I suddenly stopped walking when I spotted Phil down the hall, I quickly dashed to another hall as I saw Rayne in front of him. They were both talking but I couldn't hear very well. I crouched down on the floor and tried to listen to the conversation.

               "I don't care," Rayne said softly, seeming emotionless and lifeless. I wonder if he's upset because of me? Pfft, of course he is. I'm a jerk to him.

               "Don't be upset, Rayne. You're now a good friend to Priscella and I. If we tell you something, trust us."

               "It still doesn't matter. His words are still his."

               What the heck are they talking about? Is it me? 

               Doesn't His mean God? Are they talking about God? Do they think I'm a Godly looking dude?

               "Look, Rayne, I won't force you to believe me but I've been friends with him since we could jerk off. I know him. And he doesn't hate you."

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