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               [Jesse's Point Of View]

               I was humping a plant when I suddenly felt a tap on my back, I turned around and Rayne stood there with a nervous look on his face. I gave him a cheesy smile and went back to humping the plant.

               Wait, why am I humping a plant again?

               Rayne walked around me and got in between me and the plant.

               "I was dancing with this girl, I didn't know it was her but holy crap I drank what she gave me!" He said quickly and very loudly.

               I rose a brow. "Que?"

               "Lisa! I was dancing with her and she gave me a drink!"

               I made a huge O with my mouth, Lisa was dancing with Rayne? And she gave him a drink? And he drank it? "What did she look like? Maybe it was another Lisa."

               "She had dark red hair—"

               "—Yep it was her," I interrupted him when he said red hair. "Did you drink the whole thing?"

               He nodded. "At first it was a sip, then I danced for like half an hour so I got thirsty and drank it all! Am I gonna die?"

               "No, but maybe she didn't spike it. We'll see if you start acting weird and loopy."

               How could Lisa just do that to poor Rayne, why?! Why would anyone do that? Doesn't she see that he's too ... bunny looking to be raped? I don't want to say cute because that's just gay and I am not gay.

              You don't have to be gay to think a guy is cute though, right?

               "What do I do then?" He asked, he looked so terrified. Poor him, now I wanted to punch Lisa.

               "Just stay with me, I'll look over you."

               "Okay. Just stay away from the plant."

               I shrugged and kept dancing, I don't even remember going upstairs. I wonder where Destiny went. She was dancing with me a couple of minutes ago then just disappeared. Actually, everyone disappeared. I haven't seen Phil, Chance or even Eddy.

               I looked down on the people on the first floor who were all jumping up and down to the music. I felt like jumping, can I get hurt if I jump? But there would be a lot of bodies to break my fall.

               "Woah, what are you doing?" Rayne asked as I lifted my leg over the railing. "Stop, get back." He pulled my leg back and I fell back on the floor.

               "Leave me alone," I whined.

               "Don't kill yourself."

               I liked the song that was playing, it was creepy but I liked it. I'm in love with a zombie. 

               "I'm not! I'm just trying to have fun."

               "You can have fun, just don't jump," He laughed. "You looked like you were about to jump."

               I got up and rested on the railing and just watched everyone dancing. Then, that familiar bright head flashed before my eyes. Lisa was walking up the stairs. Holy crap! She's gonna see us!

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