[Vote; A puppet named Marvin stood on a shelf inside a puppet master's shop one night. A strange puppet he was. His face structure was perfectly carved to look like the face of a demon. The puppet was never sold due to it's frightening look. One night a little girl was walking through the dark streets when she spotted the puppet staring at her - to be continued if you vote.]

               My thoughts were all over the place today, the more I dug deeper into this passion I have for Rayne, the more I became attached to him. I should say that I felt more confused, but I was gradually adjusting to the fact that I was attracted to a guy.

               Like I said before, there is a war going on in my head.

               But not only was I loosing the confusing thoughts, I was becoming severely depressed for some reason. I think that reality was finally hitting me, I was finally realizing the truth behind the disarrayed thoughts.

               Rayne is so special to me. But what is this going to mean? Am I going to be with him for a long time? For ever? 

               How will this affect my life? How will it effect me emotionally? Will I be able to handle the real world with a guy by my side? What about a family? I always imagined myself raising a family, I can't do it if I'm with a guy.

               And what about marriage? I've wanted to marry someone since I was young. I always wanted to know what it felt like to marry someone you loved. Isn't that a little hard when it's with a guy?

               See? All these new thoughts that I didn't think before are starting to pour in. The negativity is coming. The storm.

               Can I really do all of that with Rayne? I'm a man of my word. I never break a promise. If I say something then it's the truth. So am I brave enough to face Rayne and tell him I love him? Am I strong enough to do it all?

               I believe that all the positive things that came from Rayne were clouding me, shielding me from the hate that wanted to break through. The hate that wanted to burst my bubble. And it's about to burst. I'm about to explode.

               Rayne...what am I going to do with you?

              Knock! Knock! Knock!

               Speaking of the devil. That must be him right now. We're going to the studio right now. It's a bit early but he isn't supposed to complain. A job is painful but it's worth it.

               I tiredly dragged myself to the door and opened it. Rayne looked fantastic as aways, if not more. And this is him during mornings? Jesus, he's a true angel from heaven. It's like he has a new look everyday. He's so different. That's why I'm crazy over him. He isn't like everyone else.

               "Good morning," He gave me a playful smile.

               "Morning," I sweet talked him.

               "Are you ready for a long day?" He asked.

               I glazed behind him, the halls were all empty. It was still a bit dark, the sun is just about to come out - of the closet. Hehehehe.

               Funny, I make myself feel better. I am nuts.

               "Only if you are."

               "Then let's go."

               I looked back at sleeping Phil and gently closed the door behind me. We walked together towards the exit doors, I remained quiet. Not because I'm feeling a little down but because it's morning.

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