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 [WARNING: Before you start reading this story, please understand that it was one of my first stories I've ever written. I sucked at English and writing (Still do lmao) so there will be SO many mistakes. The story for the most part has no plot, it was written for fun. It's meant to be taken lightly. It's still a fun read if you can get through the errors and immature dialogue. Please understand this when reading it. Still, I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to check out my recent works!]

               The halls were gloomy, almost foggy. It felt like being inside a sketchy horror film. It sucked for me because this was where the murders usually happened - the halls of a college dorm building. Now that my thoughts were rambling about getting hatched with a knife, I was terrified to walk alone. Served me right for forgetting my phone in my car.


               I was suddenly thrown back as a pair of boxes slammed into my face. The boxes came out of no where and they didn't help my already disturbed thoughts.

               A shadow captured my attention and then my eyes focused through the dim light, it was a guy.

               "Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?" I snarled at him, the pain pounding at my head was unbearable.

               "I'm so sorry!" he squeaked. He tried to pull me up but my hands slipped and I ended up falling on my ass again.

               "What the hell?!" I shouted as I crawled back to my feet. "Watch where you're going, fucking moron!"

               "I would if I could see, genius," he scoffed. "Can't you see that there are no lights on?"

               No lights on? There's a freaking window right next to us! There was enough moonlight beaming through to see the halls. Was he blind or was he stupid? Either way the headache was making me feel irritated.

               And who does he think he is talking to me like that? He isn't anyone. And from what I could tell, he looked like a new student. Who the hell arrives at the dorm building this late? Everyone knows that you're supposed to arrive early so you won't cause commotion in the halls. You don't want to wake up people here, they'll eat you alive. Like me.

               I was about to push him when a sudden hand grasped my shirt and pulled me right out of the light. My first thought was, 'Jesse run! You're gonna get gangbanged!,' but then I heard Priscella's laugh and I sighed. For a moment there I thought I was gonna get ganged up.

               "Hello, boys. What's with the shouting?" she asked, walking in between us, the light hitting her - making her dark hair look lustrous and magical. Her face looked so angelic right about now. It glistened like tiny particles of glitter. She turned her attention towards the kid in the dark.

               "I accidentally bumped into him, now he's getting worked up. I didn't even do anything to him. He obviously has no brain."

               My jaw dropped. I was about to argue when Priscella spoke.

               "Jesse, grow the hell up. Leave the kid alone, he didn't see you, big whoop."

               "Grow the hell up? I didn't do anything! He bumped into me," I reminded her.

               She glared at me, a very threatening glare. It was the warning stare. I quickly walked back and scattered through the darkness, leaving them both to stand alone in the hall.

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