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 [Vote;   "Racecar backwards is still racecar. No matter how different you are, you are still human." - Giovannie Storm

(Rayne's Point Of View)

               "Please breathe," I begged.

               "Don't tell me to breathe, I will breathe when I want to," he snapped.

               "Calm down, Jesse, everything will be fine," I assured him.

               He gripped the driving wheel tightly and gazed at the garage. "I keep telling myself that my mom will accept be but now that I'm here...I'm not so sure."

               I touched his arm and he immediately looked at me. "You don't have to tell her anything, don't feel like you have to come out. Do it when you feel you are ready."

               "I have never been so ready in my life. I want to be with you and I won't do it by pretending to be just friends."

               I sighed deeply. "Jesse..."


               "I want to bite you."

               He snickered. "You can bite me all you want, baby."

               I rolled my eyes. "I didn't mean it that way. You have mood swings and it just makes me want to bite you."

               "And I said you can bite me all you want," he grinned.

               I huffed. "You wish."

               He smiled widely. "Are you ready?"

               I nodded.

               We unbuckled our seat belts and got out of the car. His mom's house was incredibly beautiful. It was big and white, like most houses on this planet.

               Jesse hopped around while holding his crotch. "I have to pee! We'll get our stuff later, let's go!" He slammed his door shut and ran to the house.

               I quickened my pace and followed him up the stone path to the front door. Jesse knocked furiously while he squirmed around.

               "Mom! Open the door! I have to tinkle!" He pounded on the door.

               The door was immediately unlocked and the door flew open. His beautiful mom stood there with a big smile on her face. It was stunning how beautiful she was, her hair was the same color as Jesse's and her hazel eyes were the same as Jesse's right eye.

               "My baby is finally home!" She squealed and attacked him with a hug.

               "Yeah, yeah, I came out of your vagina, we'll celebrate later," he pulled away from his mom and stormed inside the house.

               I tried not to laugh as she looked at me with curious eyes.

               "Hello there," she extended her hand and I shook it, "what's your name?"

               "Rayne, nice to meet you ma'am."

               "Come in darling," she stepped to the side and I squeezed through the door. "Do you go to school with Jesse?"

               My eyes wandered, their walls were filled with family photos and there was one that had Jesse's sister. She was also so beautiful, just like her mom. Beauty must run in their blood.

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