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               Slowly, I opened my eyes as the morning sun blared down at me from the open windows of the living room. I made a face when I noticed I was laying on top of the coffee table, and then wondered how on earth I got there. I didn't even remember coming home.

               "Oh good, you're awake." Dave walked down the hall, grinning.

               The table was actually comfortable, now I knew why I had decided to sleep on it.

               Flash backs of me kissing Dave came to me, and then I felt really weird. This was my old best friend, the one I always hung out with after school, and I made out with him. It was creepy beyond levels.

               "Did we do anything last night?" I asked him when he came back into the living room and helped me up.


               I gulped. "Like something."

               He chuckled. "No. Although, you tried to rip off my clothes when we got home and then tried to get me in bed. But you were drunk, and I wouldn't take advantage of you like that. Besides, you're with Rayne and that would be wrong."

               Rayne ... I dug for my phone in my pocket and checked if he had called or sent a message but nothing. He wasn't even trying.

               "I'm sorry I kissed you," I apologized, awkwardly rubbing the back of my head.

               He shrugged. "It's fine. Alcohol makes you do stupid things."

               I scanned his face, he looked somewhere between really happy and really sad. Our kiss had really affected him, since he liked me and all. I shouldn't have tried to lead him on. I felt really bad now.

               "It wasn't the alcohol, and it wasn't stupid," I assured him.

               He looked away from my eyes, which made me wonder why people did this to me. Was my stare too much for them to handle? Were my two different eye colors intimidating? Maybe they just didn't want to see the truth.

               He was blushing, and it kind of made me happy to see him happy. I hurt him too much in the past. And I still and will always consider him one of my best friends. You can't just throw away such a great friendship over something so stupid as orientation.

               I touched his face, brushing my hand over his smooth skin. I gave him a quick smile.

               "You know that you will always be one of my best friends, no matter what happened in the past and no matter what happens in the future. I'd be stupid to throw away what we have. We've been through it all. I really hope one day I could make it all better," I told him.

               "Jesse, I've forgiven you. You can stop feeling that way. It's all okay."

               I shook my head. "I won't stop until I know in my heart that it has been fixed."

               "Well just know that I've forgiven you."

               "I know. Anyway, I have to go. I promise I will call you later."

               He nodded sadly.

               I leaned forward and planted a 'thank you' kiss on his cheek. "I promise."

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