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               "Whoa!" I darted towards Rayne and held him. "Why are you crying? What did I do?"

               "I'm sorry," He sobbed against my chest.

               "Why are you crying?" I asked again.

               "I'm such an emotional freak. Crying all the time."

              I scowled in annoyance. "Baby, you're not a freak. And I love when you get emotional, it's cute."

               He looked up at me as I held his hand between us. Is he upset because of the rumor? The truth is, he's as significant to me as my heart, I can't be without him, and I won't. There's just something inside of me that aches at the thought of life without him.

               At this point, I don't care that we're both guys. At the end, nothing matters except us.

               He wiped his face after he was done sobbing. "I'm sorry," He repeated.

               "Are you going to tell me why you're crying?"

               He dropped his shoulders and looked all broken. "I'm just emotionally destroyed right now. My parents, you, life."

               "Your parents love you no matter what, they're just afraid to understand. And I promise you that I will never leave you."

               "We're still not together."

               I rolled my eyes. "Fuck the date, we're together, now and forever."

               "So no date?" He said while giving me one of those unexpected cute faces that I couldn't resist.

               "Yes date, but we're not going to depend on it to be together. We're together, okay?"

               He nodded. "I'm sorry for doubting you."

               "It's okay. Now tell me what's going on between you and Dave. Why did you both looked like you were into each other?"

               He groaned, it was a very sexy groan. "Can't I have male friends without people thinking we're dating? He's a very funny person and we're friends now."

               "So nothing is going on, right?"

               "No, Jesse. I'm faithful."

               I smiled at him. "Good, cause you're mine," I leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips.

               "Did you mean it?"

               "Mean what?"

               "That you love me."

               "Of course I meant it. I love you, Rayne. I love you so much. Is that why you really cried?"

               He shook his head, but then looked a little skeptical. "Kind of. I'm just happy that someone actually loves me and cares about me in anyway."

               I hugged him hard when he said that. "I love you and a lot of people do too."

               Then he chuckled. "You didn't have to do that you know."

               I smirked. "Oh yes I did. How did I do? Wait, don't answer. I know I did bad, just give me a few more tries and I'll get the hang of it."

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