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               Knock, Knock, Knock!

               I groaned, who the hell is bothering me this late? Wait what time is it? I got up and checked my phone. Aw man, it's time to get up for school. Was that my alarm clock or did someone actually just knock on my door? I looked over at my roommate but he was gone, his bed was a mess so he must have left not long ago.

               I probably only heard it in my head. Sigh. I got up and stared at my floor, I don't like feeling tired when I'm supposed to be going to classes. It's a terrible feeling, honestly.

                Knock, Knock, Knock!

               Oh shit, it was real.

               I ran to the door, expecting to see my roommate, he forgets his key a lot, but when I opened the door I was surprised to see Jesse. He had a wide smile and held a Dunkin Donut bag on his hand.

               I rubbed my eyes. "Um, hi."

               "Good morning, I bought you breakfast. Careful, there is a cup of coffee in there," He said as he handed me the bag.

                As soon as he handed me the bag, he ran away really fast. I popped my head out of my room and watched just as he turned around the corner and disappeared. I looked down on the bag and closed the door.

               This is pretty much what he did every single morning for the past week. He'd arrive on my doorstep, give me food then run away leaving me confused. He even gave me my space on the only class we had. I thought it was sweet, it meant he cared.

               Not to mention that he'd come to my room and deliver me lunch. And also run away again. I think the only reason he's running away is because he doesn't want to be alone with me in my room, things happen, scary things.

               If you know what I mean. But I wouldn't try to do anything, I'd never push a person like that.

               Specially Jesse.

               Now it was Thursday, and I was on my way to my last class - the one I shared with Jesse. He didn't really speak to me that much this week. It honestly made me upset but I understood. It's a school week and I'm sure he was busy with his homework and such. 

               He also had a lot of thinking to do. Yet it didn't stop him from sending me random text messages that made me laugh during my quiet moments in my classes. It was embarrassing. There was one time where he sent me a picture of a turkey that looked like it had a human private area, male one at that, and I just couldn't hold it. I had to walk out of the class room and then I died.

               I walked through my last class and pouted when I didn't see him sitting at his usual spot. The class didn't have that many students, it was my most empty class. I took my seat and immediately took out my notebook and stared copying the board - which was filled with a lot of shit. These notes are the ones I need for when I take a test. Important, so I need to copy them everyday because they change.

               Then I have to get started on my work, it's a lot. I never have a break.

               But luckily I have Jesse to make it all better. He takes away my stress, my sadness, anything that messes with my head, he just takes it all away and replaces it with happiness.

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