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               "If you ever call me a princess again, I will break your nose," I threatened him as I got inside his car.

               "Okay, Princess."

               I tried to punch his face - not the best decision since he was driving - but he easily grabbed my fist and pinned it down. That's not what caught me off guard, what got me completely worked up is that he didn't let go of my hand. Is he using this as an excuse to hold my hand?

               "What's the address again?" He asked.

               I pulled back my hand and took out my phone, I showed him the text message with the address. He nodded and I hid it in my pocket again. I was kind of nervous, I hope I get this job. Ten thousand dollars would save me from a lot of trouble. I'd be able to buy all the books I need and much more.

               I pulled down the mirror to look at my face, do I have any scars? Any zits? Nope. Face is pure clean. I don't even remember a day when I broke out.

               "Does my face look okay?"

               "Yes, it does."

               "You better not be lying."

               "I'm not! Jeez. And I think your cousin went a little overboard. Ten thousand dollars for a commercial? It would have to be a really popular skin product and you'd have a speaking role too. And I thought you got paid per day, or each time the commercial airs."

               I shrugged. "I don't know and I don't care. I need money right now and I'd even model for adult films if I have to."

               He grinned. "Really?" He asked, his voice going high.

               "Of course not. It's called sarcasm."

               We reached the studio about thirty minutes later, the security had to call my cousin so we could be let in. Jesse parked in the back but he never got out of the car.

               "You're not coming?" I asked him, peeking in through the window.

               "No, it's your thing. They might want to hire me instead if they see me," He joked.

               "Are you sure?" I asked, ignoring his conceited self.

               "I'll wait right here. Go take your time."

               "Alright. I'll try to be quick." I told him and ran towards the back entrance, which was already opened for me.

               Inside was a bit dark, the studio was huge and there were a lot of stages with different scenarios. So this is what it's like filming a commercial. How awesome. The cameras are huge! They are bigger than my body. 

               I wonder why it takes such a huge camera just to film like a 60 second commercial, you can film with the same quality while using a pocket sized camera.

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