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               I drove the car to an empty parking space and set it on park, cutting the engine off before unbuckling my seat belt.

               Rayne's hand found itself to mine as we both gazed at the glistening moon over the ocean. It was a perfect spot to just sit back and relax. The beach was empty, no crazy people or snakes at this time of night.

               We listened to the fricative whispers that the waves created after crashing into the shore. The repeated pattern left me hypnotized, in a trance, like a lullaby.

               "It's so beautiful," Rayne murmured, echoing my thoughts.

               I nodded. "Let's go," I said, opening my door and getting out.

               Rayne followed and got out of the car as I locked it. I shoved my keys inside my pocket, feeling the cool metal of the bracelets. I bet he will love it, he better.

               I quickened my pace and grabbed Rayne by the arm as I circled the car.

               It felt nice just being out in the open with no one around to see us, judge us or be prejudiced against us, just us being free.

               I carefully led us to the beach, the dark night blinding our path as we stepped on the sand. The last thing I wanted was to land face forward into the ocean. The tides were unpredictable, they could be closer than I thought or farther.

               "I don't want to go in the water," Rayne whimpered. "It's dark, scary and I'm pretty sure sharks roam the waters at night," He added.

               I laughed, shaking my head at his cuteness. "We're not going to the water, we can't get wet, otherwise they won't let us in the restaurant."

               He gripped my arm tightly, pulling me to a halt. "Stop, I can't see. I don't want a shark jumping out of the water when I least expect."

               I rolled my eyes, even thought he couldn't see me, and I pulled him down on the sand. He's overreacting, it's dark but not that dark. The moonlight was our guidance for the night, shining brightly over us.

               I marvelled at the hundreds of twinkling lights that were reflections of stars from the water. It made me feel like I was in space. I wished people would turn off lights so I could instead see millions of little stars in the sky.

               But that wasn't happening unless a powerful solar storm destroyed all technology, leaving us in eternal darkness, then I could admire them.

               I laid back on the sand, head resting on my hands as I blinked at the night sky. Rayne's head snuggled against my chest and we both just laid there, breathing in the fresh air that mother nature gifted us with.

               A cold breeze swept across our huddled bodies, brushing against our sleeveless arms that made us shudder closer together.

               "F*cking cold," He muttered, sliding in a hand under my shirt for warmth.

               "I thought you loved the cold," I prompted.

               "In some cases, like if we're at home, snuggling together in bed or on the couch, then it can be as cold as it wants as long as I have you for warmth."

               "That sounds nice. Would we have to be naked for it?" I teased.

               "Not entirely," He said, removing his hand. "But if you want, I don't see a problem with that," He mumbled.

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