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               "He's in prison, correct?"

               "Of course," I retorted. "I wouldn't let that bastard walk around freely after killing my sister."

               "So how is your mom doing? Is she good? Is she happy now?"

               I nodded, "She met a guy two years after the incident and they both fell in love. They've been married ever since."

               "Aw, I'm happy for your mom. She deserves all the happiness she gets."

               I smiled, "Yeah, she does. I love my mom. She's crazy just like me."

               He grinned, "She must be a handful."

               I huffed, "Just because she is doesn't mean I am too."

               He snorted, "Mhm, sure."

               "So what about you? Why are you here instead of Ireland?"

               He took another sip of his drink, his eyes wondering at the ground, "School."

                "School? The schools up there are bad or something?"

               "They're fine. I just prefer to live here. More opportunities."

               "So how are you surviving here? I mean without your parents. How do you know where to go and what to do?"

                He looked up at me with that flamboyant look of his. It was like a smirk with a piece of gay on the side. 

               "I'm twenty, Jesse. I don't need my parents."

               "But this is America, not Ireland. How do you know your way through the streets and shit?"

               "I learned a lot from visiting my cousin who lives in Los Angeles."

               I chuckled, "Say Los Angeles again."

               He raised a brow, "Why? Is it amusing?"


               "Los Angeles."

               I shook my head while trying not to smile.

               We stayed silent for a couple of minutes, mostly because he was texting and judging by his face - it was important. So I didn't interrupt him. This is not so bad. He seems like a better friend than Phil. Phil is just plain dumb.

                I hope this never comes out of my mouth, Phil would kill me and then start crying.

               I wonder if Rayne would like the beach. Has he seen it yet? If he visited every year then he must have seen it. Other wise he's missing on a lot. The beach is full of wonders, and I don't mean like dead people and missing shoes and what-not. It's beautiful and fantastic.

               When he dropped his phone on the table, I decided to just go a long and try to make this mandate last a little longer. 

               "Want to go walk on the boardwalk?"

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