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               "Behave yourself," I told Rayne as he leaned over the car's window to kiss me on the lips. He pulled back with a confused look on his face.

               "What do you mean behave myself?"

               I shrugged slightly, gripping the driving wheel. "Just behave and have fun. Call me when you're done with the photo shoot."

               "Okay..." he said loosely.

               "Now give me a better kiss before I go," I demanded.

               He scrunched his face. "Kiss my ass," he snapped and walked away. 

               "Baby, I will," I whispered to myself. I studied the way he walked, how his arms gently swung back and forth. His hair - which was growing longer - flowed gently with the breeze. I was seeing perfection before my eyes.

               I shook my head, smiling at myself, and exited the parking lot where I dropped him off. I didn't want to go with him because photo shoots weren't my thing. I didn't have the patience. Besides, it was his job not mine. There was no need for me to follow him all day long.

               We had only arrived a few hours ago from spending the weekend at my mom's house. I didn't think it was such a disaster, it was definitely a success. I came out to my mom and she accepted me with open arms.

               What more could I ask for? Rayne and I were finally a real couple. Now that I didn't have to hide it from my mom ... now I wasn't afraid anymore. I had nothing to lose. So now we were real. And I was happy.

               Suddenly, I felt a vibration in my pants, and not the good kind. I reached inside for my phone and stared briefly at the bright screen. It was a text message from Priscella. She wanted me to pick her up from her job.

               Lucky for her I was in a good mood and I was free for the rest of the day. I made a U-turn and drove straight to her job. Which was at pizza hut.

               A few minutes later and I was at the red stop, waiting for it to turn green. I could see Priscella waiting at the entrance of the restaurant. I honked multiple times and she looked up. She jumped up and down all excited and began dropping it like it was hot.

               "Get it girl!" someone yelled in a passing car.

               I rolled my eyes.

               The light turned green and I drove straight for her. I wish I could just sometimes drive the car straight into her but then I'd go to prison for murder of a hoe.

               Priscella giggled her way into the passenger seat and quickly buckled her seat belt.

               She turned to me and smiled. "I missed you guys. Where is Rayne?" She looked back, checking for Rayne.

               "I just dropped him off at the studio."

               "Here." She handed me the box of pizza that she held in her hands. "Thanks for picking me up."

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