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               He stared at me, curiosity written all over his face. Dave sat before me, eyes scanning my devious profile. We sat alone outside of a restaurant near the beach. He had agreed to meet me, only because I sounded worried, and shockingly, we were once close friends.

               "So why did you call me? Is everything okay? You've been sitting there for the past twenty minutes just staring at me. I'm kind of feeling uncomfortable at this point," he spoke.

               I nodded. "Everything is fine. Just hanging with an old friend." I smiled.

               He leaned forward, mysteriously stirring his drink. "Jesse, we aren't even friends anymore. Not since ... you know."

               I scoffed. "That was the past, now it's the future."

               "Maybe you can forget that easily, but I can't."

               Crap. I should've seen this coming, the sentimental talk with him. I knew it was going to be brought up but I kind of hoped it wouldn't.

               When we were in high school, Dave and I used to be best friends - with Phil of course. We were the tree musketeers. Until we were in the eleventh grade and Dave came out to us. At that time I was an extreme homophobic jerk, because of my awful childhood with my father. So you could imagine how I reacted to one of my best friends being gay.

               At first I was all calm, I didn't speak at him for a couple of days until he tried to got worried that our friendship was over. I remember it like it was yesterday...

               "Dude!" Dave shouted after me as I walked past him. I was headed towards the cafeteria but now I had no intentions of eating since I lost my appetite after hearing Dave's voice. Just the thought of him with another guy made me want to vomit.

               I heard footsteps coming up behind me and then Dave appeared. Deep inside, I was hoping he wouldn't follow me because I'd just get angry and probably yell at him. I do not want to be his friend anymore, why doesn't he understand? I've been avoiding him as much as possible. I even went to the extent of telling Phil to tell him that what ever friendship we had was over. But no, Phil was too nice to do that.

               "Jesse, why are you doing this to me?" He asked, more like pleaded in guilt.

               I stopped walking and took a breath. "Go away, Dave. I don't want to talk to you."

               "I thought we were friends. We've been friends for years and now you're going to throw it away like it was nothing?"

               "Duh." I responded, dryly.

               "Come on, Jesse. I'm not a bad person. I'm still the same Dave you've always known, just now you know my secret."

               I turned to him, a sudden idea coming to my head. "Are Phil and I the only ones that know?"

               He nodded. "Yeah, you're the only ones I trust - or so I thought." He eyed me.

              "Well you left out someone else," I muttered.

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