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               I groaned as someone opened the curtains, the light blaring through made my eyes feel like a burning hell. I sub-consciously tried to smack my alarm clock, even thought it wasn't what had woken me up. Oops, force of habit.

               "Good morning my beloved," I heard Rayne's voice.

               A smile quickly etched on my face as I heard his hot voice. There is nothing better than Rayne waking me up in the morning. I'm still really tired but I managed to get up anyway.

               "Good morning," I replied.

               My eyes darted to Phil's bed - which was empty. The jerk didn't even wake me up? He usually does. What the heck, man.

               I dropped back on my bed, feeling exhausted. Waking up is the hardest part about a new day. I am a guy who really enjoys his beauty sleep.

               My body shifted from Rayne's weight as he sat down next to me. I somehow felt like he was going to give me another lecture, or the talk.

               "How are you feeling?" He asked.

               I tried to get up again but I just ended up feeling all dizzy so I laid back down.

               "Tired," I blinked hard as I tried to focus on him.

               "I just came back from the library so I thought I'd stop by," He grinned, his eyes innocently looking down on my chest.

              "Are you finished with school work?" I asked, tiredly.

               "I'm free," He smiled.

               "Good, cause I've missed you."

               He pouted at me. "I'm sorry, school work kept me busy all week. But it's Friday so we can hang out if you want."

               "If?" I quirked an eyebrow.

               He licked his bottom lip, which immediately turned me on. I wasn't worried about his gender anymore, the only thing I worried about was my mom - who I called yesterday to tell her that I was bringing a friend next week.

               Only that he wasn't just a friend, he was my boyfriend.

               "What do you want to do then?" He rolled his eyes playfully.

               I sent him a provocative look, I think he knew what I wanted to do.

               "Staring at me like a serial killer doesn't really tell me what you want to do," He said.

               I grabbed him by his stomach and pulled him back into my bed. His giggles woke me up completely, because his happiness is what makes my heart keep beating. That and my blood.

               I could feel Rayne's breathing become heavy as we wrestled between my sheets. Rayne is very flexible, which only turns me on even more. I'm comfortable with us being guys but I still get scared when ever I think of the S word.

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