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               "Did...did you guys just arrive together?" Priscella asked, shocked.

               I glanced over at Rayne who kept walking down the hall, I guess he left it for me to explain.

               "Yeah," I looked back at Priscella, her eye brows rose high. "We were hanging out."

               "And you're both alive? How is that possible?"

               I shrugged, "It just is. We're friends now. I apologized and we're all cool. So go back to sucking your Cheetos."

               I received a slap to the face, again. That wasn't even meant to sound wrong! I was serious! She had a freaking bag of Cheetos and I know how she likes to suck them dry! Wah!

               My face now ached on the other side. I guess both of my cheeks are now even. I frowned and felt like slapping her back. But I can't hit a girl. If only she was a lesbian, then that would be acceptable. Cause I'd be the girl and she'd be the guy.

               Wait, I just degraded my own manliness.

               I kept rubbing my face, I bet I had a hand mark on it. 

               "Anyway," I said, glaring at her. "Rayne is going to come with me and the boys to the party tomorrow."

               Her jaw clenched as she shot me an evil look.

               I gave her an innocent look, "What?"

               "Why must you take my new friend? I've always wanted a gay best friend and now you poisoned him with your Jesseness."

               "It's not my fault! He wants to come with me!"

               "As ... a date?" She smirked.

               "Fuck you, Priscella. I'm straight. We're just friends now, okay?"

               She rose her hands defensively, "Okay, what ever you say."

               I walked away from her, I wasn't gonna stand there and let her call it a date. It wasn't a date. It was a mandate, which is very different from a real date. A mandate is just two guys hanging out without the romance, just a friendship.

               When I entered my room, I got attacked by a couple of my friends who were inside. Phil was in the middle, playing the xbox with someone else. This sucks, I was hoping I'd get some peace and quiet while I napped but that won't be happening.

               "Hey, Jesse. Where you've been?" Phil asked, his eyes were literally glued to the T.V. screen. Everyone else was on Phil's side of the room because I throw tantrums when I find my side a mess.

               "At the pier."

               "By yourself?"

               I always wondered why people stick out their tongue when they play video games, are you a dog? No? No? Okay then stick that shit back inside your mouth.

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