Chapter Thirty-Eight

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               "Jesse." he dropped his head. "Don't be mad at me, please."

               I hugged him closer to me and kissed his head. "I'm not mad at you, I just want you to talk to me."

               "I'm trying." he choked back some tears. "It's hard. I mean ... it was my mom. There are so many emotions and feelings happening all at the same time. Then the depressing thoughts don't help."

               "I'm here for you. I will always be here for you. You need to let me first."

               He nodded. "I promise."

               I smiled. "Good."

               He dropped down the half eaten pizza on the box and looked up at me, his eyes sparkling blue with passion and sadness. "Please, make me forget, just for one night."

               "What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

               He leaned forward, grabbing my lips in his and making me feel like jelly. His hands spun freely around my neck while our lips fought to stay attached. I pulled back when I realized what he meant, which took me a while since I was a sucker when he did this to me. It just made me forget about things, so now I understood him.

               "Come." he pulled me up before I even had the time to blink and then we were in his bedroom.

               "Rayne, I love you, but no. I am not going to do it while you're depressed."

               "I didn't ask you." he easily lifted my shirt right out of my body and I felt embarrassed all of the sudden. It brought back memories of our first time and the insecurities came back alive. Only this time they were less.

               "You're cute," I chuckled, "but no."

               "Funny," he grinned, pulling me on the bed and making me hover over him.

               "What's funny?" I asked.

               "You when you think you're the boss. Not tonight, babe."

               I felt a little threatened when Rayne acted dominant around me. Because in my head I will always imagine him as the girl, even though he hates it when I put genders on our relationship, but it will forever be that way. So him taking charge was different, and arousing at the same time.

               Me, being gullible and easily persuadable, gave in to him. I gave him what he wanted.


               Rayne jumped back into my arms after drying himself off, the view of his naked body would always be a sight to see. He was beautiful, so beautiful that it hurt my soul. I couldn't explain it, but when I thought about anyone else being with me in that way, I would feel repulsed. I only want him, and him only.

               He laid his head on my bare chest, which was also dry after showering with him. I was beginning to feel more comfortable with this new side of our relationship, which was strange and so freaking awesome. I don't think I've ever felt this way before, it was so good.

               "My ass hurts," he muttered unexpectedly.

               I could feel my face heating up. I wasn't sure if I should be getting him cream or if I should count that as a compliment. Either way, I held him closer to me.

               "I told you not to let me go that deep," I muttered back, nonchalantly.

               "Well forgive me for wanting you to go all the way."

               I bit on my lips. "God, you're getting dirtier. Am I poisoning you?"

               He shrugged. "I'm not regretting anything."

               And in that moment he grabbed me in places where you should not grab me unless you're him.

               My body bent forward, feeling all those butterflies forming in my stomach again. Not sure if they were butterflies or just hormones.

               "So what do you think about the apartment?" he asked calmly, like if he hadn't just touched me where I tinkle.

               "I think it will look good once you set everything in order. It's not big, but it's not small, I like it."

               "The offer still stands, you know?"

               "I know. And I'm still thinking about it."

               "You're such a baby," he laughed.

               I gave him a look. "A baby doesn't have this." I grabbed his hand, which still laid in places, and made it grip me tighter.

               He gave me that look when ever I sounded full of myself. "So anyway, are you going to school tomorrow?"

               "Are you going to let go of my penis?" I returned the look.


               "Then it looks like I'm not going. We're going to be too busy for school." I leaned over his pale, glistening body and kissed every part of it. He released the wild beast in me, he released it good.


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