Chapter 31

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Alfred goes off and has a shower, Arthur offering him some of his older brother's clothes.

"Why does Alistair have clothes here?" Alfred asks.

"Long story short, mum never wanted him home drunk so he used to crash here. Of course he has his own house now, but he never came to retrieve his clothes so they just stayed here." Arthur replies, shoving Alfred into the bathroom before leaving to wash the dishes. Once Alfred appeared again, Arthur left to have his own shower. When he got back he noticed Alfred stretched across the couch watching TV. Arthur walked past him to sit in the armchair, only to be pulled down to lay with the alpha.

"Finally you finished your shower." Alfred mutters, pulling Arthur closer to him.

"Well I tried to wash a majority of your scent off, although my efforts have just gone to waste." Arthur says. Alfred just laughs and nuzzles Arthur's head.

"Oh well." Alfred grins.

"Man, you've gotten awfully touchy lately. Maybe I should've listened to Francis and Mathew." Arthur mutters. Arthur felt the alpha tense before he just was gone. Arthur was now alone on the couch while Alfred sat in the armchair looking at the TV. However Arthur could still see the hurt expression on the alpha's face. "Oh Alfred." Arthur sighs. He stands up and elegantly walks over to Alfred. He cautiously puts a hand on a tan arm. Alfred looked down at the porcelain hand and followed it up to meet Arthur's gaze. "I understand I say a lot of things, I usually don't mean to. What I just said was one of those things. Alfred what I just said came out, I would never actually have listened to Mathew and Francis. Trust me, I really wouldn't have gone with them even if you hadn't offered to stay. I can't stand the amount of affection the two give each other." Arthur sat on the arm of the chair while holding Alfred's chin to make him look up at him.

"Sorry I acted like that, I was just happy that you decided not to leave me that's all. Most omegas I've gotten close to usually run off with someone else, that's why for a while I didn't exactly treat omegas with the care and respect they deserve. I've changed of course, although it hurts when people bring it up like how Mattie bought it up." Alfred says. Alfred lets out a surprised noise when Arthur flops backwards and drapes himself across Alfred's lap.

"Don't worry, I've comforted enough alphas in my life to know what to do." Arthur says. He puts a hand on Alfred's chest as Alfred wraps his arms under his legs and back as he picks the omega up like he's nothing. Alfred walks back over to the couch and gently lies Arthur down before lying down himself and pulling Arthur into his chest. The two close their eyes and relax, bathing in each other's warmth and scent.

"Let's see what's on TV." Alfred mumbles. Arthur just nods allowing the alpha to put his nose in Arthur's hair. He feels Alfred breathe in deeply and Arthur smiles slightly, he doesn't know why but he's very happy when he realises that his scent calms Alfred. The two watch TV for a while before Arthur brings up that they have to work tomorrow. He allows Alfred to carry him to the bedroom where the two continue their cuddling. He smiles slightly when he feels Alfred tighten his grip on him unconsciously.

Arthur slowly drifts to sleep but not before he feels a familiar nose nuzzle his neck. He goes to tell Alfred to stop but once he turns around he finds himself returning the treatment. Once he started scenting with the alpha he decided not to say anything and just continued. He couldn't remember when he fell asleep but he knows he eventually did.

He awoke to the sound of his alarm and found himself still confined in the alpha's arms. He turned over and shook Alfred slightly, he found himself putting his nose in the crook of Alfred's neck where he could smell himself. Alfred woke up quickly but just stuck his nose in the crook of Arthur's neck and grazed his teeth down the omega's neck.

"We need to stop Alfred." Arthur breathes out. Alfred reaches over and turns the blaring alarm off.

"Stop what?" Alfred sleepily asks.

"The scenting, it's going to have bad repercussions if we keep it up." Arthur states, trying to remove himself from Alfred's arms. The alpha easily keeps the weaker omega locked up in his arms.

"What kind of repercussions?" Alfred questions.

"You knocking me up." Arthur states bluntly.

"Wow, you're really good with words you know Artie." Alfred removes his arms. Arthur slips away from the blonde and sits on the edge of the bed. "And don't worry, I'd never knock you up. Well without your permission of course." Alfred smiles. He sits behind Arthur and pulls the omega into his lap. "Plus if you really wanted everything to stop, you have the power to make it stop. Yet here you are allowing me to control you." Alfred looks down at the pale blonde. Arthur gulps knowing how right Alfred was.

"Well come on, we have work to do." Arthur says, he stands up and walks out of the room. Alfred just watches him leave with a longing gaze before sighing and getting up himself.

"Do you want me to drive you to work?" Alfred cheerily asks. Arthur looks over at him, smiling slightly once he knew that the old Alfred was back.

"Yes please, it's nice to not be walking in such hot weather." Arthur chuckles. Alfred nods and starts making breakfast.

"After this I'll have a shower and put on my clothes from yesterday." Alfred says.

"No." Arthur states. Alfred looks at him in surprise.

"What do you mean no?" Alfred asks.

"Don't have a shower." Arthur looks at Alfred's neck. The alpha laughs and walks over to Arthur.

"Fine, but you have to have a shower. Try and get most of my scent off, as much as you may want to keep it you have a job to do. I spend more time sitting alone in my office, that's the only reason I won't have a shower." Alfred then turns Arthur around and gives him a gentle push in the direction of the bathroom, Arthur chuckles and nods. Alfred goes back to the stove and continues to cook breakfast for the two. When Arthur returns, the omega barely smelt like Alfred. Of course the smell still lingered however the two could do nothing more about it.

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