Chapter 24

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"I must admit it's good." Arthur says yawning.

"Yeah it's pretty cool." Alfred smiles lazily. The two had ended up stretched across the couch together. Alfred's feet next to Arthur's head. Arthur wasn't long enough for his feet to go near Alfred's head. Arthur had made himself comfortable leaning on the legs while Alfred had liked having his legs warmed by the omega.

"I wish I could keep you warmer." Alfred says watching the omega shiver a little.

"It's perfectly fine Al." Arthur smiled sweetly at Alfred.

"No it's not." Alfred pushes himself up. Pulling his legs to his chest he leans forward and lies down next to Arthur. Wrapping his arms around the petite omega and pulling him to his chest the two sigh.

"Thanks." Arthur mumbles.

"It's ok." Alfred mumbles through Arthur's hair. The two move around a little more and get comfortable before continuing their episode. Arthur reached out and grabbed the popcorn on the table and bought it towards them so the two of them could much on the snack.

"I can't believe that we're caught up with the show now." Alfred says tiredly.

"Yeah, let's go to bed now." Arthur sighs. "Although you may have to leave me here, I'm too tired to move."

"I can't let you sleep on the couch, what kind of host would I be then?" Alfred says back in a hushed voice.

"Fine carry me." Arthur stretches out so it's easier for him to be carried. However he lets out a squeal when the he's lifted off the couch. "Bloody hell Alfred! Give me a heads up when you do something like that bloody git." Arthur grips onto Alfred. The alpha just laughs and carries Arthur upstairs bridle-style.

"C'mon let's get to bed." Alfred says. Arthur just nods. He lets out a happy sigh when he feels the cool sheets beneath him. Alfred goes around on the other side and slips into bed. Jumping slightly when Arthur rested his hand on Alfred's arm. Alfred reached out and wrapped his sun-kissed arms around Arthur. The omega just snuggled into the now familiar warmth and the pair drifted off to sleep.

Arthur awoke to the smell of bacon. However his smile dropped when he realised Alfred was no longer cuddling with him. He pushes the covers aside and slowly stands up walking downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Mornin' dude." Alfred grins looking over his shoulder. Arthur just grumbles something and sits down at the table. "Hungry?"

"Very." Arthur replies. Alfred laughs and places a plate with a full English breakfast on it. "How are you so happy?"

"Because I got to wake up next to you." Alfred grinned starting to eat his own breakfast. "Why are you so grumpy?"

"Because I didn't wake up next to anyone." Arthur snaps.

"Whoa dude, sorry I'll try not to leave you." Alfred says shocked.

"Just like every goddamn alpha." Arthur rests his head on his arms after pushing his plate away.

"Whaddya mean?" Alfred asks.

"Like every alpha, always eager to take an omega to bed even more eager to leave in the morning." Arthur glares at Alfred who just give him a confused look.

"Dude you know I'm not like that. I wake up early to make you breakfast, I don't mean that at all. I don't know where this has come from though." Alfred stands up walking around the table to crouch down next to Arthur. "I don't know what you're going on about but I'm sorry."

"I forgive you and I'm sorry for going into some sort of rant. I have no idea where that came from, I guess I'm just jealous that I never get to wake up with anyone." Arthur turns to look down at Alfred. Alfred leans up and Arthur leans down as they hug.

"Now c'mon dude, let's eat this food before it gets cold." Alfred grabs his plate and sits next to Arthur. The two continue conversing as if nothing had happened.

"So what are we going to do today?" Arthur asks.

"I dunno whaddya wanna do?" Alfred asks back.

"How about we go to the park? I'm sure there'll be someone we know there and I can catch up on the local gossip." Arthur states.

"Alright, can you handle the dishes? I'll go have a shower." Alfred smiles and Arthur nods grabbing the dishes so he can start to wash them. Once he finished with the dishes he goes upstairs and grabs some clothes to change into after he has a shower himself.

Arthur walks downstairs after having a shower smiling at Alfred who was on the couch swinging his keys on his fingers.

"Let's go." Arthur smiles. Alfred nods standing up and the two of them walk outside, Alfred locking the door behind them. They walk a few blocks down the road and walk over to the park. They talk and laugh for a while before they hear someone calling their names.

"Dude!" Alfred laughs and Mathias tackles the other alpha.

"Hello." Arthur smiles. Berwald, Tino, Lukas, Emil and Lars stood in front of him.

"Hello Arthur." Tino says cheerily.

"What brings you here?" Lukas asks ignoring his husband who was roughhousing with Alfred.

"I wanted to catch up on the local gossip." Arthur smiles.

"You should hear the rumours going around about you and Alfred." Lars states.

"Lars you don't tell someone that!" Tino says in a hushed voice. His son just rolls his eyes.

"I figured that out already Lars, I know more than enough to know when I'm being talked about. Anyway, tell me what are some of the rumours Antonio and Francis have made up." Arthur sits down on a bench.

"I heard from Vlad that you two are sleeping together." Lukas states.

"Vlad? Jeez word does spread quick, well it is true Alfred and I are sleeping together but not in that way. We're just sleeping in the same bed nothing more, nothing less." Arthur says.

"Apparently Alfred has been boasting that he owns you." Tino says.

"Alfred!" Arthur calls out and the alpha quickly detaches from Mathias' grip racing over to Arthur.

"What's wrong?" He asks quickly looking at the others suspiciously.

"Are you boasting about me?" Arthur asks.

"What? No I wouldn't do that, mainly cause I don't boast like that. If I was boasting about you, you'd know." Alfred grins before getting jumped on by Mathias and the pair roll away.

"There's your answer."

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