Chapter 30

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The rest of the day ran rather smoothly. Toris went home a few hours after the incident due to his beta boyfriend wanting him home early. Toris had been nervous to leave saying that he didn't know what Feliks was going to do. Eventually he built up enough courage and fled the building. Arthur played secretary for a while until Alfred had finally finished everything, along with sorting out all his files and folders.

"Now can we go home Artie? I'm hungry." Alfred complains.

"Yes we can, I'm quite hungry myself." Arthur had given up on correcting Alfred about the nickname.

"Well let's get out of here." Alfred stood up. Alfred helped Arthur put the bomber jacket on.

"Why do I have to wear this?" Arthur asks.

"Because I want you to." Alfred says and leads Arthur out of the office. The two pass a number of people who gave weird looks. They reach the elevator and join 5 other people before they go down to the lobby. The pair walk out, and Arthur gives Jocelyn a cheery smile. Once outside Alfred and Arthur drive back to Arthur's, the two walk upstairs and near Arthur's apartment door. The two look surprised at the pair standing at the front door.

"Francis, Mathew what are you two doing here?" Arthur questions, unlocking his door as he did so.

"We came to talk mon ami." Francis says. Alfred glances between his brother and Francis.

"Well come in I guess." Arthur says. The four walk into the apartment and Alfred goes into the kitchen, Arthur sends Francis and Mathew to the living room before walking over to Alfred. "I want you to stay in the kitchen, I'll deal with those two. Don't come out even if you hear yelling or such, the two of them are obviously here to talk about our friendship." Arthur then swiftly leaves the room. Alfred sighs but gets to work on making them some dinner.

"Well Arthur, take a seat." Mathew gestures to an armchair.

"This is my house, I can sit down anytime I want." Arthur rolls his eyes and sits down. "Now, what are you two doing here?" Arthur asks again, his green eyes getting a dangerous look in them.

"Well Arthur, we just wanted to hear your opinion on you and Alfred's friendship." Francis smiles.

"I do believe that Alfred and I have a good friendship. It's nice to be able to rely on an alpha who can be there when I do need help. I must admit I'm surprised at how fast the friendship is moving, at first I feared the sudden burst of friendship. However I'm not as scared, I'm quite fine with being around Alfred so much." Arthur crosses his legs.

"That's good, I was afraid that my brother might be preying on you. Seeing as you're a single omega that lives alone, I know that Alfred has a bad past of just using different omegas. Although seeing the way he's so careful with you and treats you like a piece of glass really shows me that he is looking for a friendship. I will say though that Alfred has a tendency to cling to single omegas sometimes, this usually freaks them out so I decided I would tell you." Mathew smiles slightly.

"I figured that out already Mathew, however thank you for telling me anyway. Alfred has already told me about his omega and beta past. That boy just keeps throwing surprises at me. Anyway thank you for the concern, although Alfred and I are having dinner and I'm sure you two have better places to be." Arthur smiles.

"We still have more to talk about. I want to talk to you about those attacks, I think you should come and stay with Mathew and I for a while. Just so you're safe." Francis says. Arthur shakes his head.

"Thank you, yet I must decline, I will be spending most of my time with Alfred. He's promised to stay here for a week so I will be safe." Arthur politely declines.

"I don't trust you being alone with an alpha like Alfred, Arthur. Please, I'm sure Alfred will be fine if you change your mind." Francis states back.

"I do not wish to go and stay with you. It is a very generous offer however I do not want to be around you two love birds. I have enough mental images of you two to last the rest of my life." Arthur grumbles.

"Please Arthur, just come stay with us. I really don't like the idea of you being left alone without someone really close to you. It's just an omega thing I guess. I trust my brother yet this is a different level of trust and I just want to know that you're safe." Mathew says, leaning forward slightly.

"I will be safe here. Please if all you're going to do is bother me with such things, leave my house. I honestly do not want to deal with this, I already slapped Gilbert today because of him being so annoyed with Alfred and my own friendship." Arthur sighs rubbing his forehead.

"Sorry for 'bothering' you, we were just worried that is all. However if you are pleased with this then yes we shall leave, we're visiting Gil and Liz tonight for dinner so I will ask him what went down today. Tell Alfred ari vour for me. Goodbye Arthur." Francis and Mathew stand and Arthur walks them to the door. Arthur says his goodbyes to the pair before going over to the dining table where Alfred was sitting. The alpha had a furious look on his face as he played with his food.

"Didn't your mothers ever teach you not to play with your food?" Arthur questions sitting down. He only got a grunt in reply. "Let me guess, you heard the conversation and you aren't happy at the fact that you're brother doesn't trust you with me?" Arthur asks. The look he receives from the alpha allows him to know he hit the nail on the head. "Honestly, alphas these days." Arthur grumbles. He stands up and walks over to Alfred. He wraps his arms gently around the blonde's neck and Alfred turns his head to the side and accidently bumps his head into Arthur's.

"Sorry." He mutters. Arthur just chuckles in return and leans on Alfred.

"You need not worry about them. I'll keep them in check. Now eat up, you said you were hungry. If you want I can sit next to you and eat?" Emerald meets sapphire as the two lock eyes. Arthur yelps as he pulled down into the alphas lap. Only to be cuddled.

"Aw you're so cute when you actually care!" Alfred laughs. Arthur soon starts getting mad at Alfred.

"You acted like that didn't you!" Arthur accuses Alfred.

"Actually no, I was really upset about Mathew but I'm happier now. Thanks dude, and just to keep me happy stay right here and eat?" Alfred gives Arthur puppy dog eyes. It doesn't work on Arthur but for some reason the omega agrees anyway.

"Fine, grab my plate." Alfred grabs the plate for Arthur and the pair eat happily in silence.

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