Chapter 16

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Alfred unlocks the front door to his house opening it up as to allow Arthur to walk in first. Arthur walks in admiring the view he got.

"This is very neat looking for a single alpha's house." Arthur stated.

"Yeah, Mattie came in and cleaned the place up a few days ago. Something about it looking pleasing to omegas." Alfred grumbles taking his bomber jacket off and hanging it on the coat rack by the door. Arthur also removes his jacket and hangs it up.

"Do you wanna have the first shower?" Alfred asks.

"If you don't mind." Arthur says and Alfred nods gesturing for Arthur to follow him. The alpha pulls out a plain black shirt and a pair of shorts for Arthur.

"They're too small for me, I have trouble throwing things out. Mattie says I'm a hoarder when it come to clothes and shoes." Alfred says laughing slightly. Arthur shakes his head chuckling in amusement. Alfred showed him to the bathroom. He also said that he would be in the kitchen making dinner for the two of them.

Once Arthur had had a shower he went downstairs wandering around for a while as he tried to find the kitchen. Once he did he breathed in deep.

"What smells so good?" Arthur mumbles sitting down at the table.

"I'm making a stew since it's pretty chilly outside." Alfred states and Arthur nods still smiling.   

"Well it smells really nice." Arthur says. Alfred thanks him before placing a bowl of the food in front of him.

"When I'm finished eating do you mind if I go have a quick shower?" Alfred asks.

"Not at all, take as long as you want I'll wash everything up." Arthur smiles.

"Oh God I'd be a horrible host if I let you clean up." Alfred says back.

"Of course not, it's a repayment for all the times you've cooked me food." Arthur cheerily says. Alfred sighs but gives up knowing that the omega would most likely do the washing up whether he liked it or not.

Alfred left to have a shower leaving the omega to do the dishes. It didn't take Arthur long to have put the rest of the stew in Chinese take-away containers that he found in a cupboard and wash all the dishes. When Alfred returned he was surprised to find the kitchen spotless.

"Whoa dude you work quick." Alfred stated amazed.

"No you take long showers." Arthur says and Alfred laughs.

"We'll I gotta smell nice don't I?" Alfred grins at the blonde who shakes his head. "Anyway let's go watch a movie." Alfred skips into the living room, Arthur following along behind him.

"What are we going to watch?" Arthur asks calmly.

"A horror movie!" Alfred yells in excitement and Arthur shakes his head.

"Fine, just not too scary I have work tomorrow." Alfred nods happily. Grabbing a disc case from a shelf he walks over to the television and puts the DVD in the DVD player. Grabbing a remote he walks back to the couch and plops down next to Arthur. Pressing play on the remote the two sat as the movie started to play.

Half-way through the movie about paranormal activity Arthur realised that between Alfred and himself, Alfred was the one terrified. Arthur new the movie was scary however Alfred seemed completely terrified. It didn't take long for Arthur to be patting the alphas head calmingly as Alfred clung to a pillow for safety as he pulled his legs up. Arthur jumped at the yelp Alfred made as a ghostly face appeared on screen. Arthur couldn't help but smile; Alfred, an alpha, was allowing him to see one of his weaknesses. Arthur felt overjoyed knowing that Alfred trusted him enough to do this.

As it was nearing the credits a large jumpscare happened, Arthur knew that he let out a shriek at it. However it was drowned out by Alfred's yell. The alpha threw the pillow away from him and latched onto Arthur's arm hiding his face in the omegas chest. Arthur just continued to pat Alfred on the head and allowed the alpha to cling to him in a terrified manner.

"Alfred are you alright?" Arthur asks as the credits play in the background. Alfred just nodded giving Arthur a forced smile.

"I'm fine, you have to work in the morning so how about we go to bed? I'll show you to the guest bedroom." Alfred says hurriedly. The male jumps up briskly walking up the stairs and shows Arthur to where he would be sleeping.

"Here you go, I'm just down the hall as you know." Alfred smiles before the two say their goodnights and go to bed.

Arthur felt himself jump awake. He looked at the time, 2am. Arthur had no idea why he was up, everything was quiet and there wasn't any noise. That's when he heard a creaking noise. Arthur gulped going dead silent and incredibly still as he listened. There was a little more creaking before the sound turned it to footsteps. Very slow footsteps. Arthur's mind took him back to a part in the movie.

It was exactly like this, a young omega trying to sleep. The omega woke up to footsteps outside his door. The footsteps stopped and the door creaked open, that was when a demonic figure walked into the room and attacked the girl. Arthur realised in that moment just how defenceless he was as of right then.

Arthur gripped the edge of his sheet and duvet pulling them up to rest just below his chin. Gulping and frantically looking around as he heard the footsteps stop. He swore he heard whispering and breathing but he knew that that was just his mind playing tricks on him. He froze when he heard the door handle turn. It seemed like everything went in slow-motion as the door ever so slowly opened.

The loud creaking echoing in the quiet room. Arthur knew his knuckles must've looked white from how he hard he was gripping the sheets. He looked around for anything to defend himself. However before he did anything he spotted the silhouette of what ever it was that had opened the door. The silhouette seemed very familiar to the omega who felt his grip loosen on the sheets.

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