Chapter 12

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Arthur quickly enters his apartment and hangs his bag on a hook near the door. With a sigh he enters the kitchen and makes a sandwich for himself for dinner. Arthur slowly eats the sandwich making sure to use his manners even though he was alone. He guessed that it was a habit from watching his alpha siblings eat so disgustingly. He didn't want to look like that while he ate so he perfected his manners and even went to etiquette classes to try and make sure that he never looked like his alpha brothers.

Once Arthur was done with his sandwich he washed his plate and left it to air dry. Entering the bathroom he showered and changed into his pyjamas. He was wearing his Doctor Who pyjamas again since he'd done the washing. Going into his bedroom he read a few chapters in his book sighing when he realised he was nearing the end of the book.

Placing the story on his bedside table he turned off the lamp before lying down on his side. Arthur made a few mental notes such as airing out his apartment in the morning before locking up when he went to work.

Arthur flung his hand over to his bedside turning his alarm off. Arthur rubbed his face before slowly getting out of bed and turning around to make it. Walking to his bedroom window he opens it up allowing fresh air to flood into the room. Walking into the living room he opens all the windows stopping at the last one as he leans on the window sill breathing in heavily before looking around. He smiles and waves at the ashen teenager leaning out the window next to his.

"Why are you leaning out the window?" Arthur asks. Emil blushes but points down onto the street.

"I'm waving goodbye to Leon." He smiles and looks down. Both males watch Leon jog across the street and walk into a chaotic looking house. Well when you have around 10 children any house would be chaotic looking.

"What are you doing hanging out a window?" Emil asks looking at Arthur.

"I'm airing out my apartment since it still reeks of me." Arthur sighs and Emil nods.

"Yeah, Leon was kicked out by Mathias since apparently I'm too young to allow him to join my heats." Emil huffs resting his chin in his hand. Arthur chuckles at the boy before shrugging.

"At least Leon respects your father's decision." Emil nods in agreement smiling.

"That's why he's the best alpha ever." Arthur smiles before saying his goodbyes to Emil as Lukas had called out to Emil. Returning back to his kitchen Arthur decided on making a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He changes into his uniform before locking the apartment up and heading out.

While making his way down the street Arthur heard his name being called out. Turning around he spots Leon walking his way. Arthur raises an eyebrow at him but notices a jacket Leon was holding in his hand.

"Hey Arthur, could you do me a favour and give this to Emil?" Leon asks and Arthur looks down at the jacket being offered to him. Arthur smiled before nodding happily.

"Ah young love." Arthur sighs dreamily and Leon flushes a little chuckling at Arthur.

"Yeah, to be honest I think Emil and I are old enough to make these types of decisions. Like were both 17 so we're of legal age and everything." Leon crosses his arms and Arthur shakes his head.

"It's more than being of just legal age when it comes to these things. Mathias and Lukas want to make sure that you both are prepared. I will say that I believe at this age the two of you should be allowed to make the decision yourself, I mean you started courting Emil when the two of you were 12 and you both had known each other even longer before that. However this is a big thing and it's not just to keep Emil comfortable but of course his parents as well." Arthur states and Leon nods.

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