Chapter 22

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"Yes, of course I didn't meet everyone through Mathew. Only a select few, I met people like Gilbert due to work. I met Matthias through Gilbert. My story isn't as awesome sounding as yours, but it's slightly similar. I met most of the betas and alphas when Gilbert and Matthias wanted to go to a bar with a bunch of friends. That's where I got to know lots of the other people. Man it makes me realise how much of a social butterfly Gil is." Alfred laughs.

"Well tell me about how you came to live here." Arthur smiles.

"I came out to live here because Mattie was out here. Of course we didn't grow up together for a majority of our childhood but we stayed in contact. I remember spending so many nights avoiding Mathew due to his infatuation with Francis, man that alpha had my twin bro wrapped around his finger. Of course I wanted to meet said alpha face-to-face and see Mattie again. Once I turned 18 I moved here, mother bought me this house and told me to take care of Mattie. I did as she said and I honestly like it here. I've never gone back and visited, I always talk to her but I have no interest in actually seeing her again. I'm happy for her and such but I have more priorities here, like work, Mattie and of course you." Alfred stretches and grins. "I have a question, what went down with Elizaveta and Gil? Gil never gives me a proper answer and people always go on about them." Alfred crosses his legs.

"Well, Liz and Gil new each other ever since they were three. They would visit each other constantly, since they lived in the same street. Eventually Gilbert climbed through Elizaveta's window when they were both twelve. Gilbert had presented a week before and wanted to tell Liz. The two were happily conversing when, Elizaveta started to present. She went into heat and well you can guess what happened next. That's how they ended up with a child. Of course Liz's father separated them but the damage had been done. Their parents tried separating them for a year but they continually pushed all boundaries and would fight with their parents and the other's parents; the parents finally had enough and let them go back to the other. Ever since then they've been inseparable. They did have a rough-patch when Elizaveta's parents moved towns when she was 15, Gilbert refused to let her leave and so Liz just moved in with them. Gilbert got a job where you work the second he left school, he actually had a part-time job as a cleaner there for a while. They moved out not long after getting their jobs, they found a cheap rental. They moved out since when Elizaveta went into heat, Gilbert would have to fight off his brother and step-father." Arthur explained to the alpha.

"I see, now that explains why people always say 'we don't want another Gilbert and Elizaveta incident'." Alfred says. Arthur nods with a smile.

"It's 5pm now, I think I'll go have a shower." Arthur stands up.

"I'm going to have a shower too." Alfred walks into the on-suite and Arthur walks into the other bathroom. Arthur gets out of the bathroom first and chuckles realising that the alpha was still showering. Wandering downstairs Arthur moves a few things to his liking.

"Sorry is my house not neat enough?" Alfred says sarcastically. Arthur jumps and spins around glaring at the alpha.

"What've I told you about sneaking up on me?" Arthur grumbles.

"Not to do it, yeah I know sorry dude I just couldn't help myself." Alfred ruffles Arthur's damp hair. "Anyway, are you hungry? 'Cause I'm thinking of making dinner now."

"Yeah dinner sounds nice. Also everything I told you earlier, you didn't hear that from me." Arthur states.

"Why not?" Alfred asks. The two shuffle around in the kitchen grabbing ingredients for Casserole for dinner.

"Because Gilbert will try and find any excuse to make me do favours for him. If he finds out I told you he'll try and hold it over me." Arthur muttered sitting on the island counter.

"I'm not surprised, so sure I won't tell him. But you have to tell me what favours he'd want you to do." Alfred smiles. Arthur sighs shaking his head.

"Well he usually just makes me clean and look after their daughter Tulipa. Honestly why didn't they just call her Tulip instead of Tulipa?" Arthur crosses his left leg over his right.

"Gilbert said something about it being the way it's pronounced in Hungary. Also because Elizaveta's favourite flower is the Tulip and she's Hungarian so I think that's how they came to the conclusion." Alfred adds the chopped vegetables to the Casserole Dish.

"I guess that makes sense. It still seems odd. Some flower names make sense for example; Rose and Lily are common. I guess Tulip may be common somewhere in the world." Arthur shrugs.

"It definitely isn't the weirdest name I've heard." Alfred starts chopping up Gravy Beef to add it into the Casserole Dish.

"I must agree with you, I've definitely heard weirder." Arthur mutters. Alfred starts making a sauce to pour over the other ingredients. Placing it in the oven he starts to clean up only to realise Arthur had already started cleaning.

"Dude how do you move so quickly?" Alfred asks leaning on the counter as Arthur cleans everything up.

"Because you're to busy with yourself to realise." Arthur grumbles.

"Hey! That was a little rude." Alfred mumbles walking over to Arthur.

"I guess it was a little uncalled for." Arthur stopped his cleaning for a split second as he thought about what he said. Alfred just patted him on the head and started to help with the cleaning. "Hey it's fine I can handle the cleaning, you cooked."

"Nah it's perfectly fine." Alfred grins. Arthur smiles back and shakes his head. The omega allows the blonde to help me out, although Alfred didn't do much only talked.

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