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L'amore e la guerra - Love and war by OskarTheLoner
L'amore e la guerra - Love and warby Oskar the Loner
Fem Italy (Felicia) x Germany (Ludwig) Felicia's a secret member of italian resistance married with Ludwig, a german soldier, but when he comes back home after being inj...
Written in gold Spamono AU by ReadTaleOwl
Written in gold Spamono AUby NightOwl
Picture is not mine: In this AU everyone has the initials of their soulmate on their wrist that appears when their soulmate turns 15. A touch of GerIta and a sprinkle of...
Titanic: Love Will Always Find A Way by HopelessRomantic1912
Titanic: Love Will Always Find A Destin ^-^
It's 1912. All is happy in the world. No fighting, no death, just peace. As a desired trip, Italy takes a voyage to the New World (He's never been, therefore he still ca...
The Woes and Wonders of the World: Hetalia Headcanon One-Shots by orangelife
The Woes and Wonders of the orangelife
This is a collection of one-shots written off of headcanons that I have found which I like for pretty much any pairing or character of APH. Lots of different topics and...
Welcome to Wonderland by Worldclass_Fuckup
Welcome to Wonderlandby M_Yancey
⟨⟨ON HAITUS⟩⟩ Having grown up under the care of a strict Austrian lord, Feliciano had no time to believe in things such as white rabbits in waistcoats, or smiling cats...
Hetalia Ships/ Randomness [Completed] by MariikaDaly
Hetalia Ships/ Randomness [ Humarche
This will be all about hetalia ships,well, not really. There might be lemon, there might be not, so prepare for your innocence to be eradicated... *cought* I mean, good...
A Mistake by venezuela101
A Mistakeby venezuela101
All the countries gathered in Italy's house for a summer party. After a while, they decided to play Truth or Dare. When it's Germany's turn, he gets a dare that he doesn...
Pure Bliss-GerIta (Hetalia fanfic) *YAOI* by LexxieXD
Pure Bliss-GerIta (Hetalia fanfic) LexxieXD
Hetalia and Yaoi all in one story. How much better can it get?! Pairings so far: *GerIta *UsUk *GiriPan *Spamano Want another pairing? Comment a suggestion! <3
Don't Go by IceBelaaa
Don't Goby Hex
Holy Rome has to leave Italy to go to war and when he comes back, he's not the same as he was... France, no! ☆ 13 chapters is not a coincidence ☆ Lol I don't know what I...
~the book of American secrets~ on hiatus  by _itried
~the book of American secrets~ - e r e t -
I've been really stressed with school lately and I have another story that's my main focus right now, but I'll come back to this when I'm in the right headspace to take...
Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart - GerIta by Rebmacat
Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart - Amber
AU. Italy, WW2. Feliciano Vargas is a passionate, if slightly scared, Italian resistance member. Falling in love with a German fighter pilot was the last thing he expect...
Fixing The Broken Promise (GerIta {fluff} book 2) by BandGeekClarinet
Fixing The Broken Promise ( BandGeekClarinet
Then he ended it all or at least I thought he did.. That's the recap of the first book. Hope you enjoy this book my little shippers!! Germany figured out that he is HR...
Love to the end (gerita) by jenayadj
Love to the end (gerita)by jenayadj
This is a gerita love story. Warning mature material yaoi don't like it don't read it
Hetalia yaoi one shots. by Ammarettu
Hetalia yaoi one Matthew
Hetalia one shots. All fluff, for those of you who want a nice cute story to squeal at. Also some are sad. warnings at the beginning of each chapter. [requests open]
Snowed In (Hetalia Fan-Fic) by The_Turtle_Shell
Snowed In (Hetalia Fan-Fic)by Hope
What do you get when you have a bunch of countries trapped in a cabin in the cold for more than a week? The best punch line ever, for a fangirl. Now with added angst!
Just another love story (germany x italy) by clillith
Just another love story (germany cassidy
Italy and Germany and in love but what happens when someone tried to take Italy away. Find out in Just another love story
Hetalia One Shots! [Hetalia Ships!] by miyukess
Hetalia One Shots! [Hetalia Ships!]by an entire mess.
Pretty much the title plus some short stories the ships are below and NO LEMONS YOU DAMN PERVS XD ******************************************** -UsUk -SuFin -GerIta -Hong...
Hetalia One Shots by TheHero3
Hetalia One Shotsby A Simp
Hetalia one shots! Request are open so go ahead and request your ship. (This used to be a Maid/ButlerxMaster, so most of the one-shots will be about that, also I do not...
Hetalia Oneshots (On break) by ShootingStarlite
Hetalia Oneshots (On break)by Starlite
Permanent hiatus! (may come back) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Requests are allowed! Either PM me or comment! As the title says, this book is filled with oneshots concerning Hetalia whet...
Born From War: Hetalia WWII, Gerita by Lemonade_AuthorChan
Born From War: Hetalia WWII, Geritaby Lemon
Warning: has some Mpreg, don't like? Don't read. It won't be exact to history or Hetalia, but I am trying. I don't own Hetalia. It is a very sad fanfiction as it goes on...