Powers || Spamano by Katcrazy22
Powers || Spamanoby Li
Lovino has always kept his powers hidden inside. That's what he had been taught. Though, that all changed when he turned sixteen.
  • spain
  • china
  • rochu
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Peace In Pieces (WW3) [COMPLETE] by LackToastInTolerance
Peace In Pieces (WW3) [COMPLETE]by qưəəი оf ცıтсჩеs
It's sometime in the future. World War III has come. No country is safe from it. They have taken it too far. A breaking point. Hell. All countries are at a raging on war...
  • canada
  • china
  • world
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Shipwrecked by SpareABookForMe
Shipwreckedby SpareABookForMe
Matthew lives in a world where omegas are seen as lesser beings. Wanting to get away from it for awhile, he takes an omega only cruise with his twin Alfred. However, a s...
  • rusame
  • omegaverse
  • prucan
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•.•.Gerita smut oneshots.•.• by mayall_canismajor
•.•.Gerita smut oneshots.•.•by Smol itacest shipper
.•.•Gerita oneshots all by me, cause I need to write a lil bit more of my second favorite ship.•.• //I do NOT own hetalia, or the characters used in this//
  • smutbook
  • mpreg
  • aphgermany
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Saving Italy by germatalia
Saving Italyby germatalia
All the countries decided to have a world war 3, but Germany doesn't like the idea. And when it's every country for themselves, who will protect Italy? By the way, the o...
  • italyxgermany
  • england
  • aphitaly
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Falling For An Italian (GerIta) by Flamiau
Falling For An Italian (GerIta)by Flamiau
Ludwig is a teacher in a large school. His physical education class is always either slacking off or bugging him about finding a girlfriend. He always knew that some of...
  • prumano
  • doitsu
  • hetalia
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Hetalia Zodiacs by culliganio
Hetalia Zodiacsby culliganio
Have you ever read Zodiac books? Well this is basically a Zodiac book, only with your favorite Hetalia characters instead of Zodiacs! I take requests! ---x--- If you see...
  • frukus
  • zodiac
  • sufin
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Hetalia texting  by XxCyberBunnyxX
Hetalia texting by Anime is gay
See our favourite nations text! Hilarious situations and requests are open! All shippers welcome! (First part in the 'Anime Texting' series) ( #107 in random- 4/6/17 )
  • giripan
  • aphengland
  • usuk
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Hetalia Pocky Game by heyguyzitzkat
Hetalia Pocky Gameby Kat Ely
Countries in Hetalia play the pocky game with each other. Includes country x reader and 2p! characters as well. I do not own Hetalia.
  • xreader
  • pocky
  • hetaliaaxispowers
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Hetalia Lemons by -ShingekiNoAxis
Hetalia Lemonsby Rachael
New Lemons Every Wednesday. Ohohohohon~
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  • aphlemons
  • hetaliaxreader
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Hetalia self-harm and depression (Canada) (PruCan)  by Tyler_Elizabeth_KB
Hetalia self-harm and depression ( AwesomerThanPrussia
He was always forgotten. He didn't have any friends. Just a stuffed polar bear. Although, when a certain albino boy shows up, he finds that he's not invisible to everyon...
  • suckadick
  • matthew
  • prucan
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Hetalia one-shots by now-you-will-fall
Hetalia one-shotsby now-you-will-fall
HIGHEST RANKING: #241 in FANFICTION You don't like yaoi? There will be het but don't read this then. What fandom are you in again? RoChu, GerIta, AmerViet, France/Joan...
  • dennor
  • sufin
  • crack
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Hetalia Lemons by Several_Colours
Hetalia Lemonsby Several_Colours
Welcome to my lemons~ If you don't like lemons, don't hate~! I will take requests and there are no real limits! I do have another book that is non-lemon, but I'm pretty...
  • yaoi
  • gerita
  • germancest
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Hetalia X Child Reader by WhyNotItsMe
Hetalia X Child Readerby WhyNot
This is a story of the Hetalia characters mainly England, France, Canada and America who all live together and end up adopting a 14 year old girl.( You) I don't own the...
  • england
  • xreader
  • xcanada
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Hetalia Ghoul by AngelicMelody12
Hetalia Ghoulby Angel
In this world, there are man-eating monsters who look just like humans. Ghouls must kill to survive and Humans need to kill the Ghouls to survive. Follow the story of th...
  • gerita
  • prucan
  • crossover
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Don't Fall For Anyone Else! [USUK] by Nikks_S_OZOM
Don't Fall For Anyone Else! [USUK]by NIKEDZKY
Alfred and Arthur were childhood best friends. They always hung out together, played together, and went to each other's house, being neighbors and all. All was well unti...
  • aphspain
  • aphhungary
  • aushun
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Lovino's Dirty Secret. by Cosmiic_angel
Lovino's Dirty Ang
Lovino has a deep, dark secret. He used to be a prostitute. That is, until he met Antonio. Now, he does everything in his power to make sure Antonio never finds out.
  • yaoi
  • emo
  • spamano
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What I Think of Ships by SundaySundaes
What I Think of Shipsby FangirloftheWeek
Give me a ship from any of my fandoms, and I'll describe what I think about it!
  • spamano
  • gerita
  • voltron
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Do You Remember?   Germany x Italy by Kitsu_Chan_
Do You Remember? Germany x Italyby Tsunderella
I knew when I first opened my eyes who he was. I remembered the promise and farewell all at once. I remembered, but did he? (This will be a fanfic for GerIta! I will tr...
  • germany
  • hetalia
  • italy
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Germany x Italy x Child Reader by SofiaCTa
Germany x Italy x Child Readerby Sofia.C.Ta
Germany and Italy have been living with girl name (Y/N) (L/N), who is an immortal human for a while. What happens in one of the conference meetings that England tries to...
  • prussia
  • readerxcharacter
  • gerita
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