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Doodles On Your Skin [Gerita Fanfic] by AngelxFlores
Doodles On Your Skin [Gerita Angel❤️🤡💀
°July 30, 2019 - #1 in #Gerita° °September 25, 2019 - #1 in #Spamano° •January 20, 2020 - #1 in #GermanyxItaly• •April 2, 2020 - #3 in #Prucan• •April 27, 2020 - #2 in #...
baby mine by ItaChan19
baby mineby Otaku_Writer1993
Germany looked at the child in his arms. He had no idea how this child would turn out. Adevntures with germany, italy, prussia, and others as they all try to raise a new...
Cornflowers and Lillies (gerita kinda mpreg but not coz Italy's genderbent lol) by endermenrock1
Cornflowers and Lillies (gerita endermenrock1
Felancina had been sick for a while now, and Germany was getting concerned. The reason behind her sickness could change their whole lives.
Brothers At War (Gerita & Spamano) by MaddiexRose
Brothers At War (Gerita & Spamano)by spamano trash
Romano and Italy get into a nasty fight, ending with Romano declaring war on the younger brother. Italy seeks Germany for help and Romano runs off to join Spain. Italy a...
Peace In Pieces (WW3) [COMPLETE] by LackToastInTolerance
Peace In Pieces (WW3) [COMPLETE]by Dairy Fairy
It's sometime in the future. World War III has come. No country is safe from it. They have taken it too far. A breaking point. Hell. All countries are at a raging on war...
Dead to me Dark!Italy by junadina
Dead to me Dark!Italyby junadina
Thinking that even the sweetest and calmest people can't be change or broken would be wrong, Italy was that sweet calm person true he would usually runaway from battle a...
10 things to do in Madrid by n4mc0writes
10 things to do in Madridby Freckled Jesus
Chiara and her sister Felicia are international singers that have millions of adoring fans. One night when Chiara suspects Felicia of sneaking off to meet some German ba...
Make Me (Ludwig x Feliciano) by beauxetbelle
Make Me (Ludwig x Feliciano)by beauxetbelle
STATUS - COMPLETED (There will be a sequel) Ten years after falling in love with Ludwig Beilshmidt in the senior year of high-school, Feliciano Vargas finds himself in...
Beauty and the Beast (GerIta) by Kirachii
Beauty and the Beast (GerIta)by Kay
This is basically the original story "Beauty and the Beast" but I switched the characters from the actual movie to Hetalia characters... There will be linked...
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons * Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
Hetalia yaoi one shots. by Ammarettu
Hetalia yaoi one Matthew
Hetalia one shots. All fluff, for those of you who want a nice cute story to squeal at. Also some are sad. warnings at the beginning of each chapter. [requests open]
Randomtalia by DeathlyRose24
Randomtaliaby Maddie Williams
Random stuff with Hetalia. I don't own Hetalia (sadly) but I do own...whatever this is. BTW I make these when I'm bored so, they may be stupid. Has the foul language. Yo...
Trapped in a Blizzard (A Gerita Fanfic) by OtakuOfLiterature
Trapped in a Blizzard (A Gerita Brynn
Feliciano Vargas (Italy) wakes up in the house of a certain German after fainting from hypothermia while walking home in a snow blizzard. Both are trapped at Ludwig's (G...
Hetalia one-shots by now-you-will-fall
Hetalia one-shotsby now-you-will-fall
HIGHEST RANKING: #241 in FANFICTION You don't like yaoi? There will be het but don't read this then. What fandom are you in again? RoChu, GerIta, AmerViet, France/Joan...
The diaries of Nations by fullofcrazyness
The diaries of Nationsby The Fangirl
The Ancients have noticed some of the countries suffering in silence, so they decide to do something about it. They get all diary and journal entries and put them into o...
Hetalia Ghoul by AngelxFlores
Hetalia Ghoulby Angel❤️🤡💀
° December 25 2018 - #2 in Prucan° °January 5 2019 - #1 in Gerita° °April 24 2019 - #1 in Ameripan° °June 21 2019 - #3 in Gerita° •March 28 2020 - #1 in LietPol• •April...
Ok. He's More Then a Friend ((USUK)) by Isabel_345
Ok. He's More Then a Friend (( IzzyDrinksFizzy
Seqeul to 'He's Just a Friend ((USUK))' Three months into Arthur and Alfred's relationship everything seems to be fine. Yet as different people they know start to age an...
A Series of Events (GerIta) by Peronisa
A Series of Events (GerIta)by Peronisa
It all started with a small vacation in Germany's favorite country, and ended up with him learning more about himself than he would have ever expected.
The 6th Nordic by unknown_unicorn666
The 6th Nordicby Unknown
Where am I? The little girl sat up, snow crunching under her as she does. She stands up and pats the snow off of her coat, then starts walking in a random direction, l...
Hetalia Under The Big Top by Hai-iroga
Hetalia Under The Big Topby C.C.
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the most culturally diverse circus on earth! The book made for you, my Wattpad audience! Focusing on Spamano and featuring such s...