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GerIta: Prank Gone Wrong by libbybiddy
GerIta: Prank Gone Wrongby libbybiddy
Italy and Germany were training one day while Japan watched with a cat purring steadily in his lap. England spied on the three, and for some reason had his wand with...
Hetalia diary reading by Gassssp
Hetalia diary readingby Gassssp
¡I'M CREATING THIS BOOK BECAUSE I CAN'T ACCESS MY OLD ACCOUNT ON WICH I HAD ORIGINAL PUBLISHED IT! Also I can't find the original cover picture so boom here's a new one
Philophobia: A GerIta Story (Rewritten) by Tyler_KB
Philophobia: A GerIta Story ( AwesomerThanPrussia
Ludwig enjoyed living far from others. He enjoyed his only company being his 8 dogs. He enjoyed writing and Disney movies. ~ Feliciano enjoyed living with his twin brot...
Hetalia - Gerita Boyfriend Scenarios by _hasta_la_pasta_
Hetalia - Gerita Boyfriend _hasta_la_pasta_
So.... *inhale* My very first book on wattpad.. I'm so sorry if my grammar is bad. I'm croatian... Moving on. I have thing for Gerita. Ship is just too strong. And, so...
Finally Noticed by romanoindisguise
Finally Noticedby romanoindisguise
Arthur Kirkland is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia, living alone with his five year old son, Alfred F. Jones. When he takes the case of Francis Bonnefoy, a Frenchman...
Philophobia: A GerIta story by Tyler_KB
Philophobia: A GerIta storyby AwesomerThanPrussia
Ludwig enjoyed living far from others. He enjoyed his only company being his 8 dogs. He enjoyed living on 2 acres of land in the middle of Alberta, Canada. ~ Feliciano e...
Royalty - Spamano by MaddiexRose
Royalty - Spamanoby spamano trash
When King Antonio accidentally hits a young Italian peasant with his carriage on a ride through Italy, he's surprised to find how interesting he is. Lovino, the peasant...
Falling For An Italian (GerIta) by Flamiau
Falling For An Italian (GerIta)by Flamiau
Ludwig is a teacher in a large school. His physical education class is always either slacking off or bugging him about finding a girlfriend. He always knew that some of...
Hidden Feelings by dejabooooo
Hidden Feelingsby Motherfucker Supreme
Germany has feelings for Italy but he is scared of being rejected, feeling it would damage their friendship. Will Germany ever tell Italy how he feels? Does Italy feel t...
Gamer love by Yaoifangirl3206
Gamer loveby UsUkForever❣
Lovino and his brother Feliciano are gaming masters. Recently a new game came out that actually transports you into the game. The brothers are thrilled. They finally sav...
The Locket [Hetalia] by FELIceVargas
The Locket [Hetalia]by Feli☆
°° A Hetalia Middle School AU: Where Feliciano Vargas starts his first year in middle school and maybe try to get over about his childhood sweetheart. Or does he...°° A...
Mpreg oneshots by Felici4noItaly
Mpreg oneshotsby Fęłčīåñø Itáłíâ
First i will write 5 then you can request some oneshots
Just another love story (germany x italy) by clillith
Just another love story (germany clillith
Italy and Germany and in love but what happens when someone tried to take Italy away. Find out in Just another love story
Pure Bliss-GerIta (Hetalia fanfic) *YAOI* by LexxieXD
Pure Bliss-GerIta (Hetalia fanfic) LexxieXD
Hetalia and Yaoi all in one story. How much better can it get?! Pairings so far: *GerIta *UsUk *GiriPan *Spamano Want another pairing? Comment a suggestion! <3
The Romeo to my Julio? by PaperLettuce
The Romeo to my Julio?by Cana P.
Prince Feliciano of Italy has his life planned for him. To be married and becoming king of Italy or whatever land his suitor is from. But after a ball where he meets the...
A gerita love story by kate1555
A gerita love storyby kate1555
Feliciano feels like there's something missing in his life, but what happens when he mets a German at a party and dances with him. is he falling in love? is that what wa...
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Open* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons * Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
When the glass finally spills (SLOW UPDATES) by pirateelvrinda
When the glass finally spills ( pirateelvy
It was just another meeting with the allies and axis and of course, the meeting goes haywire but this time with a little twist. A strange figure has placed a book in the...
Harry Potter and the countries of Hetalia by ThatOtakuGirl8
Harry Potter and the countries ThatOtakuGirl8
This is a Hetalia / Harry Potter crossover (obviously). England gets a letter from Albus Dumbledore asking him, as well as many other countries, to attend Hogwarts to p...
A World of Secrets (Being Rewritten) by Izz_the_book_geek
A World of Secrets (Being Izz
All the nations are in pain, from the old China to the young Sealand. The only thing they all have in common is that they all have secrets, or so it seems. The Ancients...