Chapter 14

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"Well well well Arthur." Francis says as Arthur walks in.

"What?" Arthur asks confused. He hears Antonio and Feliciano laugh in the background.

"Well we've heard lots about you and Alfred's escapades from a number of people. Also you do realise you reek of the alpha?" Mathew says walking over. Arthur gulps nervously chuckling.

"What escapades? All Alfred and I did was talk then I allowed Alfred to stay the night on the couch that's all. Well I guess he did defend me in a way just then." Arthur says tying his apron on so he could distract his mind.

"Well we heard from Lukas and Mathias that you were being submissive to Alfred." Antonio says leaning on the wall.

"Well I guess that's in a way true." Arthur mumbles.

"How about we get to work? This cafe isn't going to run itself." Lovino speaks up and Arthur sends him a grateful look. However when the two of them get to work Lovino starts to personally ask Arthur questions. Arthur answered them with as little detail as he could. Eventually Lovino just gave up instead deciding on talking about other people.

"Have you heard about Lilli and Natalya?" Lovino asks and Arthur shakes his head.

"Lilli's older brother allowed the two to share Lilli's heat together." Lovino states and Arthur gasps.

"No, Vash would never allow that, Lilli is only 15." Arthur says in disbelief and Lovino nods.

"That's what I thought but I heard it straight from Vash himself." Arthur and Lovino continue with their gossiping about the different things happening in their little circle.

"Feliciano and Ludwig are apparently trying to conceive." Lovino brings up through clenched teeth. Lovino has never gotten along with Ludwig and Ludwig's older brother Gilbert. However his younger brother bonded with Ludwig and his own alpha is best friends with Gilbert. He always bit his tongue around them but he still seems to have a forever burning hatred for the two Germans. Lovino eventually told Arthur that his hatred for them sprouts from his childhood when he saw his own grandfather and the German's grandfather get into a large fight. The two grandfathers had been best friends when the German betrayed the Italian. Feliciano was too young to remember anything however Lovino was old enough to remember the event. Lovino states that he has learnt to trust the two alphas to a certain extent however the traumatizing event has never left his mind.

"You-a would not-a believe what I-a heard!" The boisterous Feliciano bounds over.

"What did you hear Feli?" Arthur asks calmly.

"That Francis got Mathew pregnant." Feliciano says still cheerily and Arthur nearly drops the apple juice he was placing on a tray.

"What?" Lovino asks astonished.

"Non that is not true." Francis states walking past the three gossiping omegas.

"Who told you that Feli?" Arthur asks.

"That's what Luddy said." Feliciano smiles like a love-struck teenager.

"This is why you can't trust that macho potato." Lovino grumbles.

"Luddy heard it from Antonio." Feliciano states his amber eyes seemingly going a few shades darker. Arthur realised that not only was it a statement but it was a slight insult that Antonio wasn't to be trusted. Lovino's green eyes turned poisonous as he stared down his younger brother. The younger eventually backing off and walked away in defeat. Lovino quickly left the drink station grabbing his alpha by the ear and pulling him outside.

"Well then, what's next?" Arthur mumbles to himself checking the order as he started making a fruit smoothie.

Lovino and Antonio soon returned, Antonio still apologising to the omega who just walked off and joined Arthur to continue making drinks.

They finished work early, shutting the shop up at 3pm instead of 4pm. The omegas gathered in a corner talking about different issues they were dealing with and also gossiping slightly about different things they had heard. The two alphas sat across from each other talking about some home issues.

"Our next door neighbours are a bunch of 20 year old alphas. All of them are single and all of them like to party. I think Lovi is getting ready to burn their house down." Antonio laughs.

"Well I do not blame the poor omega, it is very disrupting to have young alphas partying all night. I know that from experience." Francis states swirling the cup of tea in his hand. Antonio rests his hands behind his head.

"I will admit that even I'll happily burn the place down with Lovino." Antonio snarls his emerald eyes sharpening.

"Well if they even find a way to annoy you they must be horrible. We'll call for the alphas of our group and go down there to show them what happens when you mess with one of our omegas." Francis states finishing his cup of tea.

"We should gather what betas we have as well. I'm sure Katyusha will help in any way she can, same with Michelle." Antonio states.

"Oui however I do not know if those two will be much help, my guess is that some of Yao's beta children will be much better help." Francis smiles and Antonio nods agreeing.

"Well I'll tell Lovino our little plan, word should spread quicker that way. Everything we say and do spreads quicker between the omegas and betas of our circle." Antonio says and Francis nods.

"I will tell Mathieu as well." Everyone looks up when they hear the door open. Alfred walks in and Arthur hurries out of the kitchen handing Alfred a take-away coffee. Alfred pays Arthur for the coffee before the pair say their goodbyes.

"I must admit you smell very good today." Arthur smiles at Alfred. Alfred grins back taking a sip from his coffee.

"I bought some new soap yesterday morning. If you like it so much I'll keep using it." Alfred says and Arthur nods quickly.

"Please do, your old one didn't have any smell to it and this one adds to your personality." Arthur states.

"Wow I never realised how important smelly soap was." Alfred looks at Arthur surprised. Arthur just chuckles and continues walking alongside Alfred. Alfred hears his phone beep and he stops pulling it out before continuing on walking.

"Ok so Antonio just texted me telling me that tonight all us alphas and betas are going to some house." Alfred summarises the text to Arthur. Arthur stops and turns to look at Alfred, Alfred stops looking at Arthur.

"I'm coming with you." Arthur crosses his arms. Alfred sighs and shakes his head.

"It'll just be a confrontation of adult alphas and betas against young alphas." Alfred crosses his arms.

"How old is the youngest?" Arthur questions. Alfred shrugs texting Antonio.

"Antonio says the youngest they've seen at the house was a 13 year old omega, the youngest alpha was 17." Alfred looks up from his phone.

"What? How could anyone allow a newly presented omega into a house with young alphas. I'm coming with you whether I have to walk myself or not." Arthur states. Alfred sighs but agrees.

"Fine I'll bring you along, only because I don't think I could handle knowing that you were hurt due to you walking alone in the dark." Alfred says and offers his hand to the omega. Arthur stares at it confused but grabs it with his hand anyway. Alfred quickly takes off running dragging the omega behind him.

"Alfred what are you doing?" Arthur asks frantically and Alfred laughs.

"Don't worry dude I'm just taking you to my car so we can get to Antonio's house before dark." Alfred says. It wasn't that much longer when the two stopped in front of a car and Alfred unlocks the car. The two hop in and strap their seatbelts on before Alfred starts the car and pulls away from the gutter.

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