Chapter 26

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Alfred and Arthur spent the next few days together. The two mainly talking about how they met different people and how Alfred got his job. They fell into a pattern, Alfred would wake Arthur up while still in bed so Arthur could wake up next to Alfred. Arthur would have a shower while Alfred made breakfast, the two would eat breakfast together then Arthur would clean everything up and Alfred would have a shower. Alfred would drop Arthur off to work before going to work himself.

"Bye." Arthur waves as Alfred drives off. Arthur sighs realising that he'd have to go home today. He knew Alfred would happily let him stay for a few more days, Arthur had decided that his house would need to be opened up and cleaned.

"Bonjour!" Mathew cheerily says.

"Hello." Arthur smiles back. The omega ties on his apron before getting back to work as a barista. Lovino and Arthur chatted for a while and to Lovino's amazement Arthur that day never said anything bad about alphas.

"He's scaring me." Lovino says. The Italian was talking to his Spanish husband who had laughed at first at the comment before realising that his little Italian actually was slightly scared by the attitude change.

"Don't worry Lovi I'm sure it's just a faze." Antonio says reassuringly. He only got a blank stare in return.

"I hope so too." Lovino mumbled before having to be dragged back over to do his work.

"So you're back Lovino?" Arthur raises a large eyebrow at the brunette. Lovino just nodded before hurrying to do some work to distract him. It didn't go unnoticed by any of the workers that Arthur was continually checking the time.

"Arthur if you check the time one more time I swear I'm going to drag you to my brother myself." Mathew says picking up another tray. Arthur just blushed and rolled his eyes playing it off like he wasn't bright red.

"I'm just making sure that everything is happening quickly." Arthur states. It was close to closing time and Arthur's co-workers noticed how edgy the omega seemed. It was then Alfred walked through the door and Mathew grabbed his brother by the arm and pulled him behind the counter pointing at Arthur who was looking at the time.

"Go over there and talk to him or just do something. He's making everyone nervous, I think Lovino's ready to just up and leave the place." Mathew says pushing his brother slightly in Arthur's direction.

Arthur had just placed a smoothie down on a tray before checking the time again. Lovino was gripping the edge of the counter in annoyance. His annoyance was because of how strange his friend was acting. Lovino nearly had a heart attack when Arthur let out a yelp before laughing. Looking over he noticed Alfred had come up behind Arthur and embraced him from behind.

"Don't scare me like that Al." Arthur smacked Alfred's arm lightly.

"Sorry dude, couldn't help it." Alfred said resting his chin on top of Arthur's head.

"I'm going home tonight." Arthur mumbles. Arthur was spun around and his back came in contact with the edge of the counter as Alfred trapped him between his arms.

"Wait! What?" Alfred asks. Arthur leans on the counter looking down slightly.

"I just need to go home and clean my house and such. Your house is clean, I cleaned it yesterday and after doing that it made me think about how dusty and stuffy my house must be after not being touched for a few days." Arthur says.

"Alright, sorry 'bout that didn't mean to scare you or anything. You just took me by surprise that's all." Alfred takes a step back. Arthur lets out a slight whimper at the loss of being so close to the alpha. "Don't worry, I'll walk you back and make you some lunch and some dinner for you to heat up and have leftovers to eat for a while." Alfred grins.

"Thanks." Arthur smiles looking up at the large blonde. "Well let's get going."

"Sure thing. See ya!" Alfred waves to the others before the pair walk outside and walk back to Arthur's apartment. Walking inside the redbrick building Alfred quickly got to work on making Arthur some lunch. Arthur went and had a shower. When he returned there was a note on the table and a plate with a toasted sandwich on it. Opening the fridge he saw a few containers containing some sort of Asian salad dish.

"He couldn't even wait to say goodbye?" Arthur questions sadly. Walking over to the table he picks up the note and reads it.

"Sorry I had to leave Arthur I got called in at work. I have to run over a case and write up an article. I'll text you when I'm finished." Arthur reads out loud. Arthur just sighs scrunching the paper up and throwing it in the bin before eating the toasted sandwich, moaning slightly at how nice it was. "Honestly how does that boy make everything taste so nice?" Arthur questions.

He was watching the news and eating from a container with the Asian meal in it for dinner. Arthur dropped his fork into his dish as he found out that last night three omegas and three betas had been killed. Arthur had jumped out of his seat and locked down his house. He was not letting any intruder into his house.

"Well that explains the case and article Alfred got called in for." Arthur mutters. He went back to eating his meal but he never finished it, feeling too sick to eat. For the first time ever Arthur admitted that he was in need of Alfred. He needed the atmosphere that followed Alfred everywhere. He needed the alpha for his protection. Arthur sat down on the couch looking at his phone intensely.

"That's it." Arthur says. He grabs his phone and dials Alfred's number.

"Hey dude, look I really need to get-" Alfred was cut short.

"I know I know, it's just. It's just that I'm, God I can't believe I'm saying this, I'm scared Alfred." Arthur sighs rubbing his forehead.

"What? You're scared? Why?" Alfred stops his typing. He felt some of his co-workers watching him.

"Haven't you seen the news?" Arthur asks.

"No, I've been working." Alfred replies. The alpha glances over at his boss who was watching him with an unimpressed look.

"Three omegas and three betas have been murdered. All of the murders weren't that far from my house. What... What happens if they come for me?" Arthur practically whispers the last part. "I mean, Tino has Berwald, Lukas and Emil have Mathias and I'm pretty sure Leon is staying the night. Yao has Ivan and their alpha children. Mathew has Francis, Elizaveta has Gilbert and Tulipa. I have no one Alfred. Can't you see? I'm an easy target and you're the only person who can protect me, the other alpha's aren't leaving their omegas alone and I'm not leaving this apartment." Arthur states. Alfred can hear the desperation in Arthur's voice.

"Ok I'll be right there." Alfred says and hangs up. Grabbing his stuff one of his co-workers speaks up.

"What's wrong Alfred?" The beta asks.

"Just my omega friend, he lives alone and there's been some murders of omegas and betas close to his house. He's scared the murderers are going to come for him next." Alfred states.

"Fine Jones I'll let you babysit your friend." Alfred's boss says.

"Thanks sir and trust me it's not babysitting, especially when it comes to Arthur." Alfred says before racing out of the building.

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