Chapter 25

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Eventually Alfred and Matthias joined the gossiping group, the two adding in their own information.

"Gil and Liz are back together again. Tulipa apparently got them together since Liz is pregnant. That girl is the best thing that's ever happened to those two." Mathias grins. "Just like Emil is the best thing that's happened to Lukas and I."

"Shut up." Emil mumbles. The ashy blonde omega bright red as his two fathers gush over him, Lukas a bit more then Matthias.

"Well I must admit it's true, Elizaveta and Gilbert were nuts before Tulipa came along." Arthur grumbles. The others laugh lightly together.

"So Lars, I hear you've been messing around with Artie's lil bro Peter." Alfred leans on the omega only to jump away at the look he got from Berwald.

"No I'm not." Lars quickly says. The blonde boy hiding his face in embarrassment.

"Yes you are. Al and I saw you two together at your father's shops open day." Arthur moves to stand next to Alfred. Arthur gave a quick glance to Berwald before looking back at Lars.

"So? We were just talking." Lars mutters.

"Like how Alfred and Arthur are 'just friends'?" An accented voice says behind the group.

"Gil!" Alfred and Mathias go to tackle Gilbert.

"Uh uh! These are brand new clothes and Liz doesn't want them dirty." Gilbert states sticking his hands out to stop them.

"Gilbert's right, if you dirty those clothes he won't be the only one getting a thrashing." Elizaveta smiles. The brunette omega was holding her daughter's hand. Tulipa had her father's weird eyes and her mother's pale brown hair. Gilbert and Tulipa had brown eyes which on some angles nearly looked red.

"Yes ma'am." Alfred and Mathias salute the omega.

"My, my, look at you Liz." Tino chuckles. The omegas walk over admiring her.

"You look like you're going to burst." Arthur smiles. Elizaveta just bursts out laughing.

"Look at you two! You look jealous." She says.

"I would be too if I were them." Gilbert grins. The two share a loving look before laughing when their daughter gags in the background.

"Hey! You got us together again you're going to have to put up with this now." Gilbert sticks his tongue out immaturely. The alpha just does it back.

"Anyway." Arthur smacks Gilbert upside the head.

"Ow! What was that for?" The snow-haired alpha asks.

"Don't go around making it out like Alfred and I are more than friends, honestly why is it so hard for everyone to understand that we're only friends?" Arthur grumbles.

"Don't worry dude, we're just interesting to talk about. Anyway I'm sure you've caught up on the local gossip, so what now? Do you wanna go somewhere to eat or something?" Alfred questions politely.

"Well it is about 12 so how about some lunch? I am starting to get a bit peckish. Maybe after we could go to the shops? I need to get a haircut and some new clothes and you need to look in a mirror." Arthur smirks.

"Hey! I'm perfect just the way I am, but I might get a trim while I'm there. Anyway let's go get something to eat, see ya later guys!" Alfred grins and Arthur smiles. The two wave at the group as they leave.

"Honestly, there's something they aren't telling us." Lukas crosses his arms.

"Yes I must admit that there is and it's irritating me that Alfred won't tell me. He tells me everything yet he ignores my texts and questions." Gilbert glares at the ground.

"Same for me! Alfred is just completely ignoring me." Mathias grumbles.

"Well Arthur isn't much better, however most of us are used to him not saying much or answering our questions. Yet lately he's been completely ignoring any of our questions and is getting riled up over any remark about the relationship between Alfred and himself." Tino tilts his head slightly.

"I'm going to find out what's going on." Elizaveta says.

"I'm pretty sure everyone will help you out." Emil says back. Everyone nods in agreement before telling them the facts they know. Such as how Arthur had been gone last night from his house and that he'd been getting driven around by Alfred. It was said about how the two had spent quite a lot of private time together and how Alfred was able to get information out of Arthur like it was nothing. Gilbert also spoke about how Antonio and Francis had been amazed by how the two reacted when Arthur got back to work after his heat.

"Yeah Francis said he'd never seen Arthur happily hug an alpha and actually look slightly desperate for the affection from Alfred. Arthur had nearly attacked Francis when he'd tried to get close to him." Gilbert laughs.

"Well that's quite interesting." Tulipa smiles.

"And incredibly odd for Arthur." Lukas taps his chin.

"I really wonder what Alfred has that the other alphas don't." Elizaveta sighs.

"Maybe it's his patience with Arthur, I mean we haven't seen Alfred make a public move on Arthur and we all know how much Arthur 'enjoys' public affection." Emil says. The others laugh nodding. "Anyway, I have to go. Leon wants me." Emil grins. Lukas' eye twitches slightly.

"You're too young to be saying that." Lukas says.

"I'm 17! Leave me be!" Emil snaps going to walk off but his alpha father catches his arm.

"Just be careful Emil." Mathias says and Emil nods before jogging off. Mathias opens his arms up and let's his husband cuddle into him.

"Why can't he just understand?" Lukas mumbles.

"He does understand and he knows why you do it. Just give him time, just because he understands doesn't mean he likes it or won't do anything." Mathias hugs Lukas.

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