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Cyber Hero - PruHun by LiterxlTrxsh
Cyber Hero - PruHunby Found Keith's Mom
Elizabeta Herdervary had just had a recent break up with Roderich Edelstein and is usually locked up in her room, on her laptop. She had suddenly got a cyber bully on th...
  • prussia
  • gilbert
  • hungary
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PruHun A-Z by Gil_and_Ludwig
PruHun A-Zby Gilbert and Ludwig
Collection of short Prussia and Hungary stories. From happy fluff, to depressing moments, humor and love, and everything in between. Possible smut
  • protective
  • cooking
  • romance
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I Am East (Hetalia Prussia) by Hai-iroga
I Am East (Hetalia Prussia)by C.C.
After decades of war and oppression, the countries of the USSR are left weak. What happens when one of the decides to leave? ... It's pretty close to history. Complete w...
  • cold
  • berlin
  • aphprussia
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When the Genders Meet (Hetalia x Nyotalia) by SconesAndPasta
When the Genders Meet (Hetalia x Bad Smut Writer
Prussia wakes up in the yard... of another dimension? Everything is the same except for their alternate dimension selves... theyre the opposite gender!
  • pruaus
  • japan
  • fruk
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Unwelcome Friend (GerIta FanFic) (boyxboy) by Foxachu
Unwelcome Friend (GerIta FanFic) ( Foxachu
Germany and the other countries go to a camping trip which came out as a nightmare. Germany gets bit by a werewolf and goes through phases. Both Italy and Germany love e...
  • china
  • hetalia
  • greece
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World's Inner Strengths by magicalgirlmania
World's Inner Strengthsby Ian Red
From the perspectives of three sovereign states- a growing one, a stagnating one, and a dying one -we learn what it means to be both human and a perpetually mortal and i...
  • fanfiction
  • pruhun
  • gerita
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Turned Tables by allurise
Turned Tablesby trinea
Unexpected things start to happen as a story starts revolving around the lives of two people. Elizabeta couldn't be any happier than she was-an all-time victor of countl...
  • prussia
  • comfort
  • hetalia
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Finding An Unlikely Bride by NibboPigeon643
Finding An Unlikely Brideby ChocoPigeon678
Prince Ludwig Beilschmidt: a commonly name spoken throughout his kingdom. He was a tall, serious bachelor no older than twenty. He was an extraordinarily handsome, but...
  • prussia
  • germany
  • aph
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Teenage Dreams  by Supercorncob
Teenage Dreams by G
Completed. Regular high school kids can sure have a lot to hide no? Follow characters inspired by your favourite Hetalia characters while they live their teenage lives...
  • fruk
  • matthaiskøhler
  • fanfic
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Unwanted by Nordic_Norwegian
Unwantedby Felix
"Is West going to leave me too? I had always been a failure for a brother, not being able to help him through World War 2. I left him all by himself with the Allies...
  • prussia
  • west
  • allies
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Tonight's the night by FriskTheHooman
Tonight's the nightby bluejaythehero
Prussia and Hungary have always been friends. After Hungary left, Prussia was all alone. Now, they met again. Hungary is divorced and Prussia is still the troublesome ba...
  • prussia
  • completed
  • pruhun
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USUK :: War's Promise by ari-ridrake
USUK :: War's Promiseby ri-ri
Sweet Devil!AU War was taken out on earth between Hell and Heaven. Hell wanted a stronger, larger army and the pure to suffer. Heaven wanted to save the pure from the cl...
  • hetalia
  • angel
  • usuk
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Our Happy Ending (Hetalia) (PruHun) by ChidoriQueen
Our Happy Ending (Hetalia) (PruHun)by allie
When Gilbert Beilschmidt finds himself threatened with expulsion for his less-than-satisfactory grades and inability to control his temper, he reluctantly accepts the of...
  • pruhun
  • hetalia
  • friendship
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Viszontlátásra, meine Geliebte by wtfrichard23
Viszontlátásra, meine Geliebteby skinny penis
Hello friends I decided to write this Nyo!pruhun fanfic so have fun reading. (The first word in the title is in Hungarian and the other words are in German.)
  • nyotalia
  • pruhun
  • nyoprussia
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Ask/Dare Hetalia Characters by NibboPigeon643
Ask/Dare Hetalia Charactersby ChocoPigeon678
The title is kind of self explanatory. You can ask and dare ANY character. Hetalia, Nyotalia,2ptalia, 2pNyotalia, whatever. They WILL answer your questions and dares. If...
  • ask
  • 2pnyotalia
  • yaoi
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Finally Noticed by romanoindisguise
Finally Noticedby romanoindisguise
Arthur Kirkland is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia, living alone with his five year old son, Alfred F. Jones. When he takes the case of Francis Bonnefoy, a Frenchman...
  • aphscotland
  • aphprussia
  • aphmonaco
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The beginning is with a Promise by zelli_nelly
The beginning is with a Promiseby Zelli
"You promised!" Arthur Kirkland, Queen of Spades yelled, "You bloody promised that we'd solve this together!" "I know!" Alfred F. Jones exc...
  • aphamerica
  • pruhun
  • aphfrance
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Hetalia Oneshots by FlyingExoticButters
Hetalia Oneshotsby Julie
From now on I'll be doing any kind of ship, whether it be male and male male and female or female and female! If you want me to write you something, make sure to name th...
  • hetalia
  • hetero
  • prumano
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Hetalia Yaoi by hetalialova
Hetalia Yaoiby hetalialova
What if some Hetalia characters found out they were being shipped? How would they react? Read to find out! Ok, so disclaimer! I don't own Hetalia, McDonald's greasy hamb...
  • love
  • amercan
  • hetalia
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Please Remember Me. PruHun. by HannaSophia25
Please Remember Me. Hanna Sophia
Gilbert and Elizaveta finally united after they got separated for almost five years. But what happened after their meeting was nothing more than a tragedy.
  • pruhun
  • prussiaxhungary
  • aphprussia
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