Chapter 8

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Arthur moved from his seat when he heard a knock on the door. He opened it to see Francis, Mathew, Lovino and Antonio standing there. Arthur invited them inside with a small smile. He walked back over to the couch sitting down as Alfred stood up allowing the three omegas to sit down on the couch. The alphas grabbed a dining chair each moving it to where they could see the TV and be able to discuss topics with everyone else.

"Hey Tonio." Alfred said to the taller Spanish alpha. Antonio grinned back.

"Hola Alfred, how are you?" The mocha skinned man asked the sun-tanned male.

"Pretty alright." Alfred shrugged.

"You know Antonio?" Arthur asks Alfred and Alfred nods.

"Yeah, I've been in this circle of friends ever since Mattie has." Alfred states and Mathew nods. Arthur blinks in confusion. He really didn't know how he never noticed Alfred but he decided on believing that the alpha had kept himself on the down-low. Mathew was playing with the tips of his chin-length hair. Long hair must've come back into fashion seeing as Francis also had shoulder-length blonde hair along with a few other people in their circle.

"Is long hair back in fashion?" Arthur asks and Lovino nods.

"It looks absolutely stupid on some idiotas however they continue acting like they are top dog. Like seriously? Putana please." Lovino says in a very uninterested tone. Arthur nods agreeing with the Italian. Antonio sighed closing his Emerald eyes at Lovino.

"Lovi we talked about this." Lovino just rolled his own green eyes. Arthur chuckled looking at the two.

"Yeah yeah, cut down the swearing. Be happy I did cut down." Lovino snaps back and Antonio laughs.

"Wine?" Francis asks and everyone agrees to have a glass. Arthur wasn't much of a fan of the stuff however Francis had bought his favourite so he decided to not turn down the friendly offer.

The group talked about all sorts of things ranging from the café's sales to some new movies that came out. Alfred had seen two out of three and has given his own rating on the two movies. He said he didn't watch the third seeing as it was more aimed at young children.

"Well that's good, you'd fit right in then." Arthur sarcastically says and Alfred sharpens his sapphire eyes before letting them soften and allowing a laugh to escape his mouth. The others joined in the laughing also finding it slightly funny. Arthur asked about some of their other friends and how they were going. It seemed as though lots of the omegas in their group had gone into heat. It really didn't surprise Arthur seeing as the omegas in the group were so close that all their heats had slowly merged to happen around the same time every month. They didn't all last the same length but they did start around the same time.

"What about you Arthur?" Lovino asks abruptly making Arthur flush and glare at the tanned boy.

"Sorry I don't think China heard you." Arthur grumbles making the alphas laugh. "However I'm not quite sure, I should go into heat soon."

"You better or it'll mean you're pregnant." Mathew says and Arthur rolls his eyes.

"Like that'll happen any time soon. Plus it's not exactly rare that an omega misses a heat, Lovino missed one last year. Remember that Lovino? You were threatening to burn Antonio's house down if you turned out to be pregnant." Arthur laughs. Lovino turned towards Arthur shaking his head in annoyance. Mathew wiped a few tears running down his face from laughing so hard. His warm violet eyes made contact with Francis' blue pools making the pair instantly smile at each other.

"Aw look at you two lovebirds!" Antonio exclaims while Arthur and Lovino huff but smile at the two. Alfred chuckled pouring himself a second glass of wine.

"You all better watch your alcohol levels because none of you are staying the night." Arthur states blankly. The others nod knowing that it was true.

Eventually Lovino got a text from Feliciano obviously meaning that Feliciano was back to his normal self. Lovino and Antonio left after that saying they wanted to quickly visit the macho German and petite Italian.

Francis left half an hour later when Mathew said that they had to work the next day and wouldn't deal with the grumpy male if he was tired. Francis had agreed noticing the time was 8pm, the two left slowly seeing as Arthur and Francis were still locked together in a very deep conversation about Roses. Mathew and Alfred had to try and separate the two forcefully so Mathew and Francis could get home.

"Well I guess I should go as well." Alfred mumbles disappointedly. Arthur looks down a sad look in his eyes as he plays with a strand of material hanging off of his cream vest.

"Goodbye Alfred." Arthur says and Alfred nods.

"Goodbye Artie." He says before turning around and leaving in the direction everyone else went. It was only when Arthur walked back into the living area to turn the TV off and wash the glasses did he notice Alfred's jacket draped across the back of his couch.

"Oh no!" Arthur quickly grabbed the jacket opening the front door and hurrying down into the foyer and over to the front doors looking out the glass doors. Sadly Alfred wasn't in sight which meant he was too far away to reach.

"I'll have to give it to him next time I see him." Arthur sighs going back upstairs and into his apartment. He had a shower changing into a pair of his Doctor Who pyjamas. They were a present from Francis when the alpha had discovered Arthur's intense interest in the TV show. They were a few years old but Arthur hadn't grown much so they still fit nice and comfortably, he'd repaired any hole that appeared in them so they had a couple of stitches around the hem of the shirt and pants. That was another thing Arthur was very good at; sowing and knitting along with embroidery. Arthur learnt from his grandmother. Arthur liked to believe he was very good at these hobbies due to him having long, skinny fingers along with a very skilful grandmother.

Arthur grabbed his book reading a few chapters before hearing his stomach growl. It was only then that he realised that he hadn't eaten since Alfred had made him lunch. He sat his book down gently and headed over to the fridge. He decided on eating a banana and an apple. Cutting both fruits up, he placed them in a bowl and returned to his spot on the couch reaching out for his book. He opened it continuing his reading as he ate the fruit in the bowl.

Once he finished the fruit he put the book down again. Washing the bowl he looked at the time deciding he should probably go to bed seeing as it was close to midnight. He turned off the lights and checked to make sure all the windows had been locked along with the door. He made his way to his room before plopping down on the bed and pulling the covers over him as he slowly drifted off into dreamland.

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