Chapter 21

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The two walk around the corner and go over to the cafe. Walking in Francis waves to the pair.

"Bonjour how are you two?" Francis asks.

"We're good Francis, could we please have two slices of mud-cake, a pot of Rose Tea and a cappuccino two sugars." Arthur says. Alfred pays for the two before they take a number and sit down.

"It feels slightly weird sitting here with you as a customer as well not a waiter." Alfred chuckles.

"Yeah it feels weird not walking around and serving people." Arthur smiled. The two waited patiently for their drinks to arrive. Mathew bought out their drinks and moments later bought out the slices of cake. They discussed little things and decided that Arthur would stay over Alfred's house. They came to that decision when Alfred had stated it was his turn to cater to Arthur, Arthur had at first declined saying that Alfred could instead stay the night again. In the end Arthur bent and agreed with Alfred.

"Anyway, what has been bothering you?" Arthur questions.

"What do you mean?" Alfred asks confused.

"You've been acting strange as of late, especially around other alphas." Arthur sips his tea.

"Well I don't think I've been acting strange." Alfred mutters deep in thought.

"Well you have. Is something wrong? Like has something happened at work or what?" Arthur asks worried.

"Well nothing's changed at work, however I guess something has popped up in my everyday life." Alfred eats a piece of cake.

"What's popped up in your life?" Arthur asks hurriedly.

"A very important person appeared out of nowhere and lately I just can't think straight." Alfred smirks.

"Who?" Arthur snaps. The omega was leaning forward on the table gripping his tea cup.

"Have a look at those two." Lovino snorted gesturing towards Arthur and Alfred.

"I wonder what's got Arthur so tense." Antonio tilts his head slightly.

"Who knows, Mathew go eavesdrop for moi." Francis says. Mathew chuckles before grabbing a drink and slowly walking past the two, the omega jumps in fright when Arthur yells.

"For God sake Alfred who?" Arthur yells. He quickly apologises seeing Mathew jump.

"You Arthur! Was someone getting jealous?" Alfred laughs.

"So what if I was?" Arthur mutters quickly shoving a piece of cake in his mouth.

"Wait you were? Oh thank God, I've been getting so antsy lately when you give a different alpha more attention than me. I have literally been getting jealous when you spend time with alphas other than me. Sorry if that seems like weird or somethin' but it's true." Alfred smiles. His tan face getting a slight red hue to it.

"I must agree I don't like it if I see you talk with other omegas, I'm sure you would know how possessive an omega is over their alpha." Arthur puts his empty tea cup down.

"Yes that is true, alphas are more possessive but omegas are close. Also 'their' did you just claim me as your alpha without me knowing?" Alfred chuckles at the embarrassed omega.

"Uh wait I didn't mean it like that, well I guess I did, but not really. Well I kind of did." Arthur rubs his face in between his hands.

"It's fine Artie, it's just instinct I mean we have been hanging out a lot lately and gotten closer so of course both our bodies are reacting to the change." Alfred grins. Arthur nods putting his cake fork down.

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