Chapter 33

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Arthur was very surprised when Alfred took him to some fancy restaurant. He had told Alfred that this was more than enough when the alpha had asked him if it was alright for them to eat here. At first Arthur questioned Alfred on how much it would cost, Alfred just told him that it didn't matter since he would be paying.

"Alfred I'll pay for myself." Arthur says, after the two had been seated.

"Nah, it's fine, I'll pay. Now what are you going to eat?" Alfred moved the conversation onto a different subject. Arthur huffed knowing he'd lost.

"I guess the seafood pasta sounds nice." Arthur points at the meal on the menu. Alfred nods chucking.

"I was gonna check out the homemade burger." Alfred grins. Arthur just huffs and rolls his eyes.

"Of course you're going to eat that." He states. Alfred just laughs and nods. A waitress approaches and asks if they were ready to order. Both males say what they would like and the waiteress winks at Arthur before nodding her head at Alfred. Both alpha and omega went slightly red as the omega female smiles and chuckles as she walks off.

It was only a few minutes later that they were served their drinks. Alfred had a cappuccino and Arthur had some green tea. The two chatted for a while before thanking a waiter who serves them their food. They ate in silence at first until Alfred broke it.

"So Arthur, when was the last time you dated an alpha?" Alfred asks.

"Probably 5 years ago when I was 18, really it wasn't a proper relationship. She and I mainly just used each other, I wanted to show off to my brothers that I could hold a relationship and she wanted to show her parents that she found a hopeful mate. In the end she discovered someone who she actually loved, we left each other and that was the end of that. You say that it was two years ago the last you dated, what were they like?" Arthur continues eating his pasta. Alfred put down his burger as he started to talk.

"I'm sure you know Toris." Alfred states, Arthur nods. "Well he was the last person I dated, we eventually split and Feliks made a move and the two ended up together some time last year. Toris and I are still friends, our relationship stayed on more of a friend basis than anything else. Of course we slept together once or twice but that was it. We never showed any PDA and most people assumed we were just friends with benefits. In the end we realised that it would be better if we just split and went back to being friends. We did and both of us are happy where we are." Alfred grins, before picking up his burger and eating some more.

"Well that's interesting, I'd heard about Toris dating an alpha before he dated Feliks but I wasn't expecting that alpha to be you." Arthur replies, Alfred just chuckles and nods.

"What was the name of your girlfriend?" Alfred questions.

"Her name was Amelia, she left town two years ago. She went to live with her wife in her wife's hometown. She looks like a female version of you, somehow. She was really big on America and loved anything made or from America." Arthur explained. Alfred just nodded.

"How about after this we go for a walk?" Alfred grins and asks.

"I don't know, with these attacks still going on. How about we just go home? I'm sure we'll find a way to entertain ourselves." Arthur picks up his fork.

"Entertain ourselves? I didn't know you were that type." Alfred leans back as he finishes his dinner. Arthur stops moving for a second before dropping his fork and squeaking in shock. All eyes land on the bright red omega. Arthur quickly stood up and grabbed Alfred by the upper arm.

"Let's go." He mumbles, Alfred laughs and nods. Alfred quickly pays before wrapping an arm around Arthur's waist and leading him out of the restaurant. Once the pair were outside Arthur started ranting. He was finally silenced when Alfred leaned down and nuzzled around his neck. "A-Alfred?" Arthur went quiet. The alpha just laughed at the male. Alfred stands up and looks at Arthur from behind his glasses.

"Yes Arthur?" He asks calmly, almost too calmly. Everything was silent for a while.

"What were you just doing?" Arthur finally finds his voice.

"You said something about entertaining ourselves didn't you?" Alfred turns and starts walking towards his car. Arthur freezes before looking around a little, he quickly walks past Alfred. The alpha looks in surprise at Arthur as the blonde races over to the car. "Arthur?" Alfred raises an eyebrow.

"Come on, I'm a little bored." Arthur crosses his arms, his emerald eyes glinting mischievously. Alfred's blue hues met those eyes and the alpha found himself smirking.

"Well you should've said something before."

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