Chapter 23

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Alfred and Arthur walk into the living room after they finished cleaning up the kitchen. Alfred sat down on the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table. Arthur sat down and crosses one leg over the other. He gave Alfred a questioning look as the alpha continued to look at him.

"What?" Arthur asks cautiously.

"Dude, you seriously don't need to be so formal. I mean it's just me." Alfred smiled.

"I guess so..." Arthur trailed off and stretched his legs out on the couch as he leant on the arm of the couch.  Alfred grabs Arthur's feet and pulls them making Arthur lie down properly. "Hey!" Arthur yelped. Alfred just laughed at the embarrassed man. "Let my feet go Alfred." Arthur said but Alfred just shook his head.

"Nuh uh!" He smiles cheekily.

"Fine then hand me a pillow." Arthur mumbled. Alfred passed him a pillow and Arthur placed it underneath his own head. He wriggled around a little to get comfortable.

"You right there?" Alfred asks.

"As right as I can be." Arthur grumbled.

"C'mon dude! You know you love it." Alfred says.

"Well I must admit it is comfortable." Arthur sighs. Alfred fist pumps the air in happiness. "For someone of your age you sure do act like a child."

"So?" Alfred asks.

"I guess there's no real issue with it." Arthur rolls onto his back to look at Alfred.

"How's your family been?" Alfred asks calmly.

"I guess they've been alright, I also found out that they went on holidays because my mother's doctor prescribed a holiday. Apparently she's been stressed lately, my guess is because Peter is getting older and getting ready to leave." Arthur responded. The pale blonde was deep in thought.

"It could also be because she's heard of her only omega child hanging around an alpha. Also when was the last time you talked to her?" Alfred questioned cautiously.

"Well I guess for about a month, I heard the news through Alistair." Arthur mumbled. Alfred leaned forwards grabbing Arthur's phone.

"Call her." Alfred ordered. Arthur blinked but took the phone and looked through his contacts to call his mother. Alfred quietly watched Arthur as the omega spoke to his mother with a happy smile on his face.

"Hey mum." "Yeah sorry for not calling for a while." "It's alright I understand." "That's good, yeah I'm alright." "How do you know about Alfred?" The omega seemed to flush and his voice hushed as he said this. "Oh... Bloody Peter." "Yeah, yeah I know he's my brother and all that stuff. It doesn't mean he isn't annoying." "Yes I will, Alfred my mum says hi." Arthur grumbled.

"Hi Arthur's mum!" Alfred says cheerily.

"He said hi." "Yeah I figured you heard him I just decided to repeat him just in case." "How did you know I wasn't home?" "That stupid frog. Did he say why he was there?" "Oh of course he just wanted to 'talk' with me. Anyway I'm at Alfred's." "Mum!" Arthur got embarrassed and his eyes locked with Alfred's sapphire hues. "Alright well I'll let you go, bye mum I love you." Arthur hung up handing his phone to Alfred who put the phone on the coffee table.

"That sounded like an interesting conversation and let me guess, Peter told your mum about me?" Alfred smirked.

"Yes you're quite right about that. Francis also called and told her I wasn't home, she was nervous as to where I was." Arthur put his hands behind his head.

"You're in good hands here." Alfred grinned. Arthur just rolled his eyes.

"Yeah sure." Arthur teased. Alfred just laughed and turned the TV on and put the news on. "Hey you remembered." Arthur said astonished that Alfred remembered his favourite afternoon pass-time.

"Of course I did dude! I know you'd be pretty pissed if I didn't." Alfred glanced at Arthur. The smaller male however was much more interested in the news. For the first time ever, Alfred was jealous of the news.

"My God can you believe that? Honestly I just don't understand why they are protesting for a convicted alpha to have privacy. That alpha will have his privacy, the world just needs to know that he is responsible for attacking omegas." Arthur pointed at the screen. He was now sitting straight paying close attention to the news.

"Do you know anything on the attacks that've been happening lately?" Alfred asked when the news ended.

"I don't know much however it's been keeping on my toes. I have the sneaking suspicion it might be someone in our circle. However I doubt that since all the alphas in our circle either have an omega or beta they are married to or are dating. The rest have their eye on someone, and of course the betas in the group are too weak or too close with omegas. For a while I thought it was Natalya and her siblings, I quickly dismissed that though when it was said that the people involved didn't have ashy coloured hair." Arthur said.

"People? I thought it was one person also what hair colour do they have?" Alfred questioned confused.

"Well from what evidence they've gathered it's four alphas; two with blonde hair, one with strawberry blonde hair and one is a brunette." Arthur stated.

"Hm, interesting." Alfred smiled. Seeing as the news was over Arthur went back to lying down.

"Have you seen this show?" Alfred questions gesturing to the TV show on.

"No but Francis and Mathew always talk about it." Arthur mumbles.

"Then let's find out what all this fuss is about."

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