I See Emeralds by mahiyoko
I See Emeraldsby Gigi
In this world, there's no such thing as color. Well, that's not entirely true. The only color that you can see besides gray is your soulmate's eye color. Teenager Lovino...
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Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons * Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
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Hetalia one-shots by now-you-will-fall
Hetalia one-shotsby now-you-will-fall
HIGHEST RANKING: #241 in FANFICTION You don't like yaoi? There will be het but don't read this then. What fandom are you in again? RoChu, GerIta, AmerViet, France/Joan...
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Hetalia Ghoul by AngelicMelody12
Hetalia Ghoulby Angel
In this world, there are man-eating monsters who look just like humans. Ghouls must kill to survive and Humans need to kill the Ghouls to survive. Follow the story of th...
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Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven by NorthAmericanSisters
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heavenby Madeline and Amelia
YAOINESS EVERYWHERE! DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE YAOI. It will mostly be fluff but some chapters may be a bit more extreme. If you wish to request a pairing we will hap...
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Here's to love by Romanos_boy
Here's to loveby Kota
Yaoi for life This is a sort of recreation of the book Finally a way to be loved it's just gonna be way better I promise like seriously. France decides it's a clever id...
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Hetalia oneshots. by fandomlover987
Hetalia Megan Marshall
A series of one-shots between you and you're favorite hetalia character. Y/n= your name h/c= Hair color e/c= eye color. C/n= Country Name H/n= Human Name h/l= hair lengt...
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USUK :: War's Promise by ari-ridrake
USUK :: War's Promiseby ri-ri
Sweet Devil!AU War was taken out on earth between Hell and Heaven. Hell wanted a stronger, larger army and the pure to suffer. Heaven wanted to save the pure from the cl...
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Iceland's Diary: It Began In Summer  (UNDER HEAVY EDITING!!!)  by sinning_in_style
Iceland's Diary: It Began In five peepee man
Iceland gets a diary so he starts writing weird shit in it Why make a ass long description when there isn't even a plot for the story? Just a bunch of suckass things tha...
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Hetalia Headcanon One-Shots by orangelife
Hetalia Headcanon One-Shotsby orangelife
This is a collection of one-shots written off of headcanons that I have found which I like for pretty much any pairing or character of APH. Lots of different topics and...
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Educando niños con... (Hetalia) #EDITANDO by laura85535
Educando niños con... (Hetalia) Laura Panchita Romea Miguela...
¿Que tan buenos padres crees que serían los países? Pues si quieres averiguarlo te invito a leer y descubrirlo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Los hijos que aparecerán en e...
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Hetalia One Shots by TheHero3
Hetalia One Shotsby A Random Person
Hetalia one shots! Request are open so go ahead and request your ship. (This used to be a Maid/ButlerxMaster, so most of the one-shots will be about that, also I do not...
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Hetalia Randomness by CatOnAComptuer
Hetalia Randomnessby Human Person Thing
Ships, Characters, AU's, Etc... -Most Art Will Not Be Mine-
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Love or hate? by BaconRampage7
Love or hate?by Lukas Køhler
16 year old Lukas Bondevik was always the lonely kid in school, even his little brother avoided him. 17 year old Mathias Kohler is moving to the big city, very differen...
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Hetalia Headcanons! by miranda0329
Hetalia Headcanons!by MirandaIsMe
These are a few little Headcanons! Enjoy! (I wish I did but I do not own Hetalia ;-;)
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The Curl Problem by LilliBondevik
The Curl Problemby Lilli
Okay this is my first story so it may suck......badly. Sorry if it does anyways: Everyone knows Norway has a curl that floats on the side of his head......though have yo...
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Ok. He's More Then a Friend ((USUK)) by Isabel_345
Ok. He's More Then a Friend (( IzzyDrinksFizzy
Seqeul to 'He's Just a Friend ((USUK))' Three months into Arthur and Alfred's relationship everything seems to be fine. Yet as different people they know start to age an...
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Hetalia Stories {Requests Open} by fangirltothemaxtbh
Hetalia Stories {Requests Open}by fangirltothemaxtbh
I would say this is a oneshot collection, but it might not be idk Anyway here are some stories/oneshots about Hetalia! Mostly pure fluff, may have omegaverse, cardverse...
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The Warrior's Bride [[SuFin Omegaverse]] by Bunnyrulesyou
The Warrior's Bride [[SuFin Bunnyrulesyou
Tino Vainomoinen has had no luck with love in his entire life and, unfortunately, being from a family with a long line of high class omegas means the expectation for him...
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Nordic Crack and Headcanons 2 by IrresistibleFjords
Nordic Crack and Headcanons 2by Koko Koboko
The second edition of crack and headcanons from your favourite Nordic family but with about three times more sin.
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