Chapter 11

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Two weeks had passed since when Peter first appeared at Arthur's door. Peter was long gone and Arthur had survived yet another heat.

"Well well well look who decided to turn up." Francis chuckled at the grumpy omega that walked in for work.

"Shut up I'm not in the mood." Arthur sighed walking over to Mathew. The pair dealt with serving the customers their food and drinks. Antonio worked the register, Lovino made drinks and Feliciano helped Francis with the cooking.

"Aw did Alfred not come to your aid?" Francis smirked at the flushed omega. Arthur just turned around grabbing Francis by the ear.

"Leave me alone." Arthur quietly said to Francis. Francis just laughed and pat Arthur's head before moving back to his station next to Feliciano. The bubbly Italian happily chatted away with Francis about anything and everything. Arthur passed the two grabbing some plates for table 3. He walked out of the kitchen and headed straight for the table smiling at the pair and serving them their sweets. As Arthur walked back towards the kitchen he noticed Alfred sat in the corner typing away on a laptop, he was most likely doing some sort of work. Arthur found himself making his way over to Alfred with a slight smile on his face.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Arthur asks calmly. Alfred jumped a little before looking up quickly.

"Dude your back!" Alfred jumped up pulling Arthur into a huge bear hug. "I missed you ya know."

"Keep it down; you're disturbing the other customers." Arthur snapped but hugged Alfred back with a warm smile.

"Sorry." Alfred laughs before sitting back down, "may I please have a cappuccino?" Alfred asks and Arthur sighs.

"I can't believe I actually asked you if you needed anything. This is a onetime thing, after this you have to order and pay at the counter." Arthur sighs and Alfred smiles.

"Thanks for that though. I seriously don't think I can handle Antonio's questioning today." Alfred runs a hand through his wheat hair. He goes back into work mode as he quickly types away. Arthur had to force himself to leave since he was watching the male type faster than nearly everyone he'd ever met.

Arthur walked off back into the kitchen and walked over to where Lovino was. He started making a cappuccino for Alfred.

"Oi! What are you doing?" Lovino asked annoyed.

"Making a cappuccino for Alfred." Arthur stated in a bland tone. Lovino sighed but allowed Arthur to make the drink. Once done Arthur very carefully and quietly bought the coffee to Alfred who took it with a smile and handed Arthur $4.50, Arthur was surprised at first that he had the correct amount before realising that the male probably bought them every day from here.

Arthur continued along with his day, he served all sorts of sweet and savoury items along with all sorts of drinks. He did have to apologise to a few people for having to wait longer than usual. Most of the people just shrugged it off with a joke about at least getting their meal. Arthur was thankful to not have to deal with complaining alphas about their meals taking 'forever' to get to them.

Arthur's eyes always found themselves looking at Alfred. The man hadn't moved from his spot and had ordered a few other drinks after the cappuccino. Alfred still seemed to be typing away. Arthur also had an urge to question him on what he was typing about however he could never bring himself to ask. He didn't want to disrupt the alpha. Arthur also couldn't help but chuckle at Alfred's facial expressions. He really had to tell Alfred one day that he made very funny faces when he was concentrating.

As the shop closed up Arthur walked over to Alfred placing a cup of coffee next to him before sitting across from him.

"What's wrong?" Alfred asked without even looking at Arthur. Arthur just chuckled and shrugged.

"Nothing really, I just decided I'd sit down and talk with you. The shops closing now so you should probably get ready to leave. Francis isn't as patient as he makes out he is." Arthur smiles and Alfred nods closing his laptop.

"So what were you doing?" Arthur questioned leaning forward.

"Just had to type up an article for work. Just boring stuff pretty much." Alfred smiled back. "How are you?" Alfred asked back.

"Alright I guess, well as good as I possibly could be." Arthur sighed.

"We should get a move on so we're not walking in the dark." Alfred states as he stands up. He puts his laptop in his bag before grabbing the take away coffee Arthur made for him.

"Isn't that sweet you actually do care about me." Arthur says jokingly and Alfred laughs. The two of them say their goodbyes to the other staff members as they leave the café. They walk along the sidewalk admiring the trees that had started to grow their spring shoots. Arthur asked Alfred more about his job and Alfred told him everything. Arthur couldn't help but smile as the alpha happily went on and on about his job, he even had a huge grin and would laugh slightly at the end of his sentences. Arthur had never exactly seen Alfred like this, sure he'd seen Alfred be overly happy but not this happy.

"Well I guess this is goodbye again, I wish you could stay one night." Arthur sighs and Alfred yawns.

"I would stay tonight however I don't think you've aired out your apartment yet." Alfred stretches before waving and turning around walking off as Arthur walks inside the complex. Making his way up the stairs and towards his room he bumps into Lukas and Mathias. The pair were fiddling with their own door.

"What's wrong with you two?" Arthur asks unlocking his door. Lukas looked very nervous while Mathias was bashing on the door.

"Emil and Leon locked us out. I think Emil wants revenge on me for sending them out continually to do random things." Lukas sighs. Arthur shakes his head walking over and putting a finger to his lips to tell the two males to be quiet.

"Leon please open this door. I desperately need your help." Arthur said in a hurried voice. The door flew open but before it could be closed again Mathias put his hand on the door easily overpowering both teens. The very tall alpha walked in with Lukas hot on his tail.

"You two are in big trouble." Mathias said too calmly.

"Well I see my work is done." Arthur turns around and goes over to his door opening it and entering his apartment.

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