Chapter 9

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Arthur had woken up late like usual however this time he had a mission. Pulling the sheets off his bed he threw them in a basket along with all his other dirty clothing and cloths before taking the basket downstairs to do the washing. Walking into the Laundromat he noticed Emil and Leon in the corner talking as they waited for their load of washing to finish. The pair nodded at Arthur and Arthur smiled back at the teens before going over to a washing machine and separating the clothes into groups. Throwing the two different piles into two different washing machines he pays before letting them run their own course.

Only Arthur and the group nicknamed the 'Nordics' since the people were all from Scandinavia did their washing on Saturdays.

"Let me guess, Lukas forced you two to do the washing?" Arthur says and Emil huffs.

"He is so irritating, I don't know why he is making me do this." Emil says and Arthur chuckles.

"He's preparing the two of you for when you move in together, well that's if you do when you come of age." Arthur replies and Leon nods.

"Yes I understand that, Em just wants to stay inside. So anti-social." Leon chuckles and Emil frowns before shaking his head and checking the timer on the dryer. It had 5 minutes left and Emil couldn't wait to get back upstairs and grab his wallet and phone before leaving for the day to visit some of his friends.

"If you ever write a book Emil you should call it 5 minutes from freedom, you seem to end up in these positions a lot." Arthur smiles and Emil chuckles before shaking his head.

Eventually the two left after folding the clothes. Arthur had checked the time on the washing machine putting a timer on his phone before going upstairs again.

Once back in his apartment he pulled out a vacuum. Moving the dining chairs out of the way he quickly got to work vacuuming the small apartment. As he was putting the vacuum away his alarm went off. Turning off the alarm he walked downstairs and into the Laundromat walking over to the two washing machines. He moves the two different piles into dryers and leaves again after setting another alarm. When he gets upstairs he starts to mop the kitchen and bathroom since they were the only two places that had mop-able flooring. However before he reaches the bathroom he hears some knocking on his door.

"Oh hello Alfred." Arthur states stepping aside allowing Alfred in.

"Sup dude, anyway I decided to pop in and grab my jacket while I was on this side of town." Alfred exclaims cheerily. Arthur smiled lightly before going over to where he hung the jacket it up so it wouldn't get creased or damaged in any way.

"You make this side of town seem like a bad place. Just remember you live in it as well." Arthur states and Alfred smiles gratefully when Arthur hands him his jacket.

"So what're you up to?" Alfred questions putting his hands on his hips grinning.

"Just cleaning, you interrupted me. I was in the middle of mopping the bathroom." Arthur calmly says and Alfred's grin gets wider, if it was possible.

"Oh man! Can I please stay and watch?" Alfred begs. Arthur sighs rubbing his forehead before nodding. He heads back to mop the bathroom with Alfred hot on his tail. Arthur mopped the bathroom the floor then put the fans on to dry out the floors. He goes over to the chairs to move them back into place but a hand on his shoulder stops him.

"I'll put the chairs back for you." Alfred smiles sweetly before moving over to the chairs. Arthur smiles and turns around grabbing a rag and a bottle of glass cleaner before wiping down the windows and mirrors in the house.

Arthur slowly makes his way through cleaning the house and when his alarm goes off heads back downstairs to collect all his washing. Alfred helped him make his bed along with hanging the towels back up. Alfred also made lunch again for the two of them before he leaves after getting a phone call. Arthur guessed that the phone call from his boss as Alfred had called the man 'sir' a few times.

Another knock came from Arthur's door and he opens it up to see a horrible sight.

"Hey jerk Arthur!" Arthur's little brother yells before running inside the apartment.

"What the hell?" Arthur says turning back to his oldest brother. "Alistair what is this about?"

"Mum and Dad are going on vacation for a week and I ain't babysittin' that kid." The Scotsman states before walking off. Arthur closes the door with a slam before grabbing the 14 year old by the upper arm.

"Pick up everything you knocked over now." Arthur said in a very stern voice. The younger boy ripped his arm from Arthur's grip before storming over to the coffee table knocking over some other things. It was going to be a long week. Peter was always trouble for Arthur, the young alpha never listened to anything his older brother said and would always go against everything he said. Arthur usually left the boy with two of his friends who were a bonded pair with an omega son. Unfortunately for him said family had gone back to Sweden and Finland to visit family. He could drop Peter off with some of his other friends however he knew the alpha in the family was just as mental as Peter and he really didn't need an extra mental Peter coming back to him.

"Peter please try not to destroy my apartment I just cleaned it." Arthur walks over to the coffee table picking up the coasters and magazines he'd thrown on the floor.

"Whatever! Just feed me I'm hungry." Peter flops down on the couch.

"I'm not making you anything, you should've eaten on the way here." Arthur states but Peter just rolls his eyes. The boy growls at Arthur making him jump in fear and surprise. Peter had never growled at him before. Arthur decided while making a sandwich for Peter that he'd need reinforcements to help him control the teenager. He thought back to the last sentence Alfred said to him.

"Just call or text if you need help with anything dude, anyway see ya later!" Alfred had said to call him for help. However did he really need Alfred's help, surely Francis would help. Arthur sighed when he remembered Francis telling him to never call him for help when it came to Peter, apparently Peter was too much of an 'obnoxious idiot' for Francis. Arthur didn't really want to call Alfred since the male had left in a hurry and might still be busy.

"Chop chop omega!" Came Peter's voice. Arthur instantly pulled out his phone texting Alfred to please come over as soon as he could, also to just let himself in when he got there.

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