Chapter 19

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Arthur woke up in the morning to the smell of pancakes. Getting out of bed and walking into the kitchen the omega let out a little moan at the smell of cinnamon and apple pancakes. Arthur quickly situated himself at the table and thanks Alfred who places a plate in front of him. Alfred then puts down a plate full of hot pancakes in between the two of them.

"Good morning." Alfred says cheerily.

"Good morning." Arthur smiles. The two happily eat away at the pancakes, Alfred of course ate twice as many as Arthur. That didn't mean the omega didn't eat a lot, Arthur ate about 5 pancakes.

"Wow you're really good at making pancakes." Arthur says. He was standing at the sink as he does the dishes, Alfred was standing next to him and drying them.

"My brother is a Canadian, of course I know how to make a mean pancake." The alpha grins. Arthur chuckled softly handing him the last item to be dried. Alfred quickly dries the plate and puts it away in the cupboard.

"What are you doing today?" Alfred questions. Arthur dries his hands and wipes down the counters before answering.

"Well I was going to go into work. However it's your day off isn't it?" Arthur turns to the blonde.

"Yeah, why?" Alfred questions.

"Well I'm sure Francis has enough staff on hand, we should go out somewhere." Arthur smiles. Alfred's sapphire eyes light up.

"Oh man that would be awesome! We should go see a movie dude!" Alfred jumps up and down.

"Maybe not a movie, but we have a whole day. What we should do is go to the furniture shops open day." Arthur goes into the bedroom. Alfred follows and collapses on the bed.

"That's right, Berwald and Mathias and their families opened up a furniture shop somewhere near here." Alfred grins. Arthur nods grabbing an outfit to change into.

"I'm sure Mathias would want you to attend the opening, Lukas wants me to come." Arthur sighs. Arthur walks into the bathroom and locks the door. Turning on the shower he hops in jumping a little when he realises that it was still cold. Once hopping out and changing into the clothes he'd chosen he walks out of the bathroom and into the bedroom again. He sees Alfred texting on his phone. The alpha must've changed while Arthur was showering.

"Who are you texting?" Arthur questions politely.

"Just Francis, I was telling him that you weren't coming in today. I think he thinks we got up to something last night." Alfred mutters. Arthur just laughs shaking his head.

"Of course that frog would think that. Anyway, let's get going." Arthur and Alfred walk to Alfred's car and drive to the shop. Parking across the road they hop out and walk over. Mathias runs over to Alfred and the two push each other around for a bit. Arthur had walked over to Tino and Lukas who were watching their sons.

"Hello." Arthur smiles at the pair. Lukas and Tino smile back.

"Ah, hello Arthur." Tino says. Arthur looks over to see Emil and Leon handing out little gift bags to those who had come. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed his younger brother Peter hanging around Tino and Berwald's son Lars.

"Why is Peter here?" Arthur questions confused.

"Here you go Arthur." Emil smiles handing the other omega a little gift package. Inside was a hand crafted wooden pen along with a wooden paper weight. There was also a ticket with number inside.

"The ticket will help you win that." Lukas says pointing at a large oak dining table.

"Anyway, Peter is here because Lars is here. From what I've been able to decipher, is that Peter has taken an interest in Lars. I've expressed my thoughts to Berwald who seems to find Peter a suitable suitor." Tino chuckles.

"How are you and Alfred going?" Lukas asks. Arthur looks over at Alfred who is having a conversation with Mathias and, Gilbert.

"Gilbert's here?" Arthur asks.

"Yeah, he seems to be spending a lot of time with fellow alphas. I think the fight Elizaveta and himself had took a toll on him. He was so excited at hearing about having an alpha too." Lukas sighs. The three omegas share sad glances.

"Have you heard anything about Elizaveta herself?" Arthur asks. The other two shake their heads.

"I've heard whispers that Mrs. Beilschmidt and Mr. Beilschmidt are slowly working through things together." A young voice speaks up. The three look to see Lilli. The young girl had a pink ribbon in her short blonde hair.

"Hello Lilli." Arthur nods at the omega.

"Hello." Lilli says back.

"So they're trying to fix things?" Tino questions.

"Well it would make sense, Elizaveta is expecting another child." Lukas mumbles. The omegas all nod their agreement.

"I wonder what they're all talking about?" Mathias asks.

"I believe zhat zhey are talking about me." Gilbert grumbles. The other two laugh.

"Well I'll find out for ya!" Alfred grins.

"Seriously?" Gilbert questions.

"Yeah, Al omegas are pretty defensive when you butt into their conversations." Mathias says. Mathias learnt the hard way that omegas didn't like alphas joining their omega conversations.

"Don't worry I got it under control." Alfred walks off. The two alphas watched Alfred walk over.

"Alfred what are you doing here?" Arthur asks. The other three omegas seemed to sigh and roll their eyes at the alpha. Alfred offers his arm.

"I thought we could take a look at some of the furniture for sale." Alfred smiles. Arthur nods putting a hand on Alfred's arm.

"I'll be back soon." Arthur says. The pair wander off.

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