Chapter 4

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The British man shoots awake at the sound of his alarm. He quickly turns it off and swings his feet off his bed. Arthur was never really a morning person so waking up at 6 in the morning was very hard for him. He wonders into the kitchen making a cup of tea before sitting down at the couch to listen to the morning news. He'd have to get breakfast when he was at work, he was out of cereal.

As much as Arthur never wanted to admit it he knew it was true, he sucked at cooking. It didn't matter what recipe it was or what country it came from he always found a way to muck it up. He couldn't even make toast without setting it on fire. He didn't know how he messed it up since he was an omega. Every omega was born a natural cook... Except for him. This annoyed the omega to no extent, Francis and Mathew had tried to teach him how to cook on multiple occasions but even they couldn't help him. He made up for it though, he was a perfectionist when it came to cleaning. He'd never met an omega or beta who could best him when it came to cleaning, although the two alpha Beilschmidt brothers beat him at cleaning. Arthur was always embarrassed about that, two alphas were better at him when it came to cleaning. However those two were raised by a single cleaning-crazy omega so it was probably beat into them.

After finishing his cup of tea Arthur washed up the cup and went to have a shower. He put on his work uniform and a jacket as well after checking the temperature. Arthur walked down one flight of stairs yawning only once. It was practically a world record for him. He wondered out the door and made his way to work.

Opening up the backdoor he discovered Francis and Mathew making some cupcakes.

"Bonjour Arthur, would you like breakfast?" Francis asks easily distinguishing Arthur's scent.

"Yes please." Arthur sighs before settling down on a chair. The café hadn't opened yet since it was too early. They always opened at 9:30am, not a minute earlier or a minute later. That was something Francis and Arthur had in common; they were very big on being punctual. They had other things in common; they were big on manners, roses and their nation's history. Both alpha and omega knew everything about their home country's history; Arthur could name every King and Queen England ever had and Francis could name every battle where France and England fought against each other.

"Mathieu, could you please make a sandwich for Arthur?" Francis questions politely and Mathew nods removing his plastic gloves. He puts on a new pair as he makes Arthur a turkey sandwich. Arthur thanks the younger omega before quickly eating the sandwich. Mathew throws out the gloves and gets a new pair as he goes back to decorating some red velvet cupcakes.

The red velvet cupcakes were always a hit at the café. Mathew always put all his soul into them and would always decorate them with plain frosting and edible Rose petals. They had yet to find a customer who disliked them due to taste. In a way the cupcakes were sort of like a mascot for the café along with Rose Tea. 'Le Petite Rose' was the name of the café that Arthur and Francis had founded together.

Arthur rose from his seat throwing the plastic plate in the bin before checking all the tins of tea and coffee along with the jugs of water in the fridge. Arthur placed clean glasses at the water station and placed a few jugs of water out as well. He quickly put clean plates and bowls back in their spots.

"Arthur please open up." Francis states and Arthur nods hurrying over to the front door turning the 'closed' sign over to 'open'. He grabs a chalk board smiling when he notices that Mathew had written up the specials on it already. He stands the board up outside the little café and smiles when he notices a female omega who was a regular quickly enter.

"Good morning Isabel." Arthur says and Isabel nods quickly entering.

"Hello, could I please have a hot chocolate and a red velvet cupcake to go?" She asks and Mathew gets to work on it.

"You seem to be in a hurry." Mathew says and the female nods.

"The boss wants me in early for some reason, alphas these days." She smiles and Arthur chuckles.

"I was just about to say that." Arthur says and Isabel nods before thanking Mathew as he hands over her meal. She waves bye before leaving. The three quickly go back to work when a group of people walk in, each person asked for a different type of drink much to Arthur's annoyance. The omega went to work quickly making the different drinks before calmly walking out and placing their drinks down in front of them.

Today was a lot calmer than usual however this was mainly due to the fact it was Monday. This allowed the three men to relax and talk a bit more with customers. Francis struck up a conversation with an alpha that had walked in, they apparently had some classes together back when they were in High School. Arthur had never met the girl but figured it was true.

Arthur and Francis were friends because they were neighbours as children not because they were classmates. There was in fact a three year difference between them and although they talked and hung out with each other at school they never shared any classes. Many people assumed the pair would end up together after Arthur had presented as an omega, however the two only stayed close friends. Francis has leant some of his jackets to Arthur when Arthur was in pre-heat but that was as intimate as they ever got. Francis had instead started paying attention to Arthur's classmate Mathew, and after Mathew presented as an omega Francis started to make moves on the young omega. It was two years after Mathew presented when he invited Francis to join him in his heat. The two bonded and had been together ever since.

Arthur sighed remembering how happy Francis had been after being invited to join Mathew. Arthur found it odd at first since Mathew was 16 and Francis was 19 but it worked out for the two of them. They had been a happily bonded pair for 6 years now. The only thing that irritated Arthur was that after bonding the pair teamed up on Arthur and tried to hook him up with all sorts of alphas. Arthur usually turned them down instantly only paying attention to a close few but he soon lost interest in them as well.

He glanced at the front doors realising he was hoping Alfred walked in. Arthur scowled turning back to making a milkshake. He continued to ignore any thought of the alpha for most of the day. Just before they closed up at 4 the doors burst open.

"Sorry! But could I please have a cappuccino, to go?" Alfred asks trying to smooth out the bit of hair that stuck up on the left side of his forehead. Arthur blinked only now noticing it and he looks at Mathew seeing that Mathew had a long curl that from the left side of his head. It must've been a family thing like the Italian brothers. They both had a weird curl that stuck up on the side of their heads, Lovino on the left and Feliciano on the right.

"Sure, that's $4.50." Arthur states in a bland voice holding out his hand as Alfred hands him the money. Arthur quickly makes a cappuccino to go.

"Here you go." Arthur says handing over the drink.

"Thanks! Also Francis says you walk alone to your house. Can I walk you home? Ya know to like keep you safe 'n' stuff." Alfred asks with a smile as he scratches the back of his neck. Arthur glares at the French alpha who fakes innocence.

"Only this once and only because of the omega attack last week." Arthur makes up some sort of excuse so he had a reason to let the boy come. Francis lets out a snort at Arthur's response.

"Yay! See ya later." Alfred waves at the other two and Arthur waves as well before scolding the boy on his English.

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