Chapter 27

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Arthur froze when he heard knocking on his door. Although he jumped up when he heard Alfred call out for him. Arthur raced over unlocking the door and opening it allowing the alpha to enter the apartment. Alfred entered and closed the door letting Arthur lock it before looking at Alfred. Alfred just shrugged off his jacket and put it on Arthur's shoulders before asking him if he'd eaten.

"I heard the news while just starting to eat dinner. I couldn't bring myself to finish it." Arthur replies snuggling into the jacket.

"C'mon I'll make you a little snack that you can have. Go put on a movie for us to watch." Alfred gave the omega a calm smile. Arthur nods walking over to the TV and putting on a random movie. Alfred soon returned with some yoghurt in a bowl with some berries in it.

"Eat this." Alfred says handing the bowl to the omega. Arthur nods taking the bowl and spoon offered to him. The two sit in silence as they watch the movie. Arthur glances at Alfred every now and then but decides not to say anything. It was Arthur who broke the silence first.

"Thank you for coming." Arthur mumbles playing with the edge of the bomber jacket. Alfred sighs and puts a hand on Arthur's head.

"It's fine dude, I actually dunno what to do seeing as you never seem to ask for help. I don't mean to be this quiet but I dunno what to say or how to act. I dunno whether I should comfort you by just talking to you or if I should hug you or somethin'. It's pretty confusing for me." Alfred mumbles back. Arthur leans his head on Alfred's shoulder.

"I understand how weird this must seem to you, I mean it's not every day I call someone and ask for them to come visit me." Arthur says. The two look at each other with a slight smile.

"Well what do you want me to do?" Alfred asks looking down at the blonde.

"As of right now I would like for you to just cuddle with me on the couch." Arthur replies. He allows Alfred to lie the down and be pulled into the large alpha's chest.

"Like this?" Alfred asks. Arthur just nods fisting his hands in Alfred's shirt. The two fell back into silence however this was a comfortable silence, nothing like the awkward silence that had happened just before.

"So what are we watching?" Alfred breaks the silence this time around. Arthur just laughs and shrugs.

"I honestly don't know. I think it has something to do with a bunch of different families and their every day struggles. I feel sorry for this alpha, I mean five omega children and one alpha. That has got to be a lot of trouble for her." Arthur relaxes slightly. "I know my mum half the time was ready to strangle my brothers because of how annoying they could be."

"Yeah I can believe that." Alfred laughs. Arthur moved forward a little on the couch to place his bowl down on the table. Once doing that he allows Alfred to pull him back into the alpha. The two finish watching the episode of the TV show. Once that was over Alfred surfed the channels looking for anything to watch. He stops on some documentary about Africa.

"I wonder why we're the only animals to have alphas, betas and omegas?" Alfred asks.

"Well I believe it has something to do with us becoming more superior. I really don't know whether it was evolution or something else however I know it was to make us more superior. Alphas were made to protect people, omegas were made to build up the world's population and betas were made to bring peace amongst alphas and omegas. If we didn't have betas I know for a fact it would be an everyday thing for omegas to be attacked and omegas fighting other omegas over alphas. It would also be an everyday occurrence for alphas to be fighting alphas." Arthur replies.

"Wow where did that come from?" Alfred chuckles. Arthur just rolled his eyes but laughed along nonetheless.

"Well I've always thought about that question. That's just my answer that I've figured out over the years." Arthur smiles.

"Well it's good to see you using that big brain of yours." Alfred grins. The two laugh slightly before continuing to watch the documentary, of course Alfred gave a few more comments getting answers from Arthur. Arthur himself even made a couple of comments on things and Alfred answered them as best as he could, although he felt as though his answers weren't as sophisticated as Arthur's.

"How far along with work are you?" Arthur finally asks.

"I'm nearly done, I'll probably work on it in the morning seeing as I have it all on my laptop which is with me right now." Alfred replies.

"How about you do it now? I'll go to bed or I'll continue to watch something else." Arthur says sitting up. Alfred followed suit.

"You don't have to do that. I'll just work on it tomorrow." Alfred says.

"No go finish your work. I'll wait here." Arthur pushes Alfred gently. Alfred chuckles, nodding and standing up to grab his laptop. Returning he started his work. Alfred reread what he'd already typed, rubbing Arthur's feet as he did so. Once he'd finished reading he got to work on continuing his article. Alfred and Arthur talked a little at first before Alfred went quiet focusing on finishing his work faster.

"Finally I'm done." Alfred smiles. He saves the article before sending it to his boss via email. "Hey dude I'm done." Alfred repeats. Hearing no answer Alfred shuts down his laptop and puts it on the coffee table before looking over at Arthur. "Asleep." Alfred smiles.

Alfred watched Arthur for a few seconds before standing up and scooping the omega up in his arms. Walking into Arthur's room Alfred gently places Arthur down on the bed.

"Huh? Alfred?" Arthur quietly says his eyes still closed.

"It's alright Artie I'm here, I'm just putting you to bed." Alfred replies quietly so he wouldn't startle Arthur.

"Stay." Arthur grips Alfred's sleeve.



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