Pokerface: Usuk Hetalia Cardverse by SamooTheGreat
Pokerface: Usuk Hetalia Cardverseby SamooTheGreat
It's been three years since the king of spades, Alfred Jones, was crowned as king. Even though he was only sixteen when he was crowned, his entire court urged him to fin...
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Ok. He's More Then a Friend ((USUK)) by Isabel_345
Ok. He's More Then a Friend (( IzzyDrinksFizzy
Seqeul to 'He's Just a Friend ((USUK))' Three months into Arthur and Alfred's relationship everything seems to be fine. Yet as different people they know start to age an...
  • omegaverse
  • giripan
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Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons * Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
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Hetalia Lemons {Requests on hold} by SummerTime_Writes
Hetalia Lemons {Requests on hold}by SummerTime_Writes
Welcome to my lemons~ If you don't like lemons, don't hate~! I will take requests and there are no real limits! I do have another book that is non-lemon, but I'm pretty...
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American Symphony by Starkvenger
American Symphonyby ~Red~
America, the joyful, slightly dim nation was, in fact, a very gifted singer-- not that anyone knew that. That didn't mean they wouldn't find out. (A series of one-shots!)
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USUK oneshots by hannahadams1000
USUK oneshotsby Hannah of FairyTail
A lovely collection of heartwarming USUK shorts. If you don't ship it you'll still love them, and if you do you'll love them even more. USUK forever!!!
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Educando niños con... (Hetalia) #EDITANDO by laura85535
Educando niños con... (Hetalia) Laura Panchita Romea Miguela...
¿Que tan buenos padres crees que serían los países? Pues si quieres averiguarlo te invito a leer y descubrirlo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Los hijos que aparecerán en e...
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USUKUS one-shots by Raven-Fallington
USUKUS one-shotsby Forgettable
-Angst -smut -fluff -murder -HETALIA and USUK/UKUS ONLY!!!!
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Instincts : usuk story by ari-ridrake
Instincts : usuk storyby ri-ri
Arthur Kirkland is a normal, boring, constantly grouchy college student who is completely focused on his studies. He realizes that no one likes him, and he's accepted th...
  • fluff
  • denmark
  • scotland
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Dare Devil by Fave101
Dare Devilby Fave101
Canada has been one of the world's most successful fighter pilots for years, not that anyone knows... WWI, WWII and current day.
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  • france
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The Disappearance of England | Hetalia Fanfic | by ShootingStarlite
The Disappearance of England | Starlite
During a World Meeting, countries noticed that the personification of England didn't attend. Most of them brushed it off thinking that he was just sick or didn't feel li...
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FUNNIEST Hetalia memes/moments EVER (book #2) by Raven-Fallington
FUNNIEST Hetalia memes/moments Forgettable
Highest rank: #122 in humor Heeey Hetalians! So since I can only have a 200 part story/book and I have more lovely sinful joys, HERE'S THE SECOND BOOK!!! I DO NOT OWN HE...
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Hetalia Lemons by Panda4ever28
Hetalia Lemonsby RoChu <3
Hello this is a hetalia lemons book also coming shortly is a Black butler lemons book so anyway hope you enjoy Thanks for reading (This will have strong langue and sexua...
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Summer Love (Hetalia USUK) by wolfcatanime
Summer Love (Hetalia USUK)by wolfcatanime
When Alfred moves to the UK for college, he meets a young man named Arthur.
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  • iggy
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Hetalia Under The Big Top by Hai-iroga
Hetalia Under The Big Topby C.C.
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the most culturally diverse circus on earth! The book made for you, my Wattpad audience! Focusing on Spamano and featuring such s...
  • circus
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USUK :: War's Promise by ari-ridrake
USUK :: War's Promiseby ri-ri
Sweet Devil!AU War was taken out on earth between Hell and Heaven. Hell wanted a stronger, larger army and the pure to suffer. Heaven wanted to save the pure from the cl...
  • sweetdevil
  • hetalia
  • kirkland
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Love or hate? by BaconRampage7
Love or hate?by Lukas Køhler
16 year old Lukas Bondevik was always the lonely kid in school, even his little brother avoided him. 17 year old Mathias Kohler is moving to the big city, very differen...
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  • sufin
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Awesome/ Cute/ Sexy Hetalia Pictures by LemonScentedRolePlay
Awesome/ Cute/ Sexy Hetalia LemonScentedRolePlay
Like the title says, Awesome/ Cute/ Sexy Hetalia Pictures. ;) There's also a funny category now, but I don't want go change the title. Possibly a sad one in the future...
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UsUk/UkUs one-shots by American-Dreamer_
UsUk/UkUs one-shotsby TOO MANY AMEricans
For all the random UsUk and UkUs stuff I write, that have no were to go. And I don't want my "works" list filled with one shots tbh. Don't like UsUk or UkUs? C...
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Yandere!King Alfred x Arthur | USUK by Aebnime_Tan
Yandere!King Alfred x Arthur | USUKby Aebnime_Tan
Arthur is a pretty boy who lived in the kingdom of spades, his best friend now the king of diamonds, Francis visits him every now and then. But what happens when the qu...
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