The Disappearance of England | Hetalia Fanfic | by ShootingStarlite
The Disappearance of England | Starlite
During a World Meeting, countries noticed that the personification of England didn't attend. Most of them brushed it off thinking that he was just sick or didn't feel li...
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Rabbit Arthur's Adventure Durring Mating Season by gay-tea-cake-boy
Rabbit Arthur's Adventure Oliver Kirkland
Arthur is just a rabbit who doesn't want to go through the mess of mating season, but a few predators have other plans for him. |this is purely smut with 4 different shi...
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A Hero's Diary! by Clothebrotato
A Hero's Diary!by Clothebrotato
America is the coolest and happiest country, when he's around the other countries. One day when America is out sick the Countries get their hands on his diary expecting...
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You're mine by vynllScratch
You're mineby vynllScratch
Alfred is an abusive alpha and Arthur is his omega mate. Watch the story un fold. I kind of just saw this picture and ran with it my stories aren't normal like this but...
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Hetalia Reacts To Hamilton by iiSkyeh_
Hetalia Reacts To Hamiltonby Sky The Hamiltalian
This will be about Hetalia and Hamilton Characters reacting to both Hamilton And Hetalia 😁💖 ⭐️Hetalia Characters in this story⭐️ -America -China -England -France -Germ...
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USUK :: War's Promise by ari-ridrake
USUK :: War's Promiseby ri-ri
Sweet Devil!AU War was taken out on earth between Hell and Heaven. Hell wanted a stronger, larger army and the pure to suffer. Heaven wanted to save the pure from the cl...
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  • alfredfjones
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Jealous - UsUk by nayota1
Jealous - UsUkby nayota1
What will student council president Arthur Kirkland do when trouble maker Alfred F Jones won't leave him alone? Especially when he gets jealous of everyone who even LOOK...
  • romance
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  • hetalia
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Twins (hetalia) by JaimeJamieJamee
Twins (hetalia)by HetaliaNottingham
We all know the headcanon that Iggy and Prussia are twins, well, here's a story about it! Starting from when they got separated and ending with them finding out over a b...
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USUKUS one-shots by Raven-Fallington
USUKUS one-shotsby nigai
-Angst -smut -fluff -murder -HETALIA and USUK/UKUS ONLY!!!!
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Sorry, wrong number (USUK) by Self_Inserts
Sorry, wrong number (USUK)by Self_Inserts
Arthur sat home alone, scratching his cats head as it purred. He was on the sofa, with a blanket on his legs, a warm cup of tea on his right, he was scrolling through Ne...
  • romance
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Hetalia Messenger (hetaliaxmystic messenger) by hetalia_universe
Hetalia Messenger ( artiepop
Arthur is what most wouldn't label as an Omega , especially by getting accepted into a highly selective and prestigious All Alpha Academy. In fact you should have seen t...
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Here's to love by Romanos_boy
Here's to loveby Kota
Yaoi for life This is a sort of recreation of the book Finally a way to be loved it's just gonna be way better I promise like seriously. France decides it's a clever id...
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American Symphony by Starkvenger
American Symphonyby ~Red~
~*Rated #1 In #APH!!*~ America- the joyful albeit slightly dim nation was in fact a very gifted singer-- not that anyone knew that. That didn't mean they wouldn't find o...
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The (Sometimes) United States of America by missmagicandlight
The (Sometimes) United States of missmagicandlight
In 1739, America found his first colonies- the colonies that would one day grow to become his first states. America hid them from the world, worried they would become ba...
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Soulmates (A Human!AU: USUK - Hetalia FanFiction) by Night_0_Shade
Soulmates (A Human!AU: USUK - Zero Nights
COMPLETED In the year 2025, the world has finally found a state of peace - after making many pacts with the magical 'other side'. One of those pacts being, choosing a so...
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The nation who shrunk by nekojean
The nation who shrunkby nekojean
A UsxUk fanfic
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Perfection by AngstCandy
Perfectionby サバンナ
America often hears about how fat he is, and how he eats too much, he usually shrugged it off, until he saw the number on the scale go down, and down. •eating disorder•...
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FUNNIEST Hetalia memes/moments EVER (book #2) by Raven-Fallington
FUNNIEST Hetalia memes/moments nigai
Highest rank: #122 in humor Heeey Hetalians! So since I can only have a 200 part story/book and I have more lovely sinful joys, HERE'S THE SECOND BOOK!!! I DO NOT OWN HE...
  • usuk
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Summer Love (Hetalia USUK) by wolfcatanime
Summer Love (Hetalia USUK)by wolfcatanime
When Alfred moves to the UK for college, he meets a young man named Arthur.
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Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven by NorthAmericanSisters
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heavenby Madeline and Amelia
YAOINESS EVERYWHERE! DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE YAOI. It will mostly be fluff but some chapters may be a bit more extreme. If you wish to request a pairing we will hap...
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