Chapter 7

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Alfred joked around on the way back to Arthur's place. Arthur had laughed at a few of Alfred's stories and cracked a smile at all of them. Alfred seemed to be less nervous then when he first walked Arthur home. Arthur also was less tense and a little more open.

"Only you would do something like that Alfred." Arthur smiled shaking his head.

"What can I say? I'm a special person." Alfred laughed making Arthur chuckle slightly. Alfred stopped in front of the front doors to Arthur's apartment complex. Arthur opened the door up allowing Alfred entrance before leading the way to his apartment. As he fumbled with his keys he heard a nearby door open. Looking up to see who it was he spotted Lukas.

"Lukas!" Arthur called out to him and Lukas slowly walked over fumbling with his Nordic cross hair pin. Arthur finally got the door open and stepped aside allowing Alfred to enter his home.

"What's wrong?" Lukas asks walking inside with Arthur.

"I just wanted to say that I spoke with Leon and Emil and they agreed to stop the midnight meet ups." Arthur explains and Lukas nods still keeping his usual blank expression on.

"Thank you, I tried getting my little brother to understand but he wouldn't listen. I took it to Yao and Ivan and they had a talk with their son but Leon wouldn't listen either. At least Leon is very adamant on following your expectations and rules." Lukas says and Arthur nods smiling.

"Anyway I must be off, good luck with Mr. Alpha over there." Lukas gestures at Alfred only to get a scowl from Arthur. Arthur walked Lukas to the door while saying goodbye. He closed the door behind his friend and turned to Alfred who had placed the bags on the kitchen counter.

"Man when was the last time an alpha was in here?" Alfred questioned sitting down quickly putting his head in his hands.

"Oh right sorry, the scent must be overwhelming." Arthur muttered hurrying to open the windows and put the fans on to try and lessen the scent of omega. He didn't need some hormonal alpha ruining his day.

"Right but seriously has Francis ever even been in this apartment?" Alfred asks wondering over to one of the windows breathing the fresh air in trying to ignore the strong smell of Arthur.

"Yes Francis has seen the inside of the place however that was three months ago. Francis helped me move in. I usually visit him and Mathew not the other way around." Arthur states as he starts unpacking his groceries.

"But you don't own a car, how do you get there?" Alfred questions settling down in a seat to talk to Arthur.

"I usually get picked up by Antonio and Lovino since we usually get together to play cards." Arthur stretches offering Alfred a drink or something to eat.

"How about I cook you something?" Alfred asks standing up and Arthur looks at him surprised.

"I don't know what I have that you could use to cook a meal with." Arthur states and Alfred laughs.

"Don't worry I'll find something, go sit down." Alfred says searching through the fridge and pantry to see what he could find. Arthur went and sat down in the chair Alfred had been using as he watched Alfred collect different ingredients placing them on the counter as he gets to work. As much as Arthur wanted to do something to help he knew that he'd just ruin it. In the end Arthur made himself a cup of Rose tea to try and calm himself so he wouldn't be so antsy about the fact that an alpha was cooking for him; an omega. Alfred eventually placed a plate in front of him.

"I just cooked some of the ham to make it bacon and put it on toast along with some other foods." Alfred says before taking a bite out of the sandwich. Arthur picked up one of the pieces of the sandwich before laughing quietly.

"What?" Alfred asks confused as to why Arthur was laughing.

"You may cook but you're still an alpha. You didn't cut the sandwich into even pieces and you just piled the tomato, lettuce, cheese and ham on all higgledy piggledy." Arthur smiles before taking a bite out of the sandwich. Alfred rolls his eyes laughing as well.

"Wow the almighty Arthur had to stoop so low as to say higgledy piggledy." Alfred says in a sarcastic tone making Arthur smile shaking his head at Alfred. The two continued to eat in a comforting silence. When they finished eating Arthur quickly walked around collecting Alfred's plate.

"Thanks." Alfred smiles and Arthur smiles back before going into the kitchen to do the washing up. He rinses all the utensils, boards and plates before washing them. He dries them placing them back into their original positions. Before he leaves the kitchen he wipes down the bench making sure he got all the crumbs and any spillage. Once done he turned around to see Alfred standing there watching. He'd taken off his jacket as before watching the omega.

"Sorry, I'm not used to seeing omegas clean and such." Alfred states with a flushed face. Arthur nods knowing that Alfred very rarely would've seen omegas working as he was growing up. He was probably mesmerised by the way they cleaned.

"Yeah it's true I am slightly mesmerised by it." Alfred states and Arthur looks at him surprised. He must've spoken his thoughts by accident.

"Well how would you describe it?" Arthur asks walking past Alfred with the alpha hot on his tail as they sit on the couch.

"Well you moved so swiftly and elegantly. No mess seemed to escape you no matter where it was. You just... I don't know how to put it but I feel like I could watch you clean all day, of course you shouldn't clean all day but it's just something that I find really interesting." Alfred explains waving his hands around as he spoke. Arthur felt himself nod.

"That's what ten years of stress cleaning does to you." Arthur sighs and Alfred furrows his eyebrows in confusion.

"I thought you said you presented when you were fourteen."

"I did present when I was fourteen however I found that if I helped my mother I was able to escape any fights. So I just got into the habit of stress cleaning even though I hadn't even presented." Arthur says and Alfred nods.

"I understand that, I know I'm good at cooking because that was my get away. My mother always seemed to be angry about something, luckily she has a new omega that seems to be doing her good." Alfred said putting his hands behind his head and leaning back. Arthur felt himself smile at Alfred.

"Bloody hell! The news!" Arthur exclaimed jumping in his seat as he reached for the remote turning on the TV to see the 3 o'clock news on. Alfred laughed before going quiet as Arthur shushed him listening to the news.

"You should invite Mathew and Francis over." Alfred says and Arthur rolls his eyes but nods.

"I'll text Francis to get everyone over." Arthur reaches for his phone as he texts Francis. He told Francis to just pop over with Mathew, Lovino and Antonio when they closed up shop. Francis replied with a classic 'oui' much to the annoyance of Arthur.

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