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He's Just a Friend ((USUK)) by Isabel_345
He's Just a Friend ((USUK))by IzzyDrinksFizzy
"Excuse me!" A loud obnoxious voice says from behind Arthur. The omega jumps in surprise quickly spinning around. "I'm so sorry sir! What would you like t...
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Hetalia Oneshots by TheBlueRobin
Hetalia Oneshotsby Blue
This is a book of Hetalia oneshots. If you're in the fandom, I hope you enjoy reading! Hetalia belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya. The cover is not mine, and belongs to its...
  • rusame
  • giripan
  • fruk
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[APH] Headcanons  by lpukfr
[APH] Headcanons by Carmello
So many headcanons... Some headcanons for the main characters (+ a few more) of Hetalia. Some are totally meaningless and useless. Others are great ideas I probably sho...
  • aphrussia
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  • aphfrance
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Hetalia texting  by XxCyberBunnyxX
Hetalia texting by Anime is gay
See our favourite nations text! Hilarious situations and requests are open! All shippers welcome! (First part in the 'Anime Texting' series) ( #107 in random- 4/6/17 )
  • hetro
  • franada
  • nekotalia
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Nyotalia oneshots  by LuluLunaPup
Nyotalia oneshots by Saturn
Oneshots of romantic fluff of the Nyotalia girls! Feel free for requests! Please be nice, this is my first book.
  • rusame
  • prucan
  • lithpol
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Hetalia Ships by APH-Lux
Hetalia Shipsby ❦Luxembourg❦
Read the damn title. This is by me, the admin. Art not mine.
  • sufin
  • dennor
  • cute
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Ok. He's More Then a Friend ((USUK)) by Isabel_345
Ok. He's More Then a Friend (( IzzyDrinksFizzy
Seqeul to 'He's Just a Friend ((USUK))' Three months into Arthur and Alfred's relationship everything seems to be fine. Yet as different people they know start to age an...
  • giripan
  • gerita
  • usuk
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Hetalia Lemons by Panda4ever28
Hetalia Lemonsby ~~Yao Wang~~
Hello this is a hetalia lemons book also coming shortly is a Black butler lemons book so anyway hope you enjoy Thanks for reading (This will have strong langue and sexua...
  • giripan
  • sufin
  • lemons
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Sorry...(GerIta and Spamano) by stayingtrue37
Sorry...(GerIta and Spamano)by stayingtrue37
It was supposed to normal happy day. That is till Romano and Italy had a huge fight. A fight that most countries would never expected and were to slow to recover from th...
  • prussia
  • romano
  • spamano
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Ask/Dare Hetalia Pairings (+admin) by kittykawaiii93
Ask/Dare Hetalia Pairings (+admin)by Shiloh dignity.
yeah basically you can get the idea by reading the title -.- Warning: The pairings this....ask book contain yaoi and Yuri if you don't like it then why the hell would...
  • aushun
  • belaliech
  • prucan
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Hetalia Omegaverse by Mika_demonica
Hetalia Omegaverseby Mika Nika
Omegaverse z Hetalii. Po prostu. Chcesz się dowiedzieć więcej? Zapraszam!
  • lietpol
  • aph
  • usuk
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Secrets Uncovered by Lord_of_all_Fandoms
Secrets Uncoveredby Hello Hi
this is a story based off of Diary's of nations so the idea goes to them. One fatefull day some of the nations become traped in a room and are forced to read and expose...
  • rusame
  • grita
  • hetalia
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Hetalia Stories {Requests Open} by fangirltothemaxtbh
Hetalia Stories {Requests Open}by fangirltothemaxtbh
I would say this is a oneshot collection, but it might not be idk Anyway here are some stories/oneshots about Hetalia! Mostly pure fluff, may have omegaverse, cardverse...
  • headcanons
  • swefin
  • hongice
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America's house by JJbohr
America's houseby Jem
What happens when some of the nations go to America house to meet the original thirteen states? /I suck at summaries it better then it sounds I promise!/
  • aphamerica
  • spamano
  • america
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Right Here, Right Now (Mpreg Aph One Shots) by soulless-hearts
Right Here, Right Now (Mpreg Aph ♛ ×× ♚
Brief, 800- 1100 word short stories of ships that haven't overlapped yet. In process of editing. Taking all and any requests, either comment them or drop me a PM/DM Cred...
  • dennor
  • china
  • russia
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Hetalia Oneshots (Requests Open) by Yaoi_arts
Hetalia Oneshots (Requests Open)by U W U
Hetalia Oneshots: Fluff & Smut (Requests Open)
  • usuk
  • requests
  • hetalia
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Hetalia crack by someyaoifan
Hetalia crackby someyaoifan
Ideas I came up with, while trying to sleep.
  • cats
  • usuk
  • multiplayer
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Hetalia One Shots by TheHero3
Hetalia One Shotsby A Random Person
Hetalia one shots! Request are open so go ahead and request your ship. (This used to be a Maid/ButlerxMaster, so most of the one-shots will be about that, also I do not...
  • sufin
  • spamano
  • usuk
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Gatos ~Giripan~ (Japón X Grecia) [Pausada] by Ookami_Dono
Gatos ~Giripan~ (Japón X Grecia) [ Ozzie 💜🐧
En una tarde lluviosa Kiku pierde a su gato, y en la búsqueda de éste termina conociendo a un extranjero bastante interesante, que hará despertar su curiosidad e interés...
  • fanfic
  • aphetalia
  • giripan
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Don't think I'll let you go by spains_turtle
Don't think I'll let you goby Spain's Turtle
Life is hard, and hearts get broken. But they can always heal, they just need a helping hand.
  • yaoi
  • fanfiction
  • sad
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