Chapter 1

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Arthur walked through the backdoor of the café he worked at.

"Ah mon cher, I didn't think you would be coming in today." The French alpha said turning to the smaller omega.

"Sorry to burst your bubble frog." Arthur says his green eyes hardening as he makes contact with Francis' dark blue eyes. The Frenchman chuckles as he turns back around to the counter continuing to make some French pastries.

"Where's your omega?" Arthur asks curiously as he puts on an apron slowly inching his way towards some customers who were waiting to be served.

"Mathew is at home; he is tending to the house as of right now but should be in soon enough." Francis says huffing as he opens the oven up placing some of the pastries in it to be cooked. All communication between the pair stops as Arthur serves a young beta. Arthur smiles sweetly at the female beta who cheerily smiles back.

"I would like to order High Tea for three." She says and Arthur nods.

"And how would you like it served?" He asks.

"Earl Grey tea for all with sandwiches, any kind, savoury and sweets." She says counting on her fingers as if to remember what it was her friends and herself had decided on.

"Well that comes to $135.00" Arthur says after looking up from the cash register. She hands him a one hundred dollar note along with a fifty dollar note. Arthur places it in the register handing her a ten dollar note and a five dollar note. The lady smiles picking up a number and returning to her seat with her two friends.

"Bonjour! Sorry I'm late, I was-"A panting omega rushes in trying to tie his apron on. Francis chuckles swiftly moving over to the French Canadian.

"Don't worry Mathew just get to work on the register." Arthur cuts him off hurrying to work on the different drinks he had to make.

"Mathieu slow down." Francis smiles moving behind his omega tying the apron and gently guiding Mathew over to the counter. He places him in front of the cash register and leaves working on placing different sweet and savoury items on plates decorating them with cream, ice-cream, icing sugar or other side pieces. Arthur hurries along serving different customers their drinks apologising for any wait. The omega glares at an alpha eyeing him, the alpha turns back to his own omega with a sigh.

'Alphas these days' He thinks rolling his eyes.

He goes back and forth making drinks and serving them to the customers along with their meals. He eventually is given a break after an hour an a half as Mathew relieves him. He nods at Mathew in appreciation before quickly moving to the front to start taking customers orders. Luckily the brunch rush was over and only a few stray people walked in mainly going over to tables to talk with people who were seated. He very quickly turns back to Francis who was also taking his own break.

"Where the bloody hell are the twins and Antonio?" He spits, his British accent getting a little thicker.

"Feliciano said Lovino went in to heat so Antonio is dealing with him and I told Feliciano to have the day off as well since he and Lovino usually go into heat within 10 hours of each other." Francis says as if it was obvious, which really it was.

"Damn, I didn't even realise what the date was. I should probably start watching myself as well. What about Mathew?" Arthur puts a finger on his chin deep in thought as he retraces his steps of that morning. He relaxes when he sees no sign of any heat-like activities. Francis just smiles.

"Mathieu and I have approximately one more week. At least Antonio and the twins will be back. It's always good to have an alpha around." Francis says as he hands Mathew two dishes to take out. "Also how are you handling living on your own? I still think you should live with Mathieu and I. It's too risky to be an omega and live alone." Francis says concern in his voice and Arthur's bright green eyes turn poisonous as he looks at the French alpha.

"I grew up with 5 alpha brothers, I'll be perfectly fine. I do get nervous when I go into heat though and when it's reported that an omega has been attacked. Other than that I'm quite sure I'm all good." Arthur says nodding to himself when he's finished. Everything he said was true; he did get nervous when living alone when he went to heat. Anybody would know that an omega in heat is as vulnerable as a new born baby; their body will react to any alpha scent. Some poor omegas end up pregnant and bonded with strangers due to this.

"Excuse me!" A loud obnoxious voice says from behind Arthur. The omega jumps in surprise quickly spinning around.

"I'm so sorry sir! What would you like to order today?" Arthur exclaims apologetically. He looks up making eye contact with bright sapphire blue eyes. The alpha grins, his blue eyes somehow getting bluer as he looks at the petite omega from behind his glasses. He runs a hand through his own wheat coloured hair.

"I would like to order a large cappuccino, two sugars and a piece of chocolate mud cake." The large alpha says smiling. Arthur quickly puts the order through and the alpha pays the perfect amount.

"Oh my! Alfred what are you doing here?" Mathew questions as he stops next to him with an empty tray.

"Hey Mattie! I didn't know you worked here. I dropped in since everyone at work goes on about this place especially Gilbert." Alfred states putting his hands in his pockets.

"Well Gilbert's brother-in-law works here." Mathew sighs.

"Who's this Mathew?" Arthur questions. 'They must be related, they look nearly identical!' Arthur exclaims to himself as he looks between the two.

"Oh Arthur, this is my twin brother Alfred F. Jones. When our parents separated he stayed with our alpha mother here. However our omega mother took me to live in Canada as you know." Mathew says and Arthur nods interested in this new alpha.

"Someone has a crush." Came a little whisper into his ear. He quickly turns around hitting Francis on the head.

"Shut up frog."

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