Chapter 17

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"Bloody hell Alfred you scared the hell out of me." Arthur hissed. Alfred looked up jumping slightly at the voice.

"Sorry Artie, I just heard noises in my room and that movie kinda freaked me out." Alfred mumbles closing the door. Arthur turned on the lamp on the bedside table sitting up and crossing his legs. That was when he noticed the terrified look on Alfred's face.

"God that movie really took a toll on you didn't it?" Arthur muttered. Alfred just nodded standing in front of the closed door. "Come here Alfred." Arthur gestured for the alpha to sit next to him on the bed. Alfred submissively walked over to the bed crawling onto it and sitting down next to Arthur however facing him. Arthur ruffled the wheat hair.

"Calm down, it's just a movie ok. Trust me it scared me as well." Arthur says encouragingly trying to make Alfred feel better.

"But you comforted me, I didn't comfort you." Alfred muttered looking down and flattening out the creases on the duvet.

"So? That doesn't mean anything, I've never been very fazed when it came to watching horror movies. My brothers were always trying to scare me so it takes a lot to scare me and guess what? You just scared the hell out of me. So come here and comfort me." Arthur says opening his arms up for the alpha to crawl into. However Alfred just spread his own arms out giving Arthur a puppy-dog look. Arthur rolled his eyes but crawled into Alfred's arms allowing the alpha to seek relief in comforting the omega.

"Thanks for this Artie." Alfred says just above a whisper. Arthur just hugged Alfred before yawning and feeling himself start to droop. It was hard to fight it while wrapped in warmth and the alpha's strong scent.

"Let's go to bed." Arthur mumbles and Alfred nods leaning over to turn off the lamp before pulling the covers over the two of them. Arthur heard Alfred's snores before he even got to sleep. Although it was only seconds later when his vision blurred and he drifted off into the realm of sleep.

The next morning Arthur had to race into work, luckily for him Alfred had gotten up early and washed his clothes for him so he could go to work in his own clothes. Alfred of course drove Arthur to work as well dropping him off at the front door. Arthur had woken up later than usual and hadn't had time to have a shower. He knew it would come back and bite him in the backside.

"Good morning." Arthur says walking into the kitchen. Everyone stopped what they were doing and slowly turned to Arthur who was tying his apron on.

"What?" Arthur asks confused.

"Why do you reek of my brother, like we can't even smell you. We can only smell Alfred." Mathew says shocked.

"Well we did sleep together last night." Lovino dropped the glass in his hand and Mathew had to catch Francis from falling over. It took a few seconds for Arthur to process what he'd said.

"Whoa! Wait! No, we didn't sleep together. Well we did but not in the way your thinking. Alfred was comforting me and I was comforting Alfred, that's all." Arthur quickly responded. Everyone slowly nodded and Arthur knew he wasn't getting out of this one like he did yesterday.

"So you two slept in the same bed?" Antonio asks and Arthur nods.

"Yes, after the meet-up I was tired and he offered me to sleep over seeing as I'd let him sleep over the night before. I agreed and he allowed me to borrow some of his clothes. We watched a horror movie and of course I got scared and Alfred decided to comfort me. We went to sleep in the same bed. I woke up late and didn't have time to sleep that's why I smell like him so much." Arthur says leaving out the part that Alfred was terrified and that really it was Arthur comforting the scared boy.

Francis calmly told everyone to ask more questions when they closed up and to start work. It was when Francis walked past Arthur on his way back to the kitchen that he leant down to whisper in the omegas ear.

"I know you don't get scared by horror movies that easily, so tell me the truth." Francis whispers placing a hand on Arthur's shoulder.

"I'd never tell you the whole truth, you're one of the worst gossipers I know and that secret is something I want to stay just between Alfred and I." Arthur whispered back pushing the hand off of his shoulder as he waited for orders to come through. Francis huffed pouting as he stood tall again.

"Aw, you're no fun Arthur." Francis continued on his way knowing better then to provoke the omega while Arthur was in the state he was in. Obviously all the alpha pheromones had gone to Arthur's head. Francis snorted out loud and got hit in the back of head by something, turning around he spotted a few strawberries on the ground and a glaring omega standing up straight and watching him. Francis just sighed and leant down picking up the strawberries throwing them in the bin as he passed it.

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