Chapter 34

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Arthur wakes up the next morning clinging to Alfred. He blinks tiredly and realises that the two of them were on the couch still. He looked at the shirtless man underneath him. He felt himself sigh in disappointment. He'd told him they needed to stop yet here they were; even further then the last two times. Arthur pushed himself up into a sitting position; he was now straddling the blonde alpha underneath him. Arthur smoothed out the crinkles on his white dress shirt. His suit jacket was on the floor with Alfred's shirt. Arthur than realised why he'd woken up, his phone was going off in his pocket. He turns his alarm off before looking back at Alfred.

"Alfred, wake up." Arthur shakes Alfred. He felt Alfred stir from beneath him.

"Huh? Artie? What's wrong?" Alfred rubs his eyes.

"We need to get a move on or I'll be late for work." Arthur goes to hop off of Alfred when the alpha grabs his hips. Alfred removes one hand and uses it to support himself once he sits up, he uses the other hand to pull Arthur closer to him.

"Just a few more minutes." Alfred whispers to Arthur. Arthur smiled softly as he leaned on Alfred's chest.

"Fine." He mumbles.

Around half an hour later they were separated when Arthur's phone went off. Arthur instantly knew by the song that it was Francis.

"For Pete's sake." Arthur grumbles. He reaches over and picks up his phone. "What?" He snaps.

"Get to work this instant! I do not have time to chase you around Arthur! We are very busy and I believe Lovino is ready to pass out from over working himself." Francis yells over the phone. Arthur winces at the alpha, he wasn't used to Francis yelling at him let alone an alpha being furious with him. "Sorry Francis I'll be there right away." Arthur plays with some of Alfred's hair seeing as Alfred had removed Arthur's shirt. The alpha just hangs up with a snap of you better get here in 5 minutes. "I have to go Alfred, Francis just yelled at me for being late." Arthur stands up. Alfred swiftly apologises saying he really only meant to be here for a few minutes. The two go separate ways and change, deciding not to have a shower since they didn't have time to.

"Alright, let's move." Alfred says.  Arthur locks the apartment door and Alfred grabs his hand before practically dragging him to the other blonde's car. Arthur hops into the car and Alfred speeds off. "Good luck with Francis, plus blame it on me." Alfred gets a peck on the cheek in return. Arthur runs inside the cafe and looks at Francis for a split second. He moves his gaze away when the alpha scowls at him and storms over.

"So you had better things to do I see." Francis snaps and crosses his arms sternly. Mathew passes the two and grabs Arthur by the arm.

"Leave him alone for now Francis, however you need to get to work Arthur." Mathew sighs. Arthur nods and takes his place next to Lovino.

"Hello Lovino, how about you go take a seat for a while? I'll handle the orders for a bit." Arthur says. Lovino nods and sits down in the storage room. Arthur works himself to the bone before allowing Lovino to come and join him again. By the time the other omega did the rush hour was over. The two had more time to talk, however only small talk was exchanged at first. "Lovino what's wrong?" Arthur stops and stares intently at Lovino.

"Nothing." The brown haired Italian replies.

"Something is wrong." Arthur states.

"Fine, if you want to know so badly, Feliciano he... He conceived." Lovino gulped loudly. Arthur patted Lovino on the back.

"Just remember to be happy for him, you know that's all he wants from you." Arthur smiles slightly. They didn't talk for a while after that, Lovino went and looked for comfort from Antonio. Arthur finished off a few smoothies before looking to see Francis and Antonio starting to close-up shop. Arthur sighed knowing that that meant he would be getting a stern talk to very soon. He was right because the second the cafe closed Francis called him over.

"Well Arthur what's your excuse for being late?" Francis asks.

"Alfred." Arthur replies bluntly.

"I figured that out seeing as you two obviously scented again." The long-haired blonde gestures at Arthur.

"Scented again?" Feliciano asks. Arthur knew that all hell would break loose now.

"Alfred and I started scenting four days ago, the first time was by accident. On the second time Alfred purposefully started it. He took me out for a date last night and when we got home we scented again, we also scented this morning. That's why I was late." Arthur explains, playing with rickety table.

"Arthur! You of all people should know how reckless that is, you could get your heat at any random moment now." Antonio says astonished. Arthur just shrugs in return.

"Whatever, I don't really care. I actually would be happy if I go into heat because of Alfred." Arthur says.

"But your heats would be more painful." Lovino says exasperatedly.

"Well they wouldn't be if he was there with me." Arthur crosses his arms.

"What?" Francis yells. Alfred chose that moment to appear in the cafe.

"Uh, hi?" Alfred questions nervously.

"Let's go Al, don't worry Francis I'll be here tomorrow on time." Arthur says. The pair say their goodbyes before leaving. Once outside Arthur turns and hugs Alfred.

"What's wrong?" Alfred asks.

"Let's go on another date. How about we go to the drama theatre? They're playing 'Annie' there." Arthur smiles looking up.

"Sure thing babe." Alfred grins.

"Don't call me that again." Arthur scowls. Alfred just laughs and nods.

"Sure thing dude."

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