Chapter 28

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Arthur awoke the next morning to a surprise. He didn't expect to wake up in Alfred's jacket, the alpha wasn't in bed with him however that was nothing new. Arthur sat up and pulled the jacket around him as he shivered. Standing up he walks around the apartment only finding a note. It said that Alfred had to go into work but had left him breakfast.  Arthur walked over to the fridge and opened the door up to see pancakes, on top of the container was a sticky note. It said to put the container in the microwave for 30 seconds. Arthur double checked to make sure that he had followed all the instructions correctly. Arthur got perfectly warm pancakes out of the microwave after it had cooked. Once finished he cleaned his plate and checked the time, however the phone interrupted him.

"Hello?" Arthur says.

"Bonjour Arthur! I do believe you should be at work, I'll give you a little more time so you can get here however I do expect you to turn up." Francis replies.

"Oh sorry, slept in. I'll be over as quick as possible. Bye." Arthur mumbles and Francis says a goodbye back. "Bloody git turned my alarm off." Arthur grumbles and races off to change into his work clothes. Arthur looks at the jacket on his bed. "Well he let me borrow it so I may as well get my use out of it." Arthur shrugs and slips the jacket on. Walking out the door Arthur locks his apartment door. He gives Mathias a weird look. "What's wrong Mathias?" Arthur questions.

"I understand you're wearing Alfred's jacket but man did you have a shower?" Matthias asks, receiving a smack from Lukas.

"Of course I had a shower!" Arthur snaps.

"Well did you and Alfred like do something last night 'cause dude you like reek of him." Matthias says.

"No we didn't do anything, but now that I think about it. I think, no he wouldn't. Don't worry." Arthur waves his hand.

"What do you mean 'no he wouldn't'?" Lukas questions stepping forward.

"Well I think Alfred might have scented me in my sleep, but I don't think he did. However I'm sure I remember waking up in the middle of the night and feeling Alfred licking around my neck and keeping me wrapped up in his smell." Arthur taps his chin.

"Well that explains the smell then." Leon says appearing with Emil beside him.

"Anyway, I've got to go. I'm sure Alfred has a valid reason anyway, I did invite him over because I was scared." Arthur smiles waving bye. He hurries down the stairs and gets to work in record time.

"Sorry for being late, Alfred turned my alarm off." Arthur says walking inside the building.

"Oh my lord Arthur. Go back outside I think you just sent me into early heat." Lovino says putting a hand to his nose. Arthur crossed his arms glaring at the omega.

"What did you and Alfred get up to jeez?" Mathew asks covering his nose. Lovino and Mathew's alphas moved their omegas away from Arthur, glaring slightly at him.

"I'm going to kill that idiot!" Arthur barks and storms out of the building. Walking two blocks he looks up to see Alfred's work place in front of him. The large glass building looked stunning in the light. Arthur grumbled some colourful words as alphas all around him moved away and moved their omegas away from him. Arthur walked inside the building and went over to the receptionist.

"Could I please talk to Alfred F. Jones?" Arthur asks.

"I'm sorry he's in a meeting right now but is almost finished." The curly-haired brunette says.

"Is there somewhere I can sit? Just so I can wait for him." Arthur smiles.

"Of course! I'll tell you when the meeting finishes also, just wait over there." The kind lady points at some seats. Arthur nods giving her a smile as he walks over to one of the seats. He thinks over what he's going to say to the cocky alpha.

"Sir, Alfred's meeting should be over by now. Allow me to show you were he is." The tan skinned lady comes over and Arthur follows her over to a room that had glass walls. She knocks on the door getting Alfred and two betas attention.

"This man has come to see you." She says and steps aside allowing Arthur to enter.

"Artie!" Alfred grins stopping his paper shuffling.

"You idiot!" Arthur yells. The two betas raise an eyebrow and look at Alfred.

"Huh what did I do now?" Alfred asks leaning on the table.

"You scented me in my sleep didn't you? I'm sure I mumbled a stop in my sleep." Arthur puts his hands on his hips and glares at Alfred. The betas looked shocked at the person who was in charge of them.

"Uh you didn't tell me to stop, you actually initiated it. Come over here and smell me." Alfred gestures for Arthur to come over to him. Arthur took a few steps and the smell of himself hit him.

"Whoa, ok wow." Arthur put a hand to his head. "Ok I didn't expect that, I didn't even know that I initiated it. Well sorry I guess." Arthur mumbles rubbing his arm nervously.

"It's fine dude." Alfred says and pushes off the table walking over to Arthur. Alfred embraces the smaller omega in a hug. "How about you get back to work?" Alfred replies and Arthur sighs.

"I can't go into work like this, they already chased me out." Arthur grumbles.

"Well you can stay with me! C'mon!" Alfred wraps an arm around Arthur's waist and guides him to Alfred's office. "This is my office, I'm in charge of this floor so I get a private office." Alfred grins sitting down at the office chair on the other side of the desk. He puts his feet up on the desk only for them to be pushed off by Arthur.

"No feet on the desk, it looks unprofessional." Arthur says. Alfred laughs and raises an eyebrow at the omega who starts to take in the office. Little did the two know, most of the people outside the office were watching what went down through the glass walls. "Honestly, do you not know how to clean?" Arthur asks looking around.

"Dude you know I can clean, sadly I don't get much time to clean the office. I'm usually rushing out of work when I'm finished to see you." Alfred grins. Arthur smiles back at the alpha before looking around.

"Well if I'm going to be here I may as well be productive." Arthur says and stretches his arms before starting to walk around. Arthur slowly started to clean the office, he decided to leave the folders and papers alone, for now.

"Hey dude, can you get me a coffee? There's a coffee machine in the break room, it makes crap coffee but it'll do." Alfred says while still typing away at his computer. Arthur opened his mouth to say something but closed it and instead nodded quickly leaving the room, he got a few glares from omegas as he passed them. He just ignored them and made his way to where the break room was, he only knew where it was because of the sign that read 'Break Room'.  Once he made a coffee Arthur grabbed a biscuit and ate it on his way back to the room.

"There you go." Arthur smiles and places the cup down in front of Alfred.

"Thanks." Alfred smiles back.
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