Chapter 35

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The two leave the theatre happily talking to each other. They chatted away all the way back to Arthur's apartment. They talked about how good the young girl who played Annie was and how good everyone else sang in the play. They also talked about the band that played live music for each song. Arthur unlocked the apartment door and walked in. Alfred shut it behind them and locked it before taking off his jacket. He hangs it up and glances over at Arthur who had a frown on his face.

"What's wrong?" Alfred asks.

"Oh, I was just thinking about something. Now come over here and entertain me." Arthur smirked. Alfred laughs and leans down to kiss Arthur and unbutton his shirt.

"I'm honestly scared." Mathew sighs. Francis, Gilbert, Antonio, Elizaveta, Tulipa and Lovino sat with him at the dinner table. The seven of them got together that night to catch up.

"Well if he keeps that up he'll go into heat." Gilbert grumbles.

"Yeah, I don't understand why he is doing this on purpose." Lovino huffs. The others continue complaining while Tulipa sits there and looks between the adults. She giggles quietly when it reminds her of watching tennis. In the end she tunes in to hear them talking about how silly Arthur was being.

"Sorry for interrupting, but have you guys thought that maybe he wants to go into heat?" Tulipa asks. The others give her a confused look.

"But why would he want that sweetie?" Mathew questions in confusion.

"Well maybe he's over spending heats alone. Maybe he wants to be cared for. If he does go into heat and he asks, we all know Alfred would be there in a heartbeat. I mean he left work early just to keep Arthur happy four nights ago. Alfred keeps an eye on Arthur like mum and dad keep an eye on me." The young girl says. The adults hum in agreement.

"Now the question is; will Alfred stay with Arthur?" Francis crosses one leg over another. The others all nod before they start up again. Tulipa just huffs and pulls out her phone, deciding to text her uncle's husband; Feliciano. He was always entertaining to talk to.

"Who are you texting chica?" Antonio asks, taking a sip of wine as he looks at her curiously.

"Just texting Uncle Feli." She smiles cheerily. Antonio chuckles and nods.

"Has he told you the news?" He smiles, resting his head in one hand.

"No, what news?" She asks back.

"Feli's pregnant." Antonio says. Tulipa grin widens and her eyes go wide.

"Finally I won't be the baby of the family!" She says happily, fist pumping the air. Antonio laughs loudly, catching the other's attention.

"What are you two up to?" Gilbert asks.

"Don't worry dad we were just discussing Uncle Feli and him being pregnant." Tulipa responds. Lovino grunts in response and the female alpha raises an eyebrow before remembering the omega's dislike in the German family. She gives him a sympathetic smile. "Isn't that great Lovino? You'll be an uncle." She smiles. Lovino can't help but smile back.

"I guess it'll be pretty alright." He responds.

"A toast to the future uncle." Elizaveta raises her glass. The other's all raise their glasses and call out happily.

"To the future uncle!" Lovino feels himself cover his face. Antonio easily removes the hands to see Lovino with a big smile on his face.

"Aw you're so cute Lovi." Antonio grins. Lovino just smiles and allows the alpha to hug him and peck his forehead.

"I wonder what Arthur and Alfred are doing?" And just like that the conversation went back to the pair, much to Tulipa's annoyance. Luckily it was only an hour later when they left, everyone had work or in Tulipa's case; school.

Arthur woke up in the middle of the night. He looked around, only moving his head slightly due to Alfred's tight grip. He wriggled around a bit and pulled an arm out. Arthur leans over and picks up his phone, checking the time he groaned. It was midnight, and he couldn't go back to sleep. He honestly had no idea what woke him up, that was until he heard a clap of thunder go off in the distance. Arthur froze in terror. His brothers would always scare him during storms when he was younger and would usually put him outside and lock the door so he had to sit out in the storms. It was one of the very few things that terrified him.

"Arthur what's wrong?" Alfred's sleepy voice questions him.

"Please don't throw me out." The words left Arthur's mouth by accident.

"Whoa what? Why would I kick you out?" Alfred turned Arthur over and moved back a bit to see him.

"Sorry, that came out by accident. My brothers used to lock me outside during storms. It didn't matter what time, they would just throw me out. I'm used to waking up at the first clap of thunder and hiding myself." Arthur mutters. Alfred sighs and shakes his head.

"Well don't worry I'm not going to kick you out. Now come over here, we'll get through this storm together." Alfred smiled. Arthur moved over, nodding as he did. He closed his eyes with a smile on his face and Alfred's hands caressed his back, rubbing it softly and carefully.

"Thanks." Arthur says.

"You're welcome, now shush we need to put you back to sleep." Alfred smiles. Arthur felt himself slowly drift away into sleep. Alfred's hands never stopped rubbing his back the whole time as he started to sleep. Alfred only fell asleep when he was positive Arthur was asleep. The pair slowly fell asleep, although a large clap of thunder awoke Arthur again. This time Alfred also woke up and put Arthur back to sleep with the back rubbing. After that the pair slept like the dead, it was the first time in a long time that Arthur didn't have a restless sleep during a storm.

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